orange wedding

Ain orange will cer­tain­ly be asso­ci­at­ed with inex­haustible vital­i­ty, unre­strained fun and relax­ation. Rumor has it that pos­i­tive-mind­ed lovers always give pref­er­ence to this col­or, more­over, they are eager to share joy­ful emo­tions with all those invit­ed.

Wed­ding in orange style — basic rec­om­men­da­tions
  1. Shades of orange and col­or type. Remem­ber that this col­or is suit­able for the “autumn” type and those in the appear­ance of which there is a cer­tain “red­dish­ness”. Take a look at your own skin tone. So, if it has a peach or yel­low­ish tint, then orange is exact­ly your col­or. All its shades will suit peo­ple with brown and blond hair.
  2. Cre­at­ing a visu­al effect with col­or. Do you want to add con­trast to the image on your­day? Then feel free to wear a bright orange out­fit. Naivety and airi­ness will give orange-yel­low shades of the main col­or. To refresh the tone of the face will help orange-pink col­ors.
  3. Dress and suit for an orange wed­ding. The com­bi­na­tion of a bright whit­e­dress or a cream puffy style will look flaw­less on the bride. In addi­tion, the image should be sup­ple­ment­ed with an orange belt, and an orange rib­bon or flower will empha­size the beau­ty of the hair­style. If you are a lover of lace, dis­cuss with the tai­lor their pres­ence on the neck­line and hem. Do not for­get that these details of the­dress should have a light shade of the main col­or of the cel­e­bra­tion. If the choice fell on a com­plete­ly orange out­fit, design­ers rec­om­mend tak­ing a clos­er look at short mod­els. With them, com­bine jew­el­ry, a hand­bag in flesh or white. The maxi dress will look too catchy. For the groom’s suit, all you need is a neck­er­chief, bou­ton­niere and cuf­flinks of the main col­or. The jack­et must be cho­sen in gray, green­ish, black, cream or dark blue.
  4. Bou­quet. At ain orange, ger­beras, marigolds, dahlias, lilies, glad­i­o­lus, ros­es, rowan clus­ters will look ele­gant. Green leaves will add col­or to the bou­quet. Don’t for­get to tie the flow­ers with white or green rib­bon.
  5. Orangein­vi­ta­tions. Dec­o­rate orange cards with white rib­bon or lace. If you wish, the­mat­ic draw­ings can be applied to the paper with the invi­ta­tion text: maple leaves, cit­rus fruits, pump­kins, etc.
  6. Orange­car. To do this, you need to rent a “pump­kin” car or dec­o­rate an exist­ing motor­cade in the desired col­or scheme. Pur­chase rib­bons in all shades of orange. Do not for­get to “dilute” it with dec­o­ra­tions, col­ors of white, green, turquoise.
  7. Ban­quet­ing hall. Dec­o­rate it with paper lanterns, fab­rics, flow­ers, gar­lands in a col­or that match­es the theme. Depend­ing on the main theme of your(autumn, New Year, cit­rus, etc.), you should use orange acces­sories in the form of tan­ger­ines, autumn leaves, rib­bons to dec­o­rate the hall. Table­cloths and fur­ni­ture cov­ers can be cream, and nap­kins on tables can be orange. Don’t for­get orange juice, jel­ly cakes, pump­kin dish­es, orange glazed cup­cakes, chick­en cur­ry, red fish appe­tiz­ers. Ban­quet cards will look cre­ative in the form of a half of a tan­ger­ine or an orange, into which a skew­er with the name of the desired guest is stuck. Tables can be dec­o­rat­ed with orange flow­ers placed in trans­par­ent glass vas­es.
  8. Orange­cake. A mul­ti-tiered white cake cov­ered with orange, white, red and yel­low con­fec­tionery flow­ers will enchant with its beau­ty. If the­is cel­e­brat­ed in the autumn sea­son, a sweet dessert can be dec­o­rat­ed with edi­ble yel­lowed leaves.
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