iron wedding

A mar­riage union, proven over the years, can be called strong and reli­able. Hav­ing reached the mark of sev­er­al decades of liv­ing togeth­er, the rela­tion­ship between the spous­es becomes strong and insep­a­ra­ble, there­fore they are com­pared with red-hot iron, and the­is called iron.

Think­ing about the ques­tion — how many years does it take to live hand in hand to cel­e­brate an iron wed­ding, there is only one answer — 65 years. It was dur­ing this peri­od that the rela­tion­ship between hus­band and wife could no longer be bro­ken, lov­ing hearts tight­ly “grown” to each oth­er. Over such long years, the spous­es must have expe­ri­enced many dif­fi­cul­ties and trou­bles, but their rela­tion­ship only grew stronger, they learned to sup­port and take care of each oth­er, so the nature of their fam­i­ly has iron restraint.

Due to the short life expectan­cy, only a few cou­ples cel­e­brate this sig­nif­i­cant date. There­fore, if such joy fell to your fam­i­ly, then be sure to orga­nize a mem­o­rable cel­e­bra­tion ded­i­cat­ed to thean­niver­sary of your grand­par­ents.

Keep in mind that the advanced age of the anniver­saries will not allow you to arrange a noisy par­ty, but a solemn feast will be most wel­come. Be sure to invite all chil­dren, grand­chil­dren, great-grand­chil­dren and, if any, great-great-grand­chil­dren. Sure­ly there will be fam­i­lies from the last gen­er­a­tion who will meet only for the first time. Such warm sin­cere meet­ings are nec­es­sary both for the elder­ly and young peo­ple, because this is a great exam­ple for boys and girls of an ide­al fam­i­ly. Look­ing at their elder­ly, but very hap­py fore­fa­thers, young peo­ple will learn to val­ue love and respect, they will under­stand that life should not be wast­ed on fleet­ing feel­ings, but it is bet­ter to cre­ate and main­tain one last­ing union.

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Con­sid­er­ing how old the “new­ly­weds” cel­e­brate the iron wed­ding, and this is about 85–90 years old, it is bet­ter to hold cel­e­bra­tions at home or in the gar­den. The main thing in this cel­e­bra­tion is ven­er­a­tion and trib­ute to one’s grand­par­ents — it is nec­es­sary to cre­ate an atmos­phere of warmth and com­fort for the respect­ed bride and groom.

Find out in advance about the wish­es of the heroes of the day, ask them — maybe the grand­moth­er wants to put on her­veil, more often it is not dif­fi­cult to find her in the attic, since peo­ple of that gen­er­a­tion are thrifty, and grand­fa­ther, per­haps, dreams of smok­ing a cig­ar or tast­ing a glass of over­seas rum. These whims of the “new­ly­weds” must be ful­filled first of all.

What to give for an iron wedding?

The main gift for anniver­saries, of course, will be atten­tion from all gen­er­a­tions. Often, old­er peo­ple do not have enough care from their clos­est peo­ple, it is espe­cial­ly nice to see the small­est suc­ces­sors of the fam­i­ly. Few peo­ple get a rare oppor­tu­ni­ty to babysit great-great-grand­chil­dren, to be pho­tographed with them.

As a gift for the anniver­sary of an iron wed­ding, any prod­ucts con­tain­ing iron are suit­able. An excel­lent sou­venir would be a carved horse­shoe or a met­al fig­urine depict­ing an embrac­ing cou­ple.

Many give iron pho­to frames, skill­ful­ly engraved by the mas­ter’s hand. It is more appro­pri­ate to insert an unusu­al pho­to of anniver­saries into such a pho­to frame, for exam­ple, a col­lage cre­at­ed from pic­tures of var­i­ous moments of life and seg­ments ironwhat to givetime. In one pho­to, you can con­nect the cap­tured new­ly­weds on the­day, on the birth­day of the first child, on the day of the sil­ver and gold wed­dings.

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Will please the elder­ly and the cre­at­ed genealog­i­cal tree. Such a gift needs to be pre­pared for more than one day, it will require a lot of time and painstak­ing work, but all rel­a­tives will like the result.

An excel­lent gift for the elder­ly on their well-deserved anniver­sary would be a pic­ture that the artist can paint with a pho­to so as not to tire them out with a long pose. This pic­ture can be framed with a carved iron frame.