Neon is love. And love and neon togeth­er is a cos­mic com­bi­na­tion of illu­mi­na­tion and indi­vid­u­al­i­ty. Despite the fact that neon signs have become an inte­gral part of the design of hang­outs, beau­ty bars, show­rooms and cre­ative spaces, dec­o­rat­ing the­cer­e­mo­ny with neon — the solu­tion is absolute­ly unhack­neyed, fresh and incred­i­bly attrac­tive! Whether it’s a bright accent to yourar­ch, a sign­post, a wel­come sign, a fun phrase, or the ini­tials of your names, neon lights will do the trick: bright­en up any­de­sign. Chan­fash­ion knows how much it costs and how to make a neon sign your­self. But first, we will tell you exact­ly how you can use neon at your wed­ding!
Neon­signs are the lat­est trend and if you want your­to REALLY stand out, you need to know every­thing about them. and imme­di­ate­ly!
In the past few years,lettering has become incred­i­bly pop­u­lar. Cre­at­ed pro­fes­sion­al cal­lig­ra­ph­er or per­son­al­ly by the bride, signs for guests, beau­ti­ful phras­es and just cute words on wood­en boards, trans­par­ent acrylic plates and slate stands are the main­stream of lit­er­al­ly every wed­ding. But neon let­ter­ing has tak­en the trend to the next lev­el. Big, bright and stun­ning, neon signs blow up the stan­dard­dé­cor. Show off your new last name or make your ini­tials, flash yourhash­tag or just have fun with a fun­ny expres­sion! Your guests will def­i­nite­ly appre­ci­ate it. trendy hol­i­day dec­o­ra­tion. By the way, neon is a hot trend, but far from the only one 🙂 Read our overview oftrends this year!
Who­ev­er said that neon is only suit­able for dark and poor­ly lit rooms is seri­ous­ly mis­tak­en! Neon let­ter­ing on acrylic base looks won­der­ful even dur­ing the day.
Not only do neon signs look great indecor, they will serve you at home too, fill­ing the room with light and pleas­ant mem­o­ries of the most incen­di­ary and bright day. Your home par­ties with friends will be the coolest!

Where and how to use neon signs at a wedding?

1 special place

Placewhere you tell each oth­er icon­ic Yes”, where you will exchange rings and kiss for the first time as spous­es – doesn’t it deserve to be the bright­est and bright­est place on Earth? Of course, we like to joke, but now we are seri­ous: aarch with a neon accent is so roman­tic and spe­cial! Promise to think about it, okay?

2 Take a photo here

No one will pass by with­out a self­ie! Neon­hash­tag, sen­ti­men­tal quote, your per­son­al sig­na­ture phrase or one word Love” is every­thing you need for a bright pho­to zones. And imag­ine, you can make it on absolute­ly any wall, sim­ply and quick­ly. But we have to admit that neon signs work absolute­ly per­fect­ly in indus­tri­al spaces and on unfin­ished sur­faces.

3 Attention bar!

Make a fun­ny sign that will sure­ly grab the atten­tion of guests. This is a great idea for any bar, not just the one that opens after 11pm. What are you plan­ning for your wed­ding? mine have cock­tail barcheese bar, hookah bar? Empha­size your food zones!

4 I+You are us

Neon ini­tials are cute and appro­pri­ate every­where, both on thetable and in the area with the wish book, on thearch or at the entrance to the restau­rant. And of course, you will def­i­nite­ly find a place for your own ini­tials at home, after the hol­i­day.

5 Dancing, dancing!

Cre­ate at your­par­ty atmos­phere. In the light­est and most dance­able sense of the word! Neon signs and cool DJ guar­an­tee you a lux­u­ri­ous night on dance floor, which will sur­pass all fes­ti­val and club events. Of course, if that’s exact­ly what you’re look­ing for.

6 Just figures, just beautiful

If neon phras­es and ini­tials aren’t your thing, there are more shapes. Neon fig­ures! Dif­fer­ent sizes: from A4 for­mat to human growth, with dif­fer­ent mean­ings: from hearts, stars, palm trees to signs that are under­stand­able only to a nar­row cir­cle of peo­ple. Look for ready-made options or order an indi­vid­ual design. Uni­ver­sal fig­ures can be rent­ed out for events, sold to an insti­tu­tion or event agency. This is so, by the way.

7 Don’t forget the photo session

Proven: neon lights trans­form­pho­to shoots! Make your­pho­tos dis­co, retro or com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent. It will require imag­i­na­tion, but we do not doubt you!

How much does it cost?

Ready-made neon fig­ures and words with a diam­e­ter of about 60 cm will cost 2.5–3 thou­sand hryv­nias. Cus­tom orders usu­al­ly take 5 to 10 busi­ness days to com­plete. You can choose an indoor or out­door sign, as well as the desired col­or.
Uni­ver­sal words and fig­ures, and indi­vid­ual cap­i­tal let­ters You can search on Ali. Nice price guar­an­teed. Yes, mar­riage or deliv­ery is pos­si­ble with­in eight weeksso book ear­ly or stock up on plan B.
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LED neon lamps are com­plete­ly safe for chil­dren and ani­mals, suit­able for use on the ground. Do not heat up and do not evap­o­rate harm­ful gas­es. They require lit­tle elec­tric­i­ty and last an aver­age of 100,000 hours. Easy Instal­la­tion: The neon signs are mount­ed on a clear acrylic back­ing that hides under the let­ters. The acrylic back­ing has small screw holes. Hangs on the wall like a pic­ture or Frame!

Do-it-yourself neon sign?

It’s not as dif­fi­cult as it seems. We found in youtube easy tuto­r­i­al! Anoth­er option for a neon sign that you can make your­self, see below. Step by step instruc­tions will help you bring this sim­ple but effec­tive idea to life! And with a lit­tle imag­i­na­tion, and using use­ful tips from the mas­ter class­es, you will make your own, indi­vid­ual neon decor.

Necessary materials

1 Flex­i­ble or cold neon — 3 meters
You can buy, for exam­ple, here: This elec­tro­lu­mi­nes­cent wire must be bought imme­di­ate­ly with a pow­er sup­ply: it can be a plug for con­nect­ing to an out­let or a bat­tery pack.
2 Acrylic sheet, translu­cent 40 by 50 cm 3 Mark­er 4 Super glue 5 mask­ing tape 6 adhe­sive tape 7 Drill

Step one

Make the desired inscrip­tion on acrylic base with a mark­er. Mark with cross­es the places where the holes for the neon cord will be. If there are sev­er­al round let­ters in the word, more holes will be need­ed. How to under­stand it? Take a neon cord and try to twist your word out of it. In places where adja­cent let­ters seem to inter­fere with each oth­er, and holes will be need­ed: bring the cord to the inside of the sign.
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step two

Drill holes for the cord in your acrylic base. The diam­e­ter of the drill should be 1–2 mm larg­er than the diam­e­ter of the cord.

Step Three

Stretch­ing the cord through the first hole, leav­ing a small tail on the inside, lay out your inscrip­tion and glue super­glue to the base. The glue needs time to hard­en, so fix the word in par­al­lel with tape.

Step Four

When fin­ished, pull the rest of the cord to the wrong side, attach the pow­er sup­ply and secure it. Ready!
How do you know how many meters of cord you need? Write the desired phrase or word and lay it out with ordi­nary cop­per wire. Then mea­sure how many cm you spent.
And one word, even such a capa­cious one, can eas­i­ly turn into a whole phrase!
Chan­fash­ion wish­es you and your loved one nev­er fade away in each oth­er’s eyes.