Do it the old fash­ioned way or do it your own way? Such a dilem­ma over­takes many cou­ples in the first cou­ple of wed­ding plan­ning. Of course, you can trust the expe­ri­ence of your moth­er, aunt and grand­moth­er, invite all dis­tant and very dis­tant rel­a­tives and spend two wed­ding days with the entire bou­quet of Sovi­et her­itage. Can you trust Chan­fash­ion and turn your wed­ding day into a spe­cial, beau­ti­ful and free from dubi­ous rit­u­als and con­ven­tions hol­i­day! Let’s fig­ure out which way is clos­er to you!

tra­di­tion­al wed­ding in our coun­try was made by young peo­ple not so much for them­selves as for peo­ple”. There­fore, instead of a cozy and atmos­pher­ic cel­e­bra­tion, since child­hood, we have watched a noisy feast with a lot of stu­pid com­pe­ti­tions. We like the stan­dards of a mod­ern wed­ding much more, name­ly, the absolute absence of stan­dards and rules! Let’s remem­ber the main wed­ding con­ven­tions:

1 paint­ing in reg­istry office to the accom­pa­ni­ment of the march Mendelssohn. And we offer to orga­nize an out­door cer­e­mo­ny in a beau­ti­ful place, where instead of the stan­dard text, the host will pro­nounce spe­cial­ly cho­sen words for you.

2 Bride buy­ing is a must! And you can arrange a beau­ti­ful joint break­fast of the new­ly­weds in a hotel room or in first meet­ing” in a cozy park.

3 Ban­quet? Only in the restau­rant. And we offer in nature, putting up tents (to insu­late them in win­ter), to hire a ser­vice — cater­ing And here same con­duct and cer­e­mo­ny. A lit­tle more expen­sive, but what an effect!

4 The toast­mas­ter will lead the wed­ding! In our opin­ion, such vul­gar, often stu­pid and stu­pid con­tests and dress­ing up in style can­canswans, high­landers-kunaksgyp­sies, lit­tle hearts myself ironed out. And mod­ern pre­sen­ters are real pros, they speak com­pe­tent­ly, put the empha­sis cor­rect­ly, take into account the theme of the wed­ding, the con­tin­gent of guests and cur­rent trends.

And most Ukrain­ian cou­ples are already refus­ing from such out­dat­ed forms, replac­ing them with mod­ern, excit­ing and unfor­get­table!

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And now on this day you can: do not beat the glass­es, the bride and shoes do not steal, do not cut loaf, do not throw the bride’s pen­dant, do not fly pigeons, get mar­ried on any day of the week, make a wed­ding bou­quet with your own hands or refuse it alto­geth­er, do not wear rib­bons to your girl­friends.

The most impor­tant thing is to enjoy your wed­ding!

Say no to wedding templates

Chan­fash­ion debunks some stereo­types, invites you to believe in your­self and move away from pat­terns.

Pattern 1: invite everyone so no one gets offended

Invit­ing absolute­ly every­one is almost impos­si­ble, you can for­get about some­one. A wed­ding is your hol­i­day, allow your­self to spend it sur­round­ed by loved ones, loved ones and sig­nif­i­cant peo­ple for you. The trend to reduce the num­ber of invit­ed guests to a wed­ding in Ukraine is becom­ing more pop­u­lar every year. Now, on aver­age, there are 20–25 guests at a wed­ding.

Ben­e­fits: this way you can spend more time with each guest, chat with him and thank him per­son­al­ly. And you can use the saved bud­get for addi­tion­al dec­o­ra­tion and com­pli­ments for guests.

Pattern 2 — Worry about gifts for newlyweds

For many guests, choos­ing the right gift is a headache. Of course, you can always donate mon­ey and every­one wins. But now WISH-LIST has come into fash­ion — a kind of wish list so that your guests and friends know what to give you for your wed­ding.

Template 3 — wedding dance only to slow music

Of course, the age­less waltz is a won­der­ful dance. And try to sur­prise and charm every­one with such a dance com­po­si­tion so that every­one will be delight­ed?!

Template 4 — only black suit for the groom

Of course, this clas­sic is always wor­thy of atten­tion and respect. But mod­ern wed­ding fash­ion offers a huge col­or palette: from navy blue to white. Choose! Exper­i­ment!

Pattern 5 — Have a prim, serious look during the ceremony

What for? After all, you can smile, laugh and rejoice! Show your feel­ings, excite­ment, expe­ri­ences and sen­sa­tions to the fullest.

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Template 6 — a walk of the newlyweds along the “historical” places of the city

And you can make every­thing cool­er and more inter­est­ing! Now it is fash­ion­able to hold pho­to shoots before or after the wed­ding. In this case, a lot of prospects and oppor­tu­ni­ties open up. Just imag­ine how many loca­tions can be used for film­ing!

Template 7 — the car must be of the Limousine brand, because it’s cool and expensive!

To account expen­sive, we don’t argue, lim­ou­sine rental is real­ly expen­sive … Yes, in addi­tion - very incon­ve­nient, espe­cial­ly in small towns, the streets of which are sim­ply not adapt­ed for this.

Increas­ing­ly, new­ly­weds use retro car. Styl­ish and afford­able! And if at all cre­ative­ly — bikes! Why not?!

Template 8 — carry all the invitees around the city

So far, quite often on the streets of the city you can see a string of honk­ing cars of dif­fer­ent brands and minibus­es — a wed­ding cortege. As for us — the gyp­sy camp is rest­ing! And every­thing can be done more ele­gant­ly: one car — with the new­ly­weds and a few friends.

Template 9 — groomsmen only in formal suits

But it will be much more styl­ish if they wear white or col­ored shirts (to match your wed­ding), a bow tie or tie and vests. Agree — great!

Template 10 — Do a themed wedding

It is not nec­es­sary to try on the image of some movie char­ac­ters. It is quite enough to with­stand a wed­ding in the same style and col­or scheme. And it will be real­ly very beau­ti­ful! We have pre­pared a list of arti­cles on lux­u­ry, trendy and just per­fect wed­ding flow­ers. Read:

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wed­ding col­or — Ivory

wed­ding col­or — Siren­ite and Rose Quartz

Wed­ding col­or — warm Ocher

Wed­ding col­or — lux­u­ri­ous Bur­gundy

Wed­ding col­or — rich Fuch­sia

Wed­ding col­or — exquis­ite Emer­ald

Wed­ding col­or — fab­u­lous Sil­ver

Wed­ding Col­or — Cos­mic Ultra­vi­o­let

And final­ly, a few words… A wed­ding is a hol­i­day, incred­i­bly beau­ti­ful and only yours! This is a reflec­tion of the indi­vid­u­al­i­ty of your cou­ple, and not fol­low­ing out­dat­ed rules.

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