Sapphire- how to arrange and what to give?

A strong mar­riage is an indi­ca­tor of a har­mo­nious union, and only real­ly close peo­ple have such mem­o­rable events as a sap­phire wed­ding. On this anniver­sary of the union of two hearts, you can arrange a grand cel­e­bra­tion, gath­er­ing around all your rel­a­tives and friends. Or spend a sec­ond hon­ey­moon some­where on a remote coast.

Sapphire- how many years of marriage?

The 45-year-old mar­riage union, in its long and event­ful his­to­ry, under­goes many tri­als and expe­ri­ences a lot of impor­tant events. And it is not in vain that sap­phire, honed by time, which con­tains tita­ni­um and iron, has become a sym­bol of this solemn date of a strong and tru­ly tita­ni­um forty-five-year union.

The bright red gem­stone ruby ​​​​on the 40th anniver­sary, as the per­son­i­fi­ca­tion of pas­sion, is replaced by a calmer blue — sap­phire, which has unique prop­er­ties to improve health, which is so nec­es­sary for spous­es who are already at a respectable age. A sap­phireis an indi­ca­tor of the eter­ni­ty of love and only five years sep­a­rate the spous­es from the half-cen­tu­ry gold­en jubilee.

What do you give for a sapphire wedding?

The names and sym­bols of anniver­sary wed­dings speak for them­selves about a desir­able gift. There­fore, the answer to the ques­tion of what to give for a sap­phire­nat­u­ral­ly aris­es, nat­u­ral­ly, this is a mem­o­rable sou­venir, dec­o­rat­ed with this blue stone and dec­o­rat­ed in blue and blue tones. It can be:

  • a cou­ple of glass­es;
  • com­mem­o­ra­tive medal;
  • a bou­quet of blue ros­es or oth­er flow­ers;
  • cuf­flinks and pen­dant with sap­phire;
  • Jew­el­ry.
what to give for a sapphire wedding

What to give parents for a sapphire wedding?

In gen­er­al, the ques­tion of gifts large­ly depends on how close peo­ple intend to cel­e­brate the next anniver­sary. So a gift for a sap­phire­to par­ents may not be mate­r­i­al at all.

  1. Arrange for your par­ents a roman­tic vaca­tion in Europe or a hon­ey­moon in Greece or the Canary Islands. It is unlike­ly that they could afford such a trip in the dis­tant Sovi­et times, when they reg­is­tered their mar­riage.
  2. The orga­ni­za­tion of the most solemn event is anoth­er impor­tant and dear to the heart that you can give mom and dad for a sap­phire wed­ding.
  3. A chrono­log­i­cal fam­i­ly video with a selec­tion of pho­tos and sen­su­al speech­es behind the scenes will be remem­bered by every­one for a long time.
  4. Repair and improve­ment of the home will be anoth­er wel­come sur­prise for par­ents.
  5. The birth of a grand­son or grand­daugh­ter is a gift beyond praise. What could be more desir­able for mature peo­ple than the upbring­ing and pam­per­ing of the younger gen­er­a­tion.
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What to give friends for a sapphire wedding?

But what to give to friends for a sap­phireis not only a dif­fi­cult ques­tion, but some­times a dead end.

  1. The sce­nario of a sap­phire wed­ding, the orga­ni­za­tion of the enter­tain­ment part of the cel­e­bra­tion, a role-play­ing par­ty is the best gift from cheer­ful friends, which even sap­phire anniver­saries will appre­ci­ate.
  2. If spous­es and friends have a com­mon hob­by, then it can be some­thing from this area:
  • fish­ing gear;
  • hor­ti­cul­tur­al nov­el­ties;
  • the­ater or con­cert tick­ets;
  • a trip to a muse­um or an excur­sion;
  • favorite book;
  • or even a game of paint­ball for the espe­cial­ly active ones.

How­ev­er, the “new­ly­weds”, who have a sap­phire­on their nose, can order the desired gifts from loved ones them­selves. It could be some­thing down to earth and prac­ti­cal. For exam­ple:

  • set of dish­es;
  • sleep­ing set of linen;
  • pho­to album or scrap­book­ing;
  • fruit bas­ket;
  • chic cake;
  • warm cozy blan­ket for two.
what to give for a sapphire wedding

How to hold a sapphire wedding?

The sce­nario of a sap­phirein the fam­i­ly cir­cle is usu­al­ly pre­pared by the chil­dren of the anniver­saries, they should take into account such impor­tant points:

  1. At the begin­ning of the evening, the main toast should sound. Spous­es are con­grat­u­lat­ed by chil­dren and grand­chil­dren.
  2. A song is per­formed in hon­or of the anniver­saries. It is bet­ter to know in advance which one sound­ed at their wed­ding.
  3. The dance of the spous­es is announced. First you need to clar­i­fy whether they agree, whether health allows.
  4. Pre­sen­ta­tion of gifts. To do this, it is bet­ter to pro­vide a spe­cial pause. If there are a lot of guests, break the cer­e­mo­ny into sev­er­al “approach­es”.
  5. For musi­cal breaks, it is bet­ter to choose songs from the time of the youth of the spous­es.
  6. A pleas­ant sur­prise will be sev­er­al songs that sound­ed on the day of the wed­ding.
  7. Take care of the slideshow equip­ment, make a small video in advance from pho­tos of anniver­saries of dif­fer­ent years.
  8. Order pho­tog­ra­phy so that all guests can take pic­tures with the anniver­saries.
  9. Con­tests are best adapt­ed to the con­tin­gent of invi­tees. For young peo­ple, fun­ny sketch­es are suit­able, for peers of anniver­saries — more restrained enter­tain­ment.
  10. Each guest needs to give a word for con­grat­u­la­tions.
  11. It is worth tak­ing into account the tastes of the spous­es and order­ing their favorite dish­es for the fes­tive table.
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