seating arrangements forguests

The orga­ni­za­tion of ais one of the most impor­tant stages, but few peo­ple attach spe­cial impor­tance to the design of the seat­ing arrange­ments for guests at this cel­e­bra­tion. Each per­son has his own char­ac­ter traits, and there­fore the ques­tion aris­es: “How to place peo­ple at the same table, let’s say, “mot­ley” in nature, with­out spoil­ing the fes­tive mood, both for your­self and for those invit­ed?”

Guest seating plan

Sta­tis­ti­cal stud­ies con­duct­ed by British sci­en­tists have shown that 80% of guests pre­fer care­ful­ly thought-out seat­ing arrange­ments.

It is worth not­ing that if you stick to seat­ing in spe­cif­ic places, this has the fol­low­ing pos­i­tive aspects:

  • ser­vice staff eas­i­ly finds peo­ple who need to bring spe­cial dish­es;
  • it is eas­i­er for the orga­niz­er to cre­ate a pair;
  • the most hon­or­able per­sons are placed in the right places.

So, stick to the fol­low­ing seat­ing plan:

  1. Either you sit next to peo­ple you know each oth­er, or, in order to expand some­one’s social cir­cle, you seat them with new peo­ple. Remem­ber that it is eas­i­er to find a com­mon lan­guage with some­one who is close to you in terms of age or when you are unit­ed by some inter­ests.
  2. Tod­dlers sit with their par­ents, old­er chil­dren can sit sep­a­rate­ly.
  3. Scat­ter the guests at dif­fer­ent tables, who, it would seem, are dif­fi­cult to put togeth­er with some­one, but do not group such “com­plex” peo­ple togeth­er.
  4. Pay atten­tion to the shape, size, and loca­tion of each table. It should be locat­ed so that it is not dif­fi­cult for the wait­ers to serve each per­son. In no case do not block the door­way with fur­ni­ture, espe­cial­ly when it comes to an emer­gency exit.
  5. Does your room have a large area, and there are up to 100 guests? Then put all the tables in one cor­ner of the room, and try to skill­ful­ly dec­o­rate the rest of the space.
  6. The round table seats about 10 guests.
  7. Be sure to tell your guests which tables they are sit­ting at. To do this, there must be a seat­ing table in front of the entrance.
  8. Guest cards with the name of the guest or his num­ber, accord­ing to the escort card (a card with the name of the invit­ed per­son and the num­ber of the table at which he is sit­ting), should be placed on the table.
  9. The seat­ing table assumes the pres­ence of a list of the names of those invit­ed in alpha­bet­i­cal order, along with an indi­ca­tion of the table num­ber.
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