A love sto­ry pho­to ses­sion is not only a “rehearsal” of a wed­ding shoot, but also an oppor­tu­ni­ty to get cool joint shots and try out more dar­ing and unusu­al ideas. Indeed, unlike the wed­ding day, at the time of this pho­to shoot you have much more free­dom of action and less time frames! Chan­fash­ion pre­pared for you a huge por­tion of inspi­ra­tion and ideas to make your love sto­ry shoot­ing beau­ti­ful, sin­cere and unusu­al.

But first, a few tips on how to run the per­fect love sto­ry and not be dis­ap­point­ed with the result:

Indi­vid­u­al­i­ty. Do not mind­less­ly copy beau­ti­ful pic­tures from Pin­ter­est — let the pho­tos reflect you. Inspi­ra­tion can be found in your inter­ests, style, small details of a love sto­ry. This makes the shoot more per­son­al.

Nat­u­ral­ness. You can spend a dozen hours on Google look­ing for tips on “how to pose for a shoot” but still look stiff and life­less. We advise you to keep a bal­ance between staged pho­tos and ran­dom shots caught in motion. They con­vey real feel­ings and look bewitch­ing!

Think about the route. Stop­ping at only one loca­tion, you deprive your­self of diver­si­ty in ideas. We rec­om­mend plan­ning to vis­it sev­er­al loca­tions in one shoot. For exam­ple, if you are plan­ning a pho­to shoot in the city, then it is bet­ter to make a cou­ple of stops: in a restau­rant, in a park and on beau­ti­ful streets. So you get a vari­ety of shots in one pho­to shoot. Ask your wed­ding pho­tog­ra­ph­er for advice on which loca­tions to add to your itin­er­ary and how to prop­er­ly allo­cate time for them.

You can find more tips in our arti­cle. “How to Pre­pare for a Love Sto­ry”

Love Story Photoshoot Ideas

Surrounded by books

A library or book­store can be an amaz­ing loca­tion for an unusu­al shoot, espe­cial­ly if you’re both book lovers. Read poems to each oth­er, hide between book­shelves, but most impor­tant­ly — do not make noise 🙂

Alone in the whole room

Red car­pets, an emp­ty stage and sub­dued lights — you can take amaz­ing pho­tos in the opera or the­ater hall! The majes­tic hall and archi­tec­ture will look unusu­al and mys­te­ri­ous with­out the usu­al crowd.

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Just look at inspi­ra­tional shoot­ing of Tatiana and Ivan in the Odessa the­ater from Anas­ta­sia Novoselo­va, you will def­i­nite­ly want to feel the same atmos­phere 🙂

By the water

Which of the brides has not thought about a wed­ding on the beach at least once? The whis­per of the surf, warm sand and the set­ting sun are the per­fect back­drop for your per­son­al fairy tale. But if a wed­ding by the sea doesn’t suit you due to geog­ra­phy, lim­it­ed bud­get or dif­fi­cul­ties in orga­niz­ing, then a love sto­ry on the coast will be a great com­pro­mise!

If there is no sea near­by, a riv­er, lake or reser­voir will do. Sure­ly a wed­ding pho­tog­ra­ph­er will be able to sug­gest a suc­cess­ful water loca­tion in your area.


An imi­ta­tion of a hike with gath­er­ings around a fire with a gui­tar or a fairy tale sto­ry about a for­est nymph in love — choose the style you like, because in the for­est you can find a place for almost any style. And the most impor­tant thing is that a suit­able loca­tion can be found in every region and it doesn’t mat­ter at all whether you live in a metrop­o­lis or a small vil­lage! But watch out for insects 🙂

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In the field, you can make won­der­ful shots in the style of Boho or Rus­tic — the atmos­phere of free­dom, light­ness and ease is guar­an­teed to you. Choose a light, flow­ing cot­ton dress or a loose shirt and a nat­ur­al make-up. Also don’t for­get to wear a sun­hat, because hid­ing from the rays can be prob­lem­at­ic! To diver­si­fy your pho­tos, put togeth­er a bou­quet of wild flow­ers or even weave a wreath of ears of corn for you.

