Second wedding day

A wed­ding is a sig­nif­i­cant day in every­one’s life. This impor­tant event is pre­ced­ed by weeks of long prepa­ra­tions and prepa­ra­tions. Every bride wants her wed­ding to be held at the high­est lev­el, so she tries to think through every­thing to the last detail.

At all times, it was cus­tom­ary to cel­e­brate a wed­ding for at least three days. To date, the tra­di­tion has changed some­what. Not all new­ly­weds strive to arrange even the sec­ond wed­ding day, not to men­tion longer fes­tiv­i­ties. For some cou­ples, this is due to their finan­cial sit­u­a­tion, while oth­ers pre­fer to go on a hon­ey­moon trip after the very first day. The tra­di­tions of the sec­ond day of the wed­ding are no less solemn and bright, there­fore, if there is an oppor­tu­ni­ty to extend the cel­e­bra­tion for anoth­er day, then you should not miss it. The cel­e­bra­tion of the sec­ond day after the wed­ding pro­vides an oppor­tu­ni­ty to chat with new rel­a­tives and see those guests who could not get to the main cel­e­bra­tion.

When a deci­sion is made to cel­e­brate the wed­ding for two days, the new­ly­weds face the ques­tion “How and where to spend the sec­ond day of the wed­ding?”. The sec­ond day of the wed­ding may con­tin­ue the first in style of cel­e­bra­tion, or rad­i­cal­ly dif­fer from it. There are many sce­nar­ios for cel­e­brat­ing the next wed­ding day — the bride and groom can choose the most inter­est­ing and suit­able option for them­selves. Below are the most pop­u­lar options for orga­niz­ing a sec­ond wed­ding day.

  1. The sec­ond day of the wed­ding in nature. This option allows both guests and new­ly­weds to relax after a busy first day of mar­riage. Fresh air, a riv­er or a lake, the absence of city fuss — these are excel­lent con­di­tions for cel­e­brat­ing. If many guests are expect­ed on the sec­ond day of the wed­ding, then sev­er­al enter­tain­ment options should be con­sid­ered in accor­dance with their inter­ests. One group of guests can go fish­ing, the oth­er can sun­bathe in the sun, the third can play var­i­ous games. A great option is the pres­ence of a bath. Sure­ly many guests will like the cel­e­bra­tion of the sec­ond day of the wed­ding in the bath. Toward evening, all guests should be gath­ered at one table to con­tin­ue con­grat­u­lat­ing the new­ly­weds.
  2. The sec­ond day of the wed­ding at home. At home, a sec­ond wed­ding day should be orga­nized only when a small num­ber of guests are expect­ed. Also, it’s good if there is some­one to take care of the fes­tive treat so that the young wife does not have to stand at the stove on her hol­i­day. The menu on the sec­ond day of the wed­ding may not be as plen­ti­ful as on the first day of the cel­e­bra­tion, but hot dish­es and a vari­ety of snacks should be on the table.
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The dress­es of the guests and the new­ly-made wife on the sec­ond day of the wed­ding can be more mod­est and for­mal. If the cel­e­bra­tion takes place in nature, then you should choose a prac­ti­cal and com­fort­able out­fit. For a cel­e­bra­tion in a cafe or at home, a dress or suit is suit­able. In any case, on the sec­ond day of the wed­ding, the out­fit should not be the same as on the first day.

Accord­ing to cus­toms, var­i­ous com­pe­ti­tions are held on the sec­ond day of the wed­ding. Most­ly,Dresses for the second day of the wedding all these com­pe­ti­tions are to test the young wife as a host­ess, and the hus­band as the head of the fam­i­ly. Accord­ing to tra­di­tion, on the sec­ond day of the wed­ding, guests try to deter­mine who will be born to the young spous­es — a boy or a girl. The wit­ness and the wit­ness go around all the guests with pink and blue baby rompers and col­lect mon­ey. If there is more mon­ey in pink slid­ers — there will be a girl, in blue ones — a boy.

On the sec­ond day of the wed­ding, dress-up con­tests are often held. In ancient times on the sec­ond day of the wed­ding mum­mers in folk­lore char­ac­ters, the friends of the bride and groom played a major role in the entire enter­tain­ment pro­gram. Today, guests often dress up as gyp­sies.

Meet­ing guests on the sec­ond day of the wed­ding, as a rule, is not so offi­cial. After long fes­tiv­i­ties on the first day of the cel­e­bra­tion, guests, as a rule, do not always arrive at the strict­ly appoint­ed time. Gifts for the sec­ond day of the wed­ding are sim­ple and sym­bol­ic. It is cus­tom­ary to give expen­sive gifts if the guest missed the first day of the wed­ding.

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