Swedish family

The phrase “Swedish fam­i­ly” was filled with piquant over­tones in just a dozen years. With a mar­riage of three, the pro­gres­sive Swedish youth of the 60s of the last cen­tu­ry decid­ed defi­ant­ly to declare to the world that tra­di­tion­al rela­tion­ships, like every­thing con­ser­v­a­tive, are moral­ly obso­lete.

The fash­ion for “love tri­an­gles” last­ed only a decade, the mod­ern Swedish fam­i­ly looks quite tra­di­tion­al, and does not at all strive to main­tain the image intro­duced into fash­ion by the hip­pies. An offi­cial Swedish mar­riage can only boast of new­ly­weds of the same sex.

A bit of his­to­ry

Mean­while, the first pub­lic “amour de trois” did not hap­pen at all in Swe­den, but in con­ser­v­a­tive Spain, where King Charles, Queen Marie Louise and her beloved Prime Min­is­ter Don Manuel coex­ist­ed peace­ful­ly under the roof of one palace for many years. An avid hunter, Karl kind­ly turned a blind eye to the long-term hob­by of the queen, and the queen — to the numer­ous adven­tures of her lover.

There was also a well-known “Swedish fam­i­ly” in Rus­sia — rumors about the cou­ple Brik and Mayakovsky excit­ed all of Moscow at one time. Per­haps this is almost the only case of pub­lic recog­ni­tion of com­mon rela­tions in our coun­try; in most cas­es, Swedish fam­i­lies are in no hur­ry to pub­li­cize their sta­tus. While they cer­tain­ly exist, very lit­tle is known about them.

What is a Swedish fam­i­ly?

The con­cept of a Swedish fam­i­ly is, in fact, a fam­i­ly of 3 peo­ple. Most often it is a love tri­an­gle, but some­times oth­er geo­met­ric shapes hap­pen, and one of the most famous exam­ples was again in Swe­den, where the pop­u­lar ABBA group was not only famous for strong friend­ship, but also for chang­ing part­ners.

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It does­n’t mat­ter who is dupli­cat­ed: hus­band or wife. It is impor­tant to under­stand that a fam­i­ly of three is not at all an ordi­nary fam­i­ly with a bench, each mem­ber of the Swedish fam­i­ly has equal rights.

How are Swedish fam­i­lies made?

Of course, the Swedish fam­i­ly in Rus­sia is not an offi­cial fam­i­ly. Often it begins with a three­some, which even­tu­al­ly turns into a fam­i­ly. Girl­friends or friends of an estab­lished fam­i­ly who start out as “com­ing for sex” leave their tooth­brush, pass­port, and them­selves in the apart­ment. But three­somes are an option­al attribute of a Swedish fam­i­ly.

Some­times a fam­i­ly of 3 is formed because of the “hous­ing prob­lem”. For exam­ple, if a young man brings a lady of the heart to a house, which, in order to save mon­ey, he rents with a friend, then the chances that the neigh­bor will leave or join the fam­i­ly are quite high.

Swedish fam­i­ly: pros and cons

The Swedish fam­i­ly is puz­zling to many — how can three of us live, shar­ing the love of one per­son for two, freed from jeal­ousy? Of course, if the cou­ple man­aged to free them­selves from a sense of own­er­ship, then the Swedish fam­i­ly has its advan­tages:

  • two wives, for exam­ple, will more eas­i­ly cope with house­keep­ing, will be less like­ly to “take out quar­rels from the hut.” Yes, and the head of two at once rarely hurts;
  • two men in the house is at least twice as like­ly to have a work­ing faucet, a ham­mered nail and a ful­filled mar­i­tal debt;
  • what is good about three­some sex, which some­times hap­pens in Swedish fam­i­lies, is, at least, the eman­ci­pa­tion of part­ners. And that means bet­ter knowl­edge of your body. Light jeal­ousy here, by the way, will not hurt: the third half will strive to be on top. Swedish family for and against
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The dis­ad­van­tages of Swedish fam­i­lies are also quite obvi­ous:

  • mis­un­der­stand­ing and dis­ap­proval on the part of soci­ety;
  • unof­fi­cial sta­tus of at least one of the part­ners;
  • rare Swedish fam­i­lies live to see sig­nif­i­cant anniver­saries. And only the same Marie-Louise could boast of com­mon chil­dren. If a child becomes the fruit of triple love, then there may be prob­lems with deter­min­ing pater­ni­ty (DNA analy­sis is required), as well as with the social secu­ri­ty of the fetus of such love.