In recent years, fash­ion trends have turned to nature, envi­ron­men­tal friend­li­ness, nat­u­ral­ness and sim­plic­i­ty. But what if you adore the atmos­phere of a big city and your soul does not lie in the beau­ties of nature? A wed­ding should reflect your tastes and atti­tude, so Urban Chic is at your ser­vice! In this arti­cle, we will tell you what are the fea­tures of an Urban Chic wed­ding, how to choose the right loca­tion and decor, and, of course, how an Urban style bride should look.

Urban chic wedding: the main feature is the format

Free­dom-lov­ing and dar­ing Urban-chic dic­tates its own rules — this style is unlike­ly to suit stiff offi­cial ban­quets. Such a wed­ding is more like a par­ty with friends and fam­i­ly, where every­one has fun and relax, rather than think­ing about the intri­ca­cies of table eti­quette.

There­fore, we advise you to focus on the buf­fet and enter­tain­ment pro­gram. And so that guests do not leave the wed­ding hun­gry, you can allo­cate a sep­a­rate area for food. Look for inspi­ra­tion in street food fes­ti­vals — vis­i­tors eat there with­out inter­rupt­ing the fun 🙂


