A wed­ding album is a sto­ry that has its begin­ning and its end. If the end is a cel­e­bra­tion of the cre­ation of a new fam­i­ly, then the begin­ning is the morn­ing of the bride. She wakes up with the real­iza­tion that today she will become a mar­ried woman. Wor­ries, pre­pares a dress and shoes, picks up details. In the morn­ing, her hair is styled and make­up is done. These are such touch­ing moments that the bride’s pho­to ses­sion is sim­ply bound to become one of the key moments of the day.

What do you need to pre­pare for such a morn­ing pho­to shoot? How to explain to the pho­tog­ra­ph­er what the bride’s pho­to should be like? How to pose for beau­ti­ful pho­tos? We have put togeth­er a list of tips for you to help you fig­ure it out. Keep these ideas and tips for your­self so you can plan your morn­ing the way you want to see it in the pic­tures.

bride's morning

Bride’s morning: photo can be selected in advance

Dis­cuss ideas for shots with your pho­tog­ra­ph­er. You can take the ones that we describe below, or look for your ref­er­ences of the per­fect wed­ding morn­ing in the pho­to. Let the pho­tog­ra­ph­er under­stand how long it will take to shoot the mate­r­i­al, and what to focus on in gen­er­al.

bride's preparations
bride morning photo

Wedding photo shoot in the studio: how to beat the morning shots

If you decide to do pho­tos in the stu­dio, then a few frames in the style of “morn­ing of the bride” can still be adjust­ed. Take pic­tures in a dress­ing gown or night­gown, cap­ture the moments when par­ents first see the bride in a dress. If the stu­dio has a bed or a sofa, then it will be much eas­i­er to beat the morn­ing atmos­phere in the pho­to.

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Bride’s preparations: photo in detail

As promised, we offer our ideas for pho­tos. The first thing you should pay atten­tion to is the details dur­ing the train­ing camp. For exam­ple, these:

1. Selec­tion of jew­el­ry.

bride gathering photo
wedding morning photo

2. How do make-up and wed­ding hair.

morning bride ideas photo
bridesmaid photo ideas

3. The moment when they put on a veil.

beautiful photos of the bride's preparations
beautiful photo of the morning of the bride

4. How do you apply per­fume.

How is the morning of the bride
How are the bridal parties going?

5. Take close-up pic­tures of shoes, rings, garters, ele­ments of a dress, a bou­quet, a veil.

morning wedding bride
wedding morning

6. Break­fast before the wed­ding. Morn­ing, a cup of cof­fee, fruits, a white bathrobe. It should turn out beau­ti­ful!

bride breakfast
wedding morning breakfast

7. Pho­to­graph of your reflec­tion in the mir­ror. Many brides have such morn­ing pho­tos. But this is not a banal­i­ty, but a clas­sic.

how is the morning of the wedding
bride's morning preparations

You can also take pho­tos by the win­dow, in bed, as you are already leav­ing the house. On such a morn­ing there will def­i­nite­ly be a place for fan­ta­sy!

Photo session of the bride: what else is worth considering for a photo

We have col­lect­ed tips for you that you will not see in the selec­tion of pho­to ideas. They are more about train­ing for the morn­ing pho­to ses­sion of the bride, so that every­thing goes smooth­ly:

1. Space without a groom

Yes, because he should not see you in a dress before the wed­ding. So, you need to find a place where you will paint and dress. If you live togeth­er, then you need to cal­cu­late the time so that he leaves before the morn­ing pho­to shoot.

wedding fees
wedding morning

2. Decorate the room

For exam­ple, if you shoot the bride’s morn­ing in the bed­room, then you need to pre­pare plain bed­ding and a break­fast table. Think about the light­ing and how the cur­tains will look in the pic­tures by the win­dow. Put a large mir­ror in the room. There will be no time for this prepa­ra­tion in the morn­ing.

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3. Allow enough time for photography

After all, with pos­ing you will get ready for longer, and they won’t wait at the reg­istry office 🙂

4. Breakfast

Even if you don’t feel like eat­ing in the morn­ing, you can just make a beau­ti­ful break­fast for the pho­to. Choose dish­es, put fruits, cof­fee, pas­tries.

5. Invite a witness, mother, sister in the morning to your home.

Let them help you get ready in the morn­ing pho­tos, put on a veil, straight­en your dress.

6. Convenient location

If you don’t feel like or don’t have time to orga­nize a pho­to ses­sion at home, then you can orga­nize it in a hotel room. Choose a room where every­thing is already suit­able for your morn­ing pho­tos, and not wor­ry about the decor.

Also, to under­stand what a “morn­ing of the bride” pho­to ses­sion can be, look at the work of pho­tog­ra­phers in Cat­a­log of spe­cial­ists on the Chan­fash­ion web­site. Get inspired, plan, and every­thing will work out!

In order not to get lost in the avalanche of pre-wed­ding affairs, go to our Online plan­ner: we have out­lined for you all the most impor­tant tasks and left tips that will help you with the orga­ni­za­tion.