Also, a field of sun­flow­ers or pop­pies will be a won­der­ful loca­tion for a pho­to shoot.

urban romance

If sub­ur­ban loca­tions are not for you, then immerse your­self in the romance of the city! Won­der­ful shots can be tak­en both on nar­row old streets, near new sky­scrap­ers, and even near aban­doned build­ings and walls with graf­fi­ti. There is a place for any style in the city!

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In the restau­rant you can not only arrange a date, but also hold a pho­to ses­sion. And it’s bet­ter to com­bine both 🙂 When choos­ing a venue for shoot­ing a love sto­ry, pay atten­tion to the light­ing — it should be enough for high-qual­i­ty shots. Also pay atten­tion to the style of the inte­ri­or and the work­load of the restau­rant at the time when you plan to hold a love sto­ry pho­to ses­sion.

Under rain

Don’t let bad weath­er spoil your mood before shoot­ing a love sto­ry! When it rains, you can get amaz­ing unusu­al pho­tos. Take a beau­ti­ful umbrel­la with you or com­plete­ly ignore annoy­ing drops, pay­ing atten­tion only to each oth­er. The main thing is to think about water­proof make­up and not wor­ry too much about the hair­style 🙂

Amusement park

It’s time to remem­ber your child­hood 🙂 It may not be pos­si­ble to take beau­ti­ful shots on a roller coast­er, but they will cheer you up and set you in the right mood. But the French carousel, Fer­ris wheel, pop­corn and cot­ton can­dy will be a great addi­tion to your love sto­ry.


Don’t for­get to stop at a large super­mar­ket if you want to get fun­ny pho­tos in a cart full of sweets or have a pil­low fight while hid­ing from the con­sul­tants. In addi­tion, you can find a lot of free props, good light­ing and bright col­ors for the back­ground 🙂


A chic con­vert­ible, wind in your hair and ele­gant suits — that’s the whole recipe for a pho­to shoot with gloss. And an unusu­al retro car will help cre­ate a vin­tage atmos­phere. Don’t for­get high gloves, a head­scarf and red lip­stick!

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home comfort

To show feel­ings, it is not nec­es­sary to be sophis­ti­cat­ed with the loca­tion and images, because you can arrange a home pho­to shoot even in knit­ted socks from granny 🙂 If you show ten­der­ness in typ­i­cal every­day sit­u­a­tions, not pay­ing much atten­tion to the pho­tog­ra­ph­er, you will get a very cozy and sin­cere shoot­ing.

On high

Kiss­ing on the roof over­look­ing the sun­set city — tru­ly breath­tak­ing pho­tos! At the same time, com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent images are suit­able for such a shoot: jeans and rough boots empha­size the indus­tri­al char­ac­ter of the loca­tion, and a del­i­cate long dress with a train flut­ter­ing in the wind can cre­ate a stun­ning con­trast. The main thing is to fol­low all the pre­cau­tions!

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Pets quick­ly become not only our friends, but also a full-fledged part of the fam­i­ly. If your pet occu­pies an impor­tant place in your life, then you can involve him in shoot­ing a love sto­ry! It is much eas­i­er than tak­ing it with you to the cer­e­mo­ny or the whole wed­ding day: the ani­mal will not be stressed by a large crowd of peo­ple and noise, and you will be able to take touch­ing pho­tos of your lit­tle fam­i­ly 🙂

If you want your pet to become a full-fledged par­tic­i­pant in your wed­ding, then read our tips in the arti­cle. “Pet at the wed­ding: what to con­sid­er?”


If you love — feed 🙂 You can make fun­ny pho­tos with food: feed each oth­er, smear ice cream on your faces or repeat the frame from the car­toon “Lady and the Tramp”! Do not be afraid to look fun­ny or ridicu­lous, because on the con­trary it seems very cute in the pho­to.

joint business

An excit­ing activ­i­ty will help you relax if you are not used to the cam­era lens and feel con­strained. Cook­ing, draw­ing, sculpt­ing, danc­ing — choose what­ev­er your heart desires, and then enjoy nat­ur­al and dynam­ic pho­tos 🙂

Glowing garlands

Gar­lands can trans­form not only the wed­ding loca­tion, but also your pho­tos. When dusk falls, use lumi­nous gar­lands in shoot­ing: they will give atmos­phere and unusu­al light­ing to roman­tic shots.