spiritual marriage

Spir­i­tu­al mar­riage is a very com­plex com­bi­na­tion in which peo­ple who are so far apart in their views on life and oth­er para­me­ters are the per­fect com­ple­ment to each oth­er. Log­ic in this case can be sup­ple­ment­ed by real­ism and so on. Astrologer Grig­o­ry Kvasha con­sid­ers spir­i­tu­al mar­riage pos­si­ble only for some indi­vid­ual rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the east­ern horo­scope, in which the lead­ing role is giv­en not to the month of birth, but to his year.

In the struc­tur­al horo­scope, spir­i­tu­al mar­riage is con­sid­ered pos­si­ble for the fol­low­ing cou­ples:

  • Rat — Roost­er,
  • Rat — Ox,
  • Rat — Snake,
  • Mon­key — Roost­er,
  • Mon­key — Bull,
  • Drag­on — Roost­er,
  • Drag­on — Ox,
  • Drag­on — Snake
  • Horse — Cat,
  • Horse — Goat,
  • Tiger — Cat,
  • Tiger — Boar,
  • Dog — Cat,
  • Dog — Boar,
  • Dog — Goat.

You may notice that, by anal­o­gy, the Mon­key-Snake, Horse-Boar and Tiger-Goat pairs are miss­ing, but they are vec­tor excep­tions. Accord­ing to Grig­o­ry Kvash, no oth­er com­bi­na­tion has the right to be called a spir­i­tu­al mar­riage, only these, cal­cu­lat­ed in a spe­cial way.

It is this option that is most dif­fi­cult to estab­lish, since at the exter­nal lev­el it is clear that the part­ners are dif­fer­ent, and only lat­er it is pos­si­ble to see that in tan­dem they per­fect­ly com­ple­ment each oth­er. The road to such an alliance is dif­fi­cult and con­fus­ing, but those who are able to fol­low it to the end win.

As a rule, spir­i­tu­al mar­riages are entered into in adult­hood, but in some cas­es you can meet a young cou­ple. In this case, their life can­not be called calm: there are a lot of crises, quar­rels, dis­putes ahead, and in some cas­es even a com­plete break in rela­tions. And spiritual marriage kvashaonly those cou­ples in which part­ners are able to reach a new lev­el of com­mu­ni­ca­tion, and not fol­low the small impuls­es of their own ego, will devel­op such a mar­riage and remain sat­is­fied in it. Their souls are able to merge togeth­er at the high­est lev­els of this move­ment, how­ev­er, until this moment, a lot of obsta­cles will have to be over­come.

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In a spir­i­tu­al mar­riage, love is an absolute neces­si­ty, and it is only through this pow­er that such a union will hold. In such an alliance, it is impor­tant to for­get that options are pos­si­ble — no, you only have this per­son and you need to be with him, you need to deeply com­pre­hend his inner essence and open up on your own. You need to be above all cir­cum­stances in order to tru­ly com­pre­hend the inner essence of your spouse and be able to build those rela­tion­ships with him in which you can reach the high­est degree of spir­i­tu­al uni­ty.