Steel Wedding - Gift and Celebration Ideas

A mar­ried cou­ple who have exchanged the sec­ond decade of their life togeth­er and are cel­e­brat­ing a steelde­serves great respect. Over the years, mis­un­der­stand­ings have been smoothed out between them, peo­ple know almost every­thing about each oth­er. They are unit­ed not only by love, but also by com­mon inter­ests, moments, joint hous­ing, prop­er­ty, chil­dren appear.

Steel- how many years together?

A steel­has come, 11 years have been lived togeth­er. Through­out this time, the spous­es had to over­come many dif­fi­cul­ties, prob­lems, quar­rel and put up. Over the years, rela­tion­ships become stronger, more reli­able, they can be com­pared with such a hard met­al as steel. Many peo­ple argue that 11 years is not such a long time, most like­ly the cou­ple has learned to respect each oth­er, appre­ci­ate, treat their soul­mate with care.

What do they give for a steel wedding?

Hav­ing received an invi­ta­tion to a cel­e­bra­tion, the ques­tion aris­es of what can be pre­sent­ed for a steel wed­ding. First you need to pay atten­tion to the dish­es made of steel. These can be items such as forks and spoons, knives, carved han­dles. A good con­grat­u­la­tions on a steelfor a man who loves cars — a set with tools, for a woman — pots and pans. You can also present the fol­low­ing house­hold items:

  • pho­to frames;
  • lamp;
  • a book;
  • a mir­ror with a beau­ti­ful frame;
  • can­dle­sticks;
  • jew­el­ry;
  • house­hold appli­ances;
  • fish­ing sets;
  • cos­met­ics.
congratulations on a steel wedding

What to give friends for a steel wedding?

As a rule, friends and loved ones who know about the upcom­ing date know what the cou­ple prefers. But some­times the choice of a gift is dif­fi­cult, which is giv­en on a stee­lan­niver­sary. It is nec­es­sary to focus not only on the mon­e­tary equiv­a­lent, but also on the fact that the present is appro­pri­ate and con­sis­tent with the spir­it of the anniver­sary.

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Crock­ery is the most com­mon gift. Steel din­ner sets, glass­es, glass­es, cut­lery — all this is per­fect for a fam­i­ly cel­e­bra­tion. But some cou­ples think it’s too banal, and imme­di­ate­ly warn the givers what present they would like to receive.

What to give your wife for a steel wedding?

Many fam­i­lies choose to cel­e­brate theiran­niver­saries in a qui­et, unas­sum­ing set­ting. But a gift for a steel­to the wife is still sup­posed to be hand­ed over. A hus­band can make the house more com­fort­able, for exam­ple, install a fire­place, change the inte­ri­or. Be sure to present flow­ers to your wife in the amount of 11 pieces. There is a sign: the longer these flow­ers stand, the stronger and hap­pi­er the life of the cou­ple will be in the future.

A hus­band will not be mis­tak­en with a gift if he gives his wife cut­lery made of white met­al, a new ser­vice, which has met­al dec­o­ra­tions. He will pleas­ant­ly sur­prise and delight the oth­er half if he presents to her:

  • jew­el­ry with steel trim;
  • jew­el­ry made of pre­cious met­als;
  • cos­met­ic set;
  • bracelet watch;
  • unusu­al design­er hand­bag;
  • cas­ket.

What to give to a steelto a husband?

A lov­ing and atten­tive wife knows exact­ly what to give her hus­band for a steel wed­ding. Hav­ing lived with him for 11 years, she has already stud­ied his pref­er­ences. But if you still have dif­fi­cul­ties, you can give some advice. It is unlike­ly that any man will refuse a mod­ern tablet or smart­phone of the lat­est mod­el. A good gift for a steel­to a hus­band is a car gad­get. It is desir­able that it be in a steel case or have at least a small met­al ele­ment.

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The fol­low­ing items can please a spouse:

  • buck­et for cham­pagne;
  • steel watch;
  • met­al flask;
  • hookah;
  • fish­ing gear;
  • wire­less head­phones;
  • set of tools.
what to give for a steel wedding

Steel- traditions

It’s not enough just to con­grat­u­late you on a steel wed­ding. A steel­in­volves the obser­vance of cer­tain tra­di­tions and rit­u­als so that the next years the cou­ple lives in har­mo­ny and har­mo­ny.

  1. There is an old cer­e­mo­ny when spous­es must plunge into a pond in order to wash off all the neg­a­tiv­i­ty that has accu­mu­lat­ed over the years. When per­form­ing the cer­e­mo­ny, the hus­band and wife hold hands.
  2. On the day of the 11th anniver­sary, the spouse must hang a steel horse­shoe over the front door. The main thing is that it should be locat­ed with the legs up. She will become a kind of tal­is­man, save peo­ple from many prob­lems and hard­ships. The fam­i­ly must fas­ten the tal­is­man togeth­er. For exam­ple, the hus­band hangs, and the wife gives him nails and a ham­mer.
  3. There is also a rit­u­al exchange. It lies in the fact that on this day the hus­band and wife exchange some items of their wardrobe. At this moment, they should look into each oth­er’s eyes and utter words that will become part­ing words and wish­es for fur­ther life togeth­er.