Riddles for the wedding

A fun­pas­time is impos­si­ble with­out some enter­tain­ment. The toast­mas­ter with unsur­passed tal­ent will def­i­nite­ly include humor­ous rid­dles for thein the cel­e­bra­tion pro­gram, thanks to which all guests can be involved in the cel­e­bra­tion, telling about the new rules of mar­ried life, while find­ing out who is the smartest, resource­ful and boss in the new fam­i­ly. We bring to your atten­tion fun­ny rid­dles for the wed­ding, which will cause good laugh­ter, sin­cere smiles and make the cel­e­bra­tion more dynam­ic.

Riddles for thefor the groom

1. You were a prince from an old fairy tale,

And she was wait­ing for you.

Come on! Let’s all say togeth­er:

(Name of spouse) you are his … (wife).

2. A raki­ta bush leans over the win­dow,

The son-in-law appears in the house.

Do not rush to run, aunt, into the grove,

I will still call … (moth­er-in-law).

3. Guests came in large num­bers from all dis­tant volosts,

Every­one is beau­ti­ful, at the parade,

Oh, it’s amaz­ing, it’s amaz­ing!

Hey fiance, don’t be bored!

Let’s ask you a ques­tion:

Why did you sur­round this house like that?

What attracts this place?

Answer me … (bride).

4. So airy and beau­ti­ful!

And with­out flat­tery I will tell you:

As if glow­ing with hap­pi­ness

Our dear … (bride).

5. And who is this seri­ous uncle?

At the table, he, obvi­ous­ly, will sit next to his moth­er-in-law,

Although in his soul there is a place for every­one

And we call him … (father-in-law).

6. She is gen­tle, smart and, with­out excep­tion, fash­ion­able,

And every­one… every­one needs it!

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How much pow­er is in it, and pow­er!

And we will just call her … (moth­er-in-law).

7. He is smart, no doubt smart,

With talk and humour,

There is strength in him, and beau­ty: they are proud of him for a rea­son,

And all the mer­its can­not be count­ed,

And we will call it sim­ply … (father-in-law).

Wedding riddles for ransom

  1. Place signs of dif­fer­ent for­mats on the steps with ques­tions about the future wife and her fam­i­ly. So, the groom, in order to go up to the door to the house where the bride is wait­ing for him, must either give the cor­rect answer, or pay a fine.
  2. After mak­ing a few hearts, write on them the rea­sons for mar­riage. Put an inscrip­tion on the very top step — the rea­son “for pure love.” The beloved needs to get to this stage with­out step­ping on the steps on which the erro­neous rea­sons lie. At the same time, it is for­bid­den to take on the rail­ing. The most opti­mal solu­tion: the wit­ness car­ries the groom in his arms to the right step.
  3. Being at the porch:
  4. So that your bride is at the win­dow,

    Yes, and not bored alone,

    You owe her from here

    Shout bold­ly about your love.

  5. When the groom is on the porch in front of the very entrance to the house:
  6. You quick­ly walked around this yard,

    Yes, you made it to the door quick­ly.

    Now find the key.

    And open it to us.

    In a ball, look

    (leaves are hid­den inside the balls)

    The word is valu­able inside.

    You know him, find him,

    And get your­self the keys.

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Riddles about the father-in-law for the wedding

1. He is a spe­cial rel­a­tive,

Just try not to notice it.

His eye is watch­ing.

We’ll call it…

2. Who raised his son, mar­ried?

But at the same time, he is in the prime of his life.

And he will take the young daugh­ter-in-law into the house,

Each of us could answer

That this man is our affec­tion­ate father-in-law.

Riddles about love for a wedding

1. She reigns at this hol­i­day!

And she cov­ers every­thing, and is long-suf­fer­ing, believes,

He does not avenge, he for­gives, he does not envy.

For a lone­ly life clos­es the door.

And songs and qui­et­ly ded­i­cat­ed to her.

Did you guess who she is? .. (love).

2. Comes to all peo­ple again and again.

A great feel­ing called…

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3. What is the name of the meet­ing of two hearts in love? (Date)

4. Give a name to the offi­cial union of two peo­ple who pas­sion­ate­ly love each oth­er. (A fam­i­ly).

5. What is the sym­bol of the fam­i­ly covenant on the fin­ger? (Wed­ding ring).

6. What is the name of the solemn event to which the cre­ation of a fam­i­ly is ded­i­cat­ed? (Wed­ding).

7. I am erot­ic,

I’m pla­ton­ic

But I nev­er want to be sep­a­rat­ed. (Love)