Most girls imag­ine this impor­tant day long before the long-await­ed can­di­date appears on the hori­zon. Some­one wants to arrange a hol­i­day for two, but for some­one it is impor­tant that the whole city talks about their­for a long time. One way or anoth­er, every­one thinks about how to make ain­ter­est­ing and where to get ideas for it. So, let’s start look­ing for inspi­ra­tion with …

Some interesting facts about the wedding:

  • the tra­di­tion of tying col­or­ful rib­bons on cars dates back to the sev­en­teenth cen­tu­ry. At that time in Europe it was cus­tom­ary to tie “bride bows” on the sleeves, which sym­bol­ized mar­i­tal hap­pi­ness. Lat­er, the tapes migrat­ed to car­riages, and now to cars;
  • but loaves of brides and grooms have been eat­en for many cen­turies. The tra­di­tion stretch­es back to the times of Ancient Rome, where young peo­ple became spous­es only after they ate a piece ofcake at the same time;
  • from Rome came the tra­di­tion to seal the mar­riage con­tract (words) with a kiss;
  • in Europe for a long time there was a fun rit­u­al when the bride’s par­ents baked pies all day, then to … throw them out the win­dow. Pies were thrown out in dish­es that shat­tered into many frag­ments. The more frag­ments, the hap­pi­er the mar­riage;
  • the most intri­cate­dish can be found among the Bedouins. Imag­ine boiled eggs stuffed with fish, stuffed with chick­en. The chick­en, by the way, was also sent to the bel­ly of a roast­ed sheep, and the sheep fit into a roast­ed camel!


Astarts with lit­tle things. You under­stand this when you have to invite guests. It does­n’t mat­ter if there are many or few. If not enough, then the desire to sur­prise and intrigue the guests is even stronger. So, you can buy an invi­ta­tion at a near­by post­card stall, or you can get a lit­tle cre­ative:

  • do a pho­to ses­sion and make a col­lage. Here you can fool around, hold­ing signs with offers in your hands. “We have a wed­ding”, “Uraaa!”, “Come then and there”, “Do not for­get a good mood!”. You can write an invi­ta­tion on stick­ers and stick them on the soles of your shoes. It all depends on your imag­i­na­tion and the capa­bil­i­ties of the pho­tog­ra­ph­er. At the same time, you will test the lat­ter, because he will have to cap­ture the most inter­est­ing moments at the­for you;
  • order invi­ta­tions from those who are engaged in scrap­book­ing. It will not be cheap, but each of them will look like a small work of art;
  • send invi­ta­tions by urgent telegram or order an invi­ta­tion by radio. In this case, you will have to make sure that all the invi­tees are on the right wave­length.
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Interesting ransoms for the wedding

If you do not want to give up tra­di­tions, and are plan­ning a ran­som, you can try to make it one of the bright­est parts of the pro­gram:

  • in the form of a quest. A script is pre­pared in advance, accord­ing to which the groom goes through a series of tests in order to get the key to the bride’s apart­ment;
  • West­ern ran­som is an inter­est­ing idea for a ran­som at a wed­ding, and besides, it is a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to have an addi­tion­al bright pho­to shoot. It is impor­tant to choose cos­tumes and appro­pri­ate props;
  • ser­e­nade. If a man sings well and, for exam­ple, plays a cer­tain instru­ment, he can ser­e­nade his beloved.

And, final­ly, how inter­est­ing it is to hold theit­self:

  • make it in an unusu­al place. An out­dooris a beau­ti­ful event that will allow you to be the only bride in your imme­di­ate field of vision (which, you see, is a big plus). There are many places for mar­riage: the near­est botan­i­cal gar­den, a flower green­house, the roof of a house, the shore of a reser­voir;
  • pre­pare a bright first dance or even a gift for your fiance. If you sing or play some musi­cal instru­ment, why not ded­i­cate a song to your loved one?
  • make thethemed. If this seems too dif­fi­cult for you, try focus­ing on one col­or. Laven­der, pink, cream- all this will turn the hol­i­day into a styl­ish event. Does the desire to sur­prise splash over the edge? Then choose a top­ic. It can be an entire era (Ancient Greece, the Mid­dle Ages, retro style), cul­ture (Ara­bic style wed­ding, Eng­lish wed­ding, Russ­ian wed­ding), fash­ion trend (vam­pire wed­ding) or some movie motifs.
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The most impor­tant thing — do not be afraid to make a mis­take in some­thing, because the main thing in ais your feel­ings for each oth­er. And if sud­den­ly some­thing goes wrong, impro­vise!