There are pho­tos that are just a musthave for apho­to shoot and shoot­ing. lions. Can you imag­ine your pho­to album with­out a beau­ti­ful kiss shot with your loved one? And a pho­to of the ring on your fin­ger is a must! Chan­fash­ion in a hur­ry with tips and ideas: what is the best pho­to of your­ring?

A pho­to of the ring on the ring fin­ger is a suit­able option for a post on social net­works. If your young man pro­posed to you on his knee and put on a ring for you, then a pic­ture of such an unam­bigu­ous jew­el­ry will tell your friends about the upcom­ing hol­i­day and new sta­tus. And if you want to keep the engage­ment a secret? Then the pho­to of ther­ing will be a real sur­prise for you. fol­low­ers and show­er you with con­grat­u­la­tions. You can send a pho­to of the ring on your fin­ger to your girl­friends, whom you would like to see as your wit­ness­es!

You + him

A won­der­ful, beloved by all ver­sion of the pho­to — a joint pho­to! Imag­ine: your hand with a ring on his fin­ger in his hand… Vanil­la? Then go for a walk in the for­est, walk around the city, drink a cup of cocoa in your favorite cafe and show off your ring, cre­at­ing fun­ny and fun­ny self­ies!

Let him point to your fin­ger, depict­ing dif­fer­ent emo­tions. Hug and kiss each oth­er, show­ing your new new­ly­wed sta­tus. You can take a glass of wine or play the gui­tar or piano, focus­ing on your hands.

Anoth­er cool idea is to take a pho­to from the bride’s point of view show­ing off her ring in front of her beloved – he can just stand, jump or do what­ev­er he likes. Looks cool, agree!


Some­one will argue with the fact that all these cats, dogs, rab­bits and even par­rots look insane­ly touch­ing? If you have pets, it’s time to invite them to your engage­ment ring pho­to shoot. A dog can put a ring on its muz­zle or paw, a cat in the frame just needs to be present.

If you are an eques­tri­an, why not show the ring by plac­ing your hand on the horse? Any ani­mals can take part in the shoot­ing, turn on your imag­i­na­tion and cre­ate frames that you want to print and hang on the walls!

Beautiful places

Increas­ing­ly, guys care­ful­ly pre­pare their mar­riage pro­pos­al to a girl, choos­ing not only a ring and the right words, but also a beau­ti­ful place. Propos­ing dur­ing a vaca­tion togeth­er, or even a trip to a new park, is a great and very roman­tic idea.

If this is what hap­pened to you, a great view and an engage­ment ring are a guar­an­tee that the pic­ture will be amaz­ing! Cap­tur­ing this mem­o­rable moment, place and atmos­phere in one frame, many years lat­er you will be immersed in pleas­ant mem­o­ries.

“Busy Hands”

If you don’t want to make your­ring the cen­ter of the pho­to, open­ly declar­ing your new sta­tus, why not shift the focus to extra­ne­ous details — a flower, a leaf, an apple, a cup of cof­fee. Let your ring fin­ger with dec­o­ra­tion be noticed only by atten­tive and car­ing peo­ple.

Lettering in all formats

She said Yes!”, We’ll be get­ting mar­ried soon.” Mar­ry me, dar­ling” or some­thing orig­i­nal, dar­ing and orig­i­nal? A pho­to of a ring against the back­ground of an inscrip­tion, whether it is made with chalk on asphalt or on a sandy beach, looks very fun and more rebel­lious. In the spir­it of Amer­i­can com­e­dy melo­dra­mas.

No worse than the idea of ​​cute inscrip­tions on cups of cof­fee or cups of cocoa.

Tips with which you will definitely make perfect a photo

1. Lighting is everything.

If you’re pho­tograph­ing your­ring by your­self and at home, posi­tion your­self close to a win­dow for nat­ur­al light. Even the lat­est iPhone in a dim­ly lit room will reward you with a blur­ry pho­to. Arti­fi­cial light­ing looks very mediocre in the pho­tographs. Trust us — look for nat­ur­al sun­light. And be afraid of shad­ows.

2. Know your ring.

Exper­i­ment with the angle and angle that best show the beau­ty of your ring. If the ring is with a stone, it is bet­ter not to use the flash, but to catch the sun­beam, which will cre­ate a mag­nif­i­cent reflec­tion.

3. Don’t forget your manicure.

Every­one wants to see the ring, but no one wants to see your unkempt hands. If your fiancé took you by sur­prise with an unex­pect­ed pro­pos­al, and at that moment you can’t show off your per­fect nails, but you don’t have the strength to take a trea­sured pho­to, moist­en your hands with cream and be cre­ative with your pose. Hold hands with your fiancé, leav­ing your nails in the shade — why not?

4. Relax.

Ten­sion is vis­i­ble not only on the face. When you are tense, your pos­ture is unnat­ur­al, your whole body screams about it. To get cool pho­tos, relax your fin­gers, find sup­port for your elbow. Avoid angles that high­light every pore, scratch, and hair on your arms, try hold­ing the cam­era at an angle rather than direct­ly over your arm.

5. Click many options, but download only one.

Do you want your ring to stand out and look amaz­ing? For­get about series and col­lages — choose one, the best shot.

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