The brides began to give their­bou­quet to one of the unmar­ried guests of the hol­i­day back in the Mid­dle Ages. And in the same Mid­dle Ages, women who want to get hap­py the tal­is­man of a speedy mar­riage, they began to arrange down­right bat­tles among them­selves. Why don’t you change the tra­di­tion in the 21st cen­tu­ry and choose an alter­na­tive way to share the bride’s bou­quet with unmar­ried brides­maids? At Chan­fash­ion already have ideas how to arrange every­thing!

To throw or not to throw abou­quet is up to you. But, if the hol­i­day will not be too stress resis­tant unmar­ried ladies, be sure to con­sid­er an alter­na­tive option! But to refuse alto­geth­er such a roman­tic rite in its own way Chan­fash­ion does not rec­om­mend. It is bet­ter to beat him to your taste.

If you want to keep an acces­so­ry as a fam­i­ly heir­loom, just order under­study bou­quet. Use it to host a con­test, and keep the real one for your own mem­o­ries.

7 alternative ways to say goodbye to the bride’s bouquet

Ribbon tug

Take beau­ti­ful rib­bons in the style ofdec­o­ra­tion. Each is approx­i­mate­ly 1.5 meters long. Quan­ti­ty — The exact num­ber of girl­friends par­tic­i­pat­ing. Tie one rib­bon tight­ly to the bou­quet, and sim­ply wrap the rest around legs two times and hold with your hand. Ask your friends to choose one rib­bon at a time and pull it towards you at the same time. Tawhose the rib­bon will be tied to the bou­quet, and will become lucky!

Round dance with meaning

Why not return to the tra­di­tions of Ancient Rus­sia? The bride’s eyes were closed, the girls stood around her in a cir­cle and danced round dances to the music. When the melody stopped, the bride would blind­ly stretch out her hands in front of her and hand over the bou­quet. You can repro­duce the cus­tom on your

Bouquet with a surprise

If there are many brides­maids at your­who dream of an ear­ly mar­riage, try to sur­prise them pleas­ant­ly. Order a bou­quet con­sist­ing of sev­er­al parts, which, at first glance, seems whole. Imag­ine joy and grat­i­tude in the eyes of girls, when you give each of them a small, but per­son­al bou­quet!

You know that you can entrust the cre­ation of your bou­quet only to a vir­tu­oso florist. Haven’t found the right spe­cial­ist yet? Take a look at our Cat­a­log!

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Perky quest

An option for a yout­hand adven­tur­ous girl­friends! Hide your bridal bou­quet some­where in the ban­quet hall or on ter­ri­to­ries restau­rant com­plex, pre­pare schemes and small tips in advance. Dis­trib­ute them to the con­tes­tants and ask them to find an acces­so­ry. The one of the friends who will be the first to com­plete the task will take over the baton of mar­riage. The com­pe­ti­tion can be held through­out the evening or in a cer­tain peri­od of time.

Special Lot

Play a bou­quet in a the­mat­ic lot­tery or orga­nize a real auc­tion, where the stakes will not be mon­e­tary amounts, but wish­es addressed to you, for exam­ple. It will be a real enter­tain­ment for guests! Let the friends fight for the title next bride of the year”, using all her charm and, of course, luck.

Treasure under lock and key

You have to hide the bou­quet under lock and key. You can make a real chest, but a nice­ly designed card­board box will do. Just tie it with a beau­ti­ful rib­bon on which you have to hang a pad­lock. Then pre­pare a bunch of keys, in which only one will be suit­able. Ask your friends to choose one key each to free the bou­quet from cap­tiv­i­ty. The own­er of a suit­able key will receive a pre­cious prize!

Bride’s generosity

An option that is less gam­bling, but more roman­tic. It will suit you if there are only a cou­ple of unmar­ried girl­friends at the wed­ding. Make a per­son­al­bou­quet for each of them. Give an acces­so­ry as a sym­bol of ear­ly mar­riage and fam­i­ly hap­pi­ness.

If a you still decid­ed not to change the tra­di­tion and you will throw a bou­quet like many gen­er­a­tions of brides before you, here are some tips:

  • before leav­ing, men­tal­ly wish the girl who caught him hap­pi­ness in her per­son­al life;
  • if your bou­quet has heavy dec­o­ra­tions, take them off just in case;
  • throw the bou­quet over your head;
  • do not rush to imme­di­ate­ly turn around — you nev­er know what will hap­pen behind your back (just kid­ding).

The­day is filled with rit­u­als and tra­di­tions. Choose which ones are pleas­ing to you and fol­low them beau­ti­ful­ly. And those that seem ridicu­lous, feel free to change! This is your hol­i­day and your right. Chan­fash­ion Always near!

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