Food is an impor­tant part of tra­di­tion­al cel­e­bra­tions, and it can also bring com­plete strangers togeth­er at the same table.

If you have start­ed plan­ning what thetable should be like, then you under­stand what we are talk­ing about. After all, all your close peo­ple will sit behind him, even those who were not pre­vi­ous­ly famil­iar. What are they talk­ing about for the first time? Of course, about the menu!

We will tell you how to make a cool menu for a wed­ding, and what mis­takes should be avoid­ed even dur­ing plan­ning. We hope this will help you cre­ate a mod­ern­menu with dish­es that will appeal to every­one from your aunt to the groom’s col­league. menu menu food

Mistake #1: Not making amenu

Food should­n’t be a lot­tery. Oh, that awk­ward moment when the wait­er brings a dish of onions that you can’t stand. What a menu saver! You don’t know what to do with this food, reach­ing for appe­tiz­ers and awk­ward­ly answer­ing ques­tions about why you left an untouched plate with the main course. To pre­vent this from hap­pen­ing to your guests, give them a choice. Let the wait­ers arrange the print­ed menus on thetable in advance.
Guests will be able to choose what to bring and what not. menu dishes

Mistake #2: Don’t worry about dishes

This is the case when the wrap­per should be as sweet as the can­dy itself. So you chose, came up with a menu, looked for unusu­al hot dish­es for a wed­ding, tried. And they are brought in strange plates from my grand­moth­er’s child­hood. The effect of the dish itself will be blocked by inap­pro­pri­ate serv­ing. We advise you to ask the restau­rant where thewill take place, what kind of dish­es they have and what they will use them for.

Mistake #3: Overdoingtable decor

Table decor is also worth dis­cussing in a restau­rant in advance. Bet­ter yet, add this item to the dec­o­ra­tor’s to-do list. Make sure that the chefs who will pre­pare sal­ads for the­do not dec­o­rate them with veg­etable ros­es, and do not flaunt swans made of paper nap­kins on the plates. You nev­er know how oth­er peo­ple imag­ine decor for a wed­ding. food
what kind of food is served at the wedding

Mistake #4: The Hunger Games

When it comes to afeast, you imme­di­ate­ly imag­ine a grand can­dlelit din­ner. Wait­ers deliv­er food in beau­ti­ful dish­es and pour cold cham­pagne. But this is already the end of the day, and it is impor­tant not to for­get about the peo­ple who will be with you in the morn­ing. You don’t want your vows at the cer­e­mo­ny to be accom­pa­nied by the sounds of guests rum­bling with hunger, do you? 🙂 A good solu­tion is to come up with appe­tiz­ers for thethat will stand on sep­a­rate tables all day. And any­one who is hun­gry can come and eat with­out wait­ing for the evening. On such tables you can put cheese, canapes, fruits.

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Mistake No. 5: Incompatibility of dishes in themenu

This is one of the most impor­tant rec­om­men­da­tions on the list: try to have a con­sis­tent style for the entire meal. Not only in decor or pre­sen­ta­tion, but, above all, in a har­mo­nious com­bi­na­tion of prod­ucts. Raw fish sushi and spicy Indi­an cui­sine are a bad exam­ple. When choos­ing dish­es for a wed­ding, imag­ine how the guest will feel when they eat the entire menu togeth­er.

A good exam­ple is to arrange a table in the style of one coun­try and choose tra­di­tion­al dish­es. For exam­ple, if this is an Ital­ian cui­sine menu, then lasagna will go well with fresh sal­ads, and tiramisu can be served for dessert.

appetizers for the wedding
hot dishes for the wedding

Mistake #6: Ignoring the difference in tastes ofguests

Can’t live with­out veal and decid­ed that dish­es from it will def­i­nite­ly be on the­menu? Okay, but try not to for­get about the guests who may not eat veal at all. Some­one eats only white meat, some­one has a spe­cial diet, and there may be veg­e­tar­i­ans among the guests. The ide­altable menu should con­sist of dish­es, among which every­one will find some­thing to their lik­ing. For exam­ple, among hot dish­es there should be a choice: from meat, from fish, from veg­eta­bles or cheese.

Mistake #7: Not considering the weather on yourday

If the­is in the sum­mer, then when choos­ing dish­es for thetable, imag­ine what can hap­pen to them in the heat. For exam­ple, it is bet­ter not to put choco­late fig­urines on the table with desserts in sum­mer: choco­late ros­es and hearts float­ing from the sun are not the best sym­bol of your love, right? And in win­ter, cold cock­tails would be cool to replace with mulled wine or grog. Sim­ply put, we advise you to adjust to the sea­son, because the weath­er always has its own plans for us and­dish­es.

candy bar at the wedding
sweets at the wedding

Mistake #8: Forgetting to feed workers

So you have already come up with a detailed menu for the wed­ding, imple­ment­ed your plan, and now the very day X has come. On emo­tions, you can for­get about impor­tant points. For exam­ple, that you need to set aside time and space to feed the peo­ple who help make the per­fect wed­ding. Kitchen work­ers will def­i­nite­ly not remain hun­gry, but there are still dri­vers, pho­tog­ra­phers, cam­era­men, and orga­niz­ers. They all work with you the entire­day and may not have eat­en any­thing since morn­ing. How not to for­get? Write it down on your to-do list and put the exact time on your sched­ule.

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Mistake No. 9: It is not enough to consult with the chef about themenu

You can throw off a lot of wor­ries that you your­self took on even before find­ing a restau­rant. Why puz­zle over how to make a menu for aand invent an orig­i­nal dish, if you can con­sult a pro­fes­sion­al? The restau­rant will tell you what they can cook and what they can’t. They will advise on options for pop­u­lardish­es and them­selves will cal­cu­late the menu for 1 per­son. You will only have to make your own adjust­ments and approve the select­ed menu.

calculation of food per person
what to cook for a wedding

Wedding menu: an example for a summer wedding

We wrote so much about mis­takes, but then we remem­bered an impor­tant rule: if you crit­i­cize, offer. There­fore, we have pre­pared a small exam­ple of what the menu at a sum­mer­may con­sist of:

1. buf­fet in the first half of the day. Cheese plate, fruit plat­ter, crack­ers with pâtés. You can choose meat pate, cheese pate, baked veg­etable pate.

2. Table with desserts. The menu will include light cakes in glass­es, fruit sal­ads, spiced nuts, and cup­cakes dec­o­rat­ed to with­stand the sum­mer sun.

3. Din­ner: 2–3 main dish­es. Baked meat, grilled fish and veg­eta­bles baked under cheese. Two dif­fer­ent sal­ads will per­fect­ly fit into the menu: one is hearty with sun-dried toma­toes and nuts, and the sec­ond is light, with veg­eta­bles and fresh lemon dress­ing.

4. Snacks you can put it on thetable right away, along with drinks. Sliced ​​cold meat or sausages, cheese plat­ter, olives and crack­ers. You can put bas­kets of warm sal­ad or oth­er hot snacks that are con­ve­nient to eat with your hands. food table

Avoid the mis­takes described above, come up with an orig­i­nal con­cept for the­menu and you will suc­ceed. Of course, it is bet­ter to imme­di­ate­ly dis­cuss menu options with the chef of the insti­tu­tion cho­sen for the wed­ding, so we have com­piled a list of restau­rants for you here. Final­ly, we can only advise you not to wor­ry too much at the­and not to for­get to eat your­self. Enjoy the results of your efforts!

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