Mother-in-law got it

Bad rela­tions with the moth­er-in-law are not uncom­mon in young fam­i­lies, but some­times old­er daugh­ters-in-law com­plain that their moth­er-in-law got them. What to do if you do not have a rela­tion­ship with the “sec­ond moth­er”? What to do in this case: put the moth­er-in-law in her place and try to estab­lish rela­tions with her with­in the frame­work you have set, or come up with a way to get rid of the par­tic­i­pa­tion of the moth­er-in-law in the life of your fam­i­ly?

What to do if the mother-in-law got it?

If the moth­er-in-law is annoy­ing to the point of impos­si­bil­i­ty with her “valu­able advice”, there is an irre­sistible desire to find how to take revenge on the moth­er-in-law. But think about whether it is worth doing, maybe not every­thing is so bad and there is a way to make friends with the moth­er-in-law. After all, she is still the moth­er of your beloved man, and since she man­aged to raise such a good per­son, maybe there is some­thing to love her for? Often a moth­er-in-law does not love her daugh­ter-in-law because she is jeal­ous of her son for her, because she wor­ries about her child, and there is noth­ing unnat­ur­al in this. Try to under­stand her, explain to the moth­er-in-law that you love her son no less. Try to lis­ten to her advice, make a per­son pleas­ant, but you can do as you wish.

How to get rid of the influence of the mother-in-law?

But some­times it hap­pens that prob­lems with the moth­er-in-law do not stop, she refus­es to make con­tact and all your attempts at rec­on­cil­i­a­tion are wast­ed. What to do if you often repeat to your friends “I hate your moth­er-in-law” and think how to destroy her influ­ence on your fam­i­ly? Put your moth­er-in-law in her place, stop ruin­ing your life! And here’s what you can do if the moth­er-in-law got to the edge.

  1. Does your moth­er-in-law love to come to you unan­nounced, call­ing from the sta­tion ask­ing to meet you? Do not even think about tak­ing part in this, let the hus­band meet his moth­er him­self, and you go about your busi­ness. Was a meet­ing with friends or a trip to a beau­ty salon planned? Do not can­cel them in any case, show your moth­er-in-law that her arrival must be agreed in advance, no one is wait­ing for her with open arms.
  2. Does your moth­er-in-law con­sid­er her­self a lady in her prime? Destroy her illu­sions, only do it under the guise of car­ing for her pre­cious health. Ask how she feels and explain that she looks just awful.
  3. Moth­er-in-law is a lover of deli­cious food and all the time gives instruc­tions on how to feed her son? Before arrival, pre­pare some boiled veg­eta­bles and all with­out sea­son­ings and addi­tions like fried meat or fish. Dis­guise it under the guise of con­cern for the health of her son — he has recent­ly had prob­lems with diges­tion. But for the sake of a loved one, the whole fam­i­ly will choke on such food.
  4. Moth­er-in-law wants to cook some­thing her­self? In no case do not allow her to do this, remove all food and uten­sils from promi­nent places. And in response to the request of the moth­er-in-law to give her what she needs, answer “well, what are you, mom, why should you both­er your­self.”
  5. If the arrival of the moth­er-in-law is known in advance, start repairs in the kitchen, bath­room or toi­let. Explain to your hus­band that you would like your moth­er-in-law to see that every­thing is beau­ti­ful and clean in your house. The main thing is not to have time to com­plete the repair by the arrival of the moth­er-in-law, let the toi­let door be removed, the kitchen cov­ered with news­pa­pers, and the bat­ter­ies (floor, walls) fresh­ly paint­ed with strong-smelling paint.
  6. Let the “ter­ri­ble” hap­pen before the arrival of the moth­er-in-law — the TV will break and all the series will become unavail­able. And the chil­dren will play all evening while your moth­er-in-law is vis­it­ing you What to do if the mother-in-law gotwith the neigh­bor­ing guys or be in the class­room in some sec­tion or cir­cle.
  7. Let ter­ri­ble insom­nia over­take you at night, which you will relieve under the doors of your moth­er-in-law’s room, singing some song in a mourn­ful voice.
  8. When the moth­er-in-law final­ly decides to leave your house, you don’t need to see her off, let her hus­band do it too. And you your­self will excuse your­self with your unex­pect­ed­ly begun malaise.
  9. Pay spe­cial atten­tion to your hus­band — he can be out­raged by every­thing that hap­pens. There­fore, more often dur­ing this peri­od, assure him of your love, be gen­tle with him. So that all the com­plaints of the moth­er-in-law do not find a response in his heart that has melt­ed from your caress.
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