original wedding

Every cou­ple wants to make their big day spe­cial. Many peo­ple think that the orig­i­nal­in­volves too much expense, but this is not entire­ly true. We have col­lect­ed the best and bud­get ideas for non-stan­dard wed­dings, which will be dis­cussed below.

The most original weddings

  1. Ain the style of Alice in Won­der­land will take guests into the world of a real fairy tale. Cre­ate orig­i­nal invi­ta­tions and seat­ing cards. The cel­e­bra­tion can be held in nature or in the hall. Make the main focus on the tea cer­e­mo­ny. Large prints with fairy tale char­ac­ters, play­ing cards, sweets with “eat me” inscrip­tions and an orig­i­nal­cake in the form of a large dial will amuse guests and will def­i­nite­ly not make them bored.
  2. If you plan to get mar­ried on Christ­mas Eve, you can turn the hol­i­day into a real mag­ic. Choose red dish­es and flow­ers, green spruce branch­es, tin­sel for dec­o­ra­tion. Add oranges and cin­na­mon drinks, gin­ger­bread cook­ies, ani­mal-shaped lol­lipops, mulled wine to the com­mon table. In the design of the gen­er­al back­ground, stick to white, sil­ver and light blue tones.
  3. Recent­ly, a rus­tic style­has attract­ed a lot of inter­est — a cozy, home­ly and sim­ple style. To dec­o­rate the wed­ding, choose nat­ur­al ele­ments: stones, trees, moss, fab­rics. Use orig­i­nal­bou­quets: horns with small flow­ers. Hang them togeth­er with small lanterns. You can also serve home­made cakes and desserts made from fresh berries.
  4. There is anoth­er orig­i­nal idea for a wed­ding. It con­sists in the fol­low­ing: put on the same suits with the groom. For exam­ple, the same jeans, white T‑shirts. Ask a few guests to dress in the same uni­form. Pre­pare field daisies for the bride, bal­loons, a vol­ley­ball, bad­minton rack­ets. After the reg­istry office, go to cook bar­be­cue. Believe me,photos will turn out quite bright.
  5. Ais a hol­i­day for two. If you do not want to orga­nize an enchant­i­ng show, buy tick­ets and go on a hon­ey­moon trip. In almost every coun­try you can order a mod­estcer­e­mo­ny for two accord­ing to local cus­toms for a nom­i­nal fee. Of course, you will not become legal spous­es, but before the trip you can sign in the reg­istry office of your coun­try, and then spend an amaz­ing evening togeth­er.
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Now you know how to make aorig­i­nal. Think about what exact­ly you want and, based on this, plan your cel­e­bra­tion. As you can see, the orig­i­nal design of thewill not hit your bud­get much, but at the same time it will give a lot of impres­sions.