A glass of cham­pagne for the hap­pi­ness of the new­ly­weds, strong drinks at a ban­quet — it’s hard to imag­ine a wed­ding with­out these famil­iar attrib­ut­es. But alco­hol-free wed­dings have begun to appear more often: some peo­ple take care of their health and want to con­vey their posi­tion to guests, while oth­ers exper­i­ment with unusu­al wed­ding for­mats. We are sure that you can have fun and delight your guests with­out alco­hol! If for some rea­son you decide to have an alco­hol-free wed­ding, then read the tips Chan­fash­ion and our selec­tion of inter­est­ing soft drink recipes.

Tips for an Alcohol-Free Wedding

Consider the guest list

You need to under­stand that in our lat­i­tudes a non-alco­holic wed­ding is a deci­sive and unex­pect­ed step for some of the guests. Not every­one will agree to such an exper­i­ment. Go over your guest list care­ful­ly and think about how many peo­ple might take this idea seri­ous­ly. Nev­er­the­less, since you want to share this impor­tant day with dear peo­ple, you need to take care of their com­fort.

Be prepared for criticism

Only if you are sur­round­ed by cat­e­gor­i­cal­ly non-drink­ing peo­ple will it be pos­si­ble to com­plete­ly avoid dis­con­tent, espe­cial­ly from the adult gen­er­a­tion. The main thing is to take crit­i­cism from the invi­tees calm­ly and explain your posi­tion with­out turn­ing the con­ver­sa­tion into a quar­rel.

Explain to guests the reasons

Sure­ly, some­thing prompt­ed you to arrange an alco­hol-free wed­ding: per­haps it was a con­cern for health or a desire to show that you can have fun with­out dop­ing 🙂 Bring your idea to the guests, and not just put it before the fact. Sure­ly, after a cor­rect expla­na­tion of the rea­sons for such a deci­sion, there will be few­er dis­sat­is­fied peo­ple.

Attention to the menu

If you don’t plan to treat guests with alco­holic drinks, then you need to feed them decent­ly 🙂 Pay more atten­tion to com­pil­ing a wed­ding menu, but try not to go off the rails with exper­i­men­tal dish­es: it’s bet­ter to reduce the risk that guests will not like the treats, but with unusu­al food hap­pens. We advise you to con­cen­trate on the clas­sics with a beau­ti­ful pre­sen­ta­tion — it will be spec­tac­u­lar and guar­an­teed to be deli­cious.

We’ve put togeth­er a ton of help­ful tips on how to how to make a wed­ding menu.

Don’t for­get to read and take advan­tage!


You can have fun with­out alco­hol, and an incen­di­ary pre­sen­ter with a well-thought-out enter­tain­ment pro­gram will great­ly sim­pli­fy this task! At a meet­ing with a spe­cial­ist, focus on the fact that strong drinks are not planned on the menu — he must take this into account when choos­ing com­pe­ti­tions and com­pil­ing a pro­gram.


If you under­stand that most guests will not appre­ci­ate the idea of ​​​​an alco­hol-free wed­ding, you can par­tial­ly imple­ment this idea by giv­ing up only strong drinks. Replace vod­ka and cognac with wine and san­gria, leave cham­pagne for solem­ni­ty or replace it with a non-alco­holic option. Still, some peo­ple do not imag­ine such an impor­tant event with­out alco­hol, and lighter drinks will reduce the degree of the event and not cause such a sharp neg­a­tive.

Engage guests with an alternative

Of course, adult guests may rebel when they see only min­er­al water and ordi­nary pack­aged juice on the tables. How­ev­er, if you offer a menu of orig­i­nal mock­tails and punch with an inter­est­ing pre­sen­ta­tion and unusu­al taste, then there will be much less dis­sat­is­fac­tion. Focus on the look of drinks and off­beat ingre­di­ents so guests don’t feel like they’ve been skimped on or over­looked.

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Interesting soft drink ideas

Let’s move on to the main thing — what drinks to serve guests at a wed­ding with­out alco­hol? These ideas are suit­able not only for a non-alco­holic wed­ding, but also for a clas­sic cel­e­bra­tion. And yet, all the recipes from our selec­tion are sim­ple enough to delight your­self with them at home with­out much rea­son!

