A cre­ative bride and groom with the help of unusu­al invi­ta­tion cards want to sur­prise their guests even before the wed­ding. Orig­i­nal styl­ized invi­ta­tions help to “tune” the guests to an unusu­al wed­ding, help to “feel” the theme.

Unusu­al­in­vi­ta­tions need to be ordered in advance and their design thought through to the small­est detail. The design should match the style, for exam­ple, if the­is lily, then lilies are depict­ed on the invi­ta­tions, for a lux­u­ri­ous gold­en wed­ding, the invi­ta­tions should shim­mer with gold.

The most unusu­al­in­vi­ta­tions are hand­made. The hand-made tech­nique allows you to embody any idea in a col­or­ful invi­ta­tion card. Using spe­cial paper, small images of the bride and groom, you can cre­ate pink, lilac, white and any oth­er invi­ta­tions, dec­o­rate them with rib­bons or lace. The quilling tech­nique will help you cre­ate volu­mi­nous post­cards in which it is appro­pri­ate to stick rhine­stones, feath­ers and oth­er ele­ments.

When cre­at­ing orig­i­nal invi­ta­tions for an orange wed­ding, it is quite appro­pri­ate to glue plas­tic slices of this fruit; for a Euro­pean wed­ding, depict the bride and groom in appro­pri­ate out­fits. Car­ni­val-stylein­vi­ta­tions should be bright and shiny, for a cel­e­bra­tion in a marine style, an image of a ship and past­ed nat­ur­al shells are suit­able.

Unusual text forinvitations

Styl­ized invi­ta­tions should con­tain unusu­al text on the same sub­ject. When invit­ing to a Ukrain­ian-style wed­ding, it is per­mis­si­ble to write using under­stand­able words from the Ukrain­ian lan­guage, for exam­ple, “lad” and “lady”, etc. When sign­ing ain­vi­ta­tion in the style of pirates or spies, you can draw a schemat­ic map indi­cat­ing the route, meet­ing point and exact time.

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