How to tell your husband about pregnancy

The ques­tion of how to tell your hus­band about preg­nan­cy does not con­cern, prob­a­bly, only those whose hus­bands are look­ing for­ward to this news. In such fam­i­lies, men and wives run around the doc­tors and under the toi­let door, while the test is being done, they are on duty. But every­one else has to think about how to tell her hus­band about the preg­nan­cy and be wary of his reac­tion to this.

How to tell your husband about pregnancy?

  1. Many women do not think about how to tell their hus­band about preg­nan­cy, they just grab the phone and tell their hus­band in a hap­py voice about the hap­pi­ness that has fall­en on their fam­i­ly. This method has both its advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages. The main advan­tage is that you can tell a man about preg­nan­cy as soon as you know. Well, the dis­ad­van­tages include the fact that you will not see his reac­tion.
  2. There­fore, it is prefer­able to tell your hus­band about the preg­nan­cy in per­son, look­ing into his eyes, for exam­ple, when he comes home from work. Well, in order for the hus­band to quick­ly get out of the stu­por and real­ize that this news is very joy­ful, speak with a hap­py expres­sion on your face and the same into­na­tions.
  3. If you are not sure that the hus­band will be able to imme­di­ate­ly accept this news, start prepar­ing it in advance. For sev­er­al days in a row, talk about your indis­po­si­tion, that you have a delay, assume that you are preg­nant. Let the man get used to the idea of ​​such an oppor­tu­ni­ty, maybe even dri­ve you to the test or to the doc­tor.
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How to tell your husband about pregnancy in an original way?

But not every­one likes the stan­dard approach to such an event, I want my hus­band to remem­ber this moment too. There­fore, future moth­ers are think­ing about how beau­ti­ful and unusu­al it is to tell her hus­band about preg­nan­cy.

  1. Invite your hus­band to a restau­rant or orga­nize a roman­tic can­dlelit evening at home. Here in such a beau­ti­ful set­ting for deli­cious food and drinks and make your loved one hap­py with the news of your preg­nan­cy.
  2. Don’t want to speak for your­self? Let the hus­band guess from the hints you left. Some­one casu­al­ly “lets slip” to a friend that she is late for an ultra­sound scan, some­one makes rid­dles for her hus­band, and some­one lays out booties, pho­tos of babies and fig­urines of storks all over the house. Some ladies, appar­ent­ly the own­ers of the most slow-wit­ted hus­bands, put their preg­nan­cy tests on their desk­top.
  3. Some ladies say that the news of preg­nan­cy caused both of them not only great hap­pi­ness, but also an irre­sistible desire to cel­e­brate this event in bed. So if you want, you can break the news by dress­ing up in one of your sex­i­est out­fits. This method is also sup­port­ed by the fact that men are usu­al­ly afraid that all the atten­tion of the expec­tant moth­er will be switched to the baby, and they will not get any­thing at all. And with such a look, you will show your hus­band that, despite the appear­ance of a child, he is still loved and desired by you, you are ready to think and take care of him too.
  4. Some cre­ative preg­nant women inform their hus­band about his future pater­ni­ty for the whole city — they write this good news on the wall of the house oppo­site or post this mes­sage on a bill­board, oppo­site the win­dows of the house or office of a loved one.
  5. And the ladies also adopt the mas­cu­line way to con­fess their feel­ings (or ask for for­give­ness), like the inscrip­tions on the pave­ment under the win­dows of the apart­ment. At night, How to inform your husband about pregnancywhen a loved one falls asleep, some­thing like “Misha, I’m preg­nant!” is writ­ten in large let­ters on the pave­ment. In the morn­ing, the hus­band comes to the win­dow, looks down, chuck­les in sur­prise, they say, who is so lucky, then he remem­bers that he seems to be Misha too. Here you will have an amaz­ing oppor­tu­ni­ty to watch the change of emo­tions on the face of your beloved, until it dawns on him that he will soon be called dad.
  6. If you find out about your preg­nan­cy on the eve of some hol­i­day, you can tell your loved one about it with a gift and a post­card. They packed a gift, and on top was a post­card, in which, instead of con­grat­u­la­tions, the cher­ished news.
  7. Own­ers of hus­bands with a sweet tooth can try to tell them the good news in this way. Put good­ies in a vase — sweets, cakes, cook­ies, and at the very bot­tom a note that it’s time for your loved one to get used to the new sta­tus. Instead of a vase and sweets, there may be a plate with a pie.
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