Let’s mock

A mock­tail is a non-alco­holic ver­sion of clas­sic cock­tails or a new recipe. The prepa­ra­tion is very sim­ple, and the main secret is in an ele­gant serv­ing, which would be suit­able for an expen­sive bar 🙂

mocktail recipe

Ingre­di­ents per serv­ing:

Soda — 170 ml

Rasp­ber­ry syrup — 20 gr

Ice — half a glass

Grape­fruit juice — 60 ml

Mix grape­fruit juice with rasp­ber­ry syrup in a sep­a­rate glass. Fill a glass for serv­ing with ice halfway, add a mix­ture of juice and syrup on top, pour soda. Serve with mint leaves or red grape­fruit zest.


A clas­sic of the sum­mer menu, with­out which no hot wed­ding can do! There are a lot of recipe options: from clas­sic lemon­ade with cit­rus fruits to inter­est­ing mix­es — for exam­ple, pear lemon­ade with sage. His recipe and we will tell below.

The recipe is lemonade

Ingre­di­ents per serv­ing:

Pear juice — 150 ml

Soda — 75 ml

Sage, fresh — 7 gr

Quar­ter lime

Ice to taste

Cut a lime quar­ter into slices and place with sage in a tall glass to serve. Then add crushed ice: it can be made in a food proces­sor or crushed with a kitchen ham­mer, after wrap­ping the ice in a tow­el. Add a cou­ple of table­spoons of pre­pared ice to the bot­tom of the glass and mash it up, then pour the rest into the glass all the way to the rim. Pour in 150 ml of pear juice and sparkling water. Gar­nish the lemon­ade with a lime or mint sprig.

Recipe author Natalia Sot­niko­va


What could be health­i­er than fresh­ly squeezed juice on a wed­ding menu? There are a lot of recipe options: from clas­sic orange to trop­i­cal man­go or pineap­ple. We sug­gest mak­ing fresh juice with an inter­est­ing com­bi­na­tion of apples, mel­ons and hon­ey. The recipe is nowhere sim­pler: wash and peel the fruit from the peel and seeds, cut into small pieces and send to the juicer. Mix juice with hon­ey to taste. A won­der­ful sum­mer com­bi­na­tion that also improves metab­o­lism.


Smooth­ies are yet anoth­er proof that a healthy diet can also be insane­ly deli­cious 🙂 We sug­gest you try the blue­ber­ry-banana smooth­ie. The recipe is very sim­ple: dip a frozen banana into a blender, add half a glass of orange juice and yogurt, and a quar­ter cup of blue­ber­ries. Blend until smooth and enjoy a healthy drink. You can dec­o­rate smooth­ies with fresh berries and fruits.


Milk­shakes will appeal to both adults and chil­dren. In addi­tion to the clas­sic straw­ber­ry, choco­late or vanil­la milk­shake recipes, there are more exot­ic options. Chan­fash­ion offers to treat guests to a coconut milk­shake with car­damom.

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milkshake recipe

Ingre­di­ents for 6 serv­ings:

100 gr coconut pulp

1 liter of milk

50 gr cane sug­ar

10 pcs. car­damom

Cut the coconut pulp into small pieces and put in a blender, add 100 ml of water there and beat until puree. After that, pour a liter of milk into a saucepan, add sug­ar, mix, and then add coconut puree. There also add car­damom, pre­vi­ous­ly slight­ly crushed in a mor­tar. Milk with coconut should be brought almost to a boil, removed from the stove and set to cool for 20 min­utes. Strain the cooled mass through a sieve and beat in a blender until foamy — the coconut milk­shake is ready!

Non-alcoholic champagne

At a non-alco­holic wed­ding, it is not at all nec­es­sary to refuse cham­pagne, because it also comes with zero strength. And we’re not talk­ing about chil­dren’s cham­pagne 🙂 Mod­ern pro­duc­ers allow you to enjoy the refined taste of sparkling wine and not suf­fer from a hang­over the next morn­ing — you should use such a chance!

To add a touch of sophis­ti­ca­tion, cham­pagne glass­es can be gar­nished with straw­ber­ries, and a cot­ton can­dy gar­nish will wow your sweet-toothed guests.

Need wed­ding menu ideas? We came up with inter­est­ing wed­ding treat ideas for every let­ter of the alpha­bet!


In win­ter, you want to warm up, but alco­holic mulled wine is not the only option 🙂 We will tell you a recipe for a non-alco­holic orange-cran­ber­ry punch for a win­ter wed­ding.

Recipe Punch

Ingre­di­ents for 10 serv­ings:

3 cups cran­ber­ry juice

3 glass­es of orange juice

Glass of water

Spices: ground cin­na­mon, ground gin­ger, nut­meg

Half a glass of sug­ar

Com­bine juices, water and spices in a saucepan and bring to a boil over high heat. After that, reduce the heat to medi­um and sim­mer for about 5 min­utes more — the punch is ready! When serv­ing, you can gar­nish with fresh cran­ber­ries, orange slices and mint.


Slush is a fair­ly pop­u­lar cold drink with ice whipped to a thick, smooth con­sis­ten­cy. The base can be any­thing: juices, cola, water with syrup. At a hot wed­ding, we sug­gest try­ing a sum­mer hit — water­mel­on slush.

watermelon slush recipe


10 cups frozen water­mel­on

3 tsp maple syrup

Juice of one large lime

1.5 cups fil­tered water

Before prepar­ing the drink, you need to cut the water­mel­on into cubes and send it to the freez­er for at least a day. When you decide to start mak­ing slush, take out the water­mel­on and leave it for 10–15 min­utes at room tem­per­a­ture. Place the water­mel­on, lime juice, maple syrup, and water (you can also add fresh mint for fla­vor) into the bowl of a blender and blend until smooth and thick. Add more water or syrup if need­ed.

Espresso bar

A must-have at the wed­ding of real cof­fee lovers 🙂 You can orga­nize a sep­a­rate area with a cof­fee machine or a barista, where guests can treat them­selves to cof­fee and dec­o­rate their drink with var­i­ous top­pings and spices. The area with Turk­ish cof­fee will be inter­est­ing for guests, as its prepa­ra­tion looks impres­sive: Turk­ish cof­fee boils thanks to hot sand, with­out open fire. What you need if you like ori­en­tal motifs and want to embody them at your wed­ding.

Hot chocolate

An ide­al way to warm up the sweet tooth at a wed­ding is hot choco­late 🙂 A cool solu­tion would be to arrange a spe­cial sep­a­rate area where guests can choose the fill­ing for their drink, dec­o­rate it with nuts or marsh­mal­lows, and also take cook­ies for a snack. In addi­tion to clas­sic recipes, we advise you to try a cou­ple of unusu­al options at a wed­ding ban­quet: for exam­ple, hot choco­late with pep­per, mint or white choco­late with berries.

Mulled wine

Mulled wine is a drink with­out which it is dif­fi­cult to imag­ine a win­ter wed­ding 🙂 Hot wine with fra­grant spices beck­ons in the cold sea­son, but we sug­gest serv­ing a non-alco­holic ver­sion at the wed­ding.

non-alcoholic mulled wine recipe

Ingre­di­ents for 4 serv­ings:

Orange and lemon zest — 2 table­spoons each

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Grape juice — 3 cups

half an apple

Raisins — 2 table­spoons

Spices: cin­na­mon (1 tsp), cloves (½ tsp), car­damom (a pinch), dried gin­ger (a pinch).

Pour grape juice and water into a saucepan, add the rest of the ingre­di­ents and cook over low heat, stir­ring and not boil­ing. Then leave the mulled wine for 5 min­utes to brew under the lid and start tast­ing 🙂

coconut water

A cold coconut drink served right in the nut shell will be an indis­pens­able del­i­ca­cy at a trop­i­cal wed­ding! You can dec­o­rate it not only with flow­ers or orig­i­nal tubes, but also with a burnt mono­gram of your wed­ding or fun­ny and roman­tic inscrip­tions.

Cold tea

A pleas­ant way to refresh your­self and enjoy the unusu­al taste of such a famil­iar drink as tea. How about serv­ing straw­ber­ry ice tea with mint and hibis­cus to your guests?

iced tea recipe


4 tsp dried mint tea leaves

4 tea­spoons of dried hibis­cus

2 tsp dried red tea leaves

8 cups of boil­ing water


Juice of 1 lemon

One third of a glass of hon­ey

500 grams of straw­ber­ries

Dried tea leaves of three types pour boil­ing water and leave for 15 min­utes. After that, pour the tea through a sieve into anoth­er con­tain­er, squeez­ing the leaves to get the max­i­mum aro­ma. Let the drink cool to room tem­per­a­ture, and then put it in the refrig­er­a­tor.

Mean­while, place the straw­ber­ries, lemon juice and hon­ey in a blender and puree until smooth. If you don’t like the tex­ture of straw­ber­ry seeds, rub the puree through a fine sieve. Add puree to cold tea, stir well, add ice and gar­nish with thin­ly sliced ​​straw­ber­ries.

Don’t for­get that putting togeth­er a food and drink menu is just one step on the road to the per­fect wed­ding, and there’s so much more to come! In order not to get lost in the avalanche of pre-wed­ding affairs, go to our Online plan­ner: we have out­lined for you all the most impor­tant tasks and left tips that will help you with the orga­ni­za­tion.