how to surprise guests at a wedding

Mod­ern cou­ples, when plan­ning a cel­e­bra­tion, try to think through every­thing to the small­est detail. For many, the main task is the desire to sur­prise the guests at the wed­ding, so that they will remem­ber this day for a long time. It’s worth start­ing with choos­ing the con­cept of the hol­i­day and, depend­ing on this, pick­ing up sur­pris­es.

How to surprise guests at a wedding?

There are many dif­fer­ent solu­tions that will allow you to make the cel­e­bra­tion unfor­get­table and inter­est­ing for every­one: Pre­pare unusu­al invi­ta­tions, for exam­ple, record a video mes­sage and send it to e‑mail or dis­trib­ute it on a social net­work.

In dec­o­rat­ing the ban­quet hall, use shared pic­tures with friends and rel­a­tives. Guests will be very pleased to see such a “wall of mem­o­ries”. Place it in the hon­ey­moon wish area.

Today in Europe it is very pop­u­lar to give bon­bon­nieres. Such minia­ture sou­venirs for guests at the­is a kind of grat­i­tude for the fact that friends and rel­a­tives attend­ed the cel­e­bra­tion. You can give sweets, as well as items with pho­tographs of the new­ly­weds, for exam­ple, mag­nets, cups, etc.

Think in advance that there is a place in the ban­quet hall where guests can take a break from danc­ing and from gath­er­ings at the table. It can be a cozy sofa or bench­es and swings on the street.

A pre­pared card for each guest at thewill help to avoid prob­lems and con­fu­sion dur­ing seat­ing them at the tables. Thanks to spe­cial maps and dis­trib­uted num­bers, it will be very easy to find your place. For exam­ple, you can attach num­bered rib­bons to glass­es or put a num­bered cake on each plate.

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You can sur­prise guests at awith a buf­fet table, since a lot of time will pass from the ran­som to the feast, and they will cer­tain­ly get hun­gry. Make a pho­to zone that will allow every­one presentation of guests at the weddingguest to make an unfor­get­table and very inter­est­ing pic­ture.

If there are chil­dren at the wed­ding, make sure they have fun. If the area of ​​​​the ban­quet hall allows, equip a small play area for them.

Pre­pare an unusu­al pre­sen­ta­tion of the guests at the wed­ding. You don’t need to talk about every­one, it’s enough to men­tion the main peo­ple for the new­ly­weds — par­ents, broth­ers, sis­ters, boyfriend and boyfriend. This can be done, for exam­ple, in vers­es.

When prepar­ing the menu, con­sid­er the taste pref­er­ences of the guests. You can order pop­u­lar sushi at the table of friends, and for par­ents, some­thing from home cook­ing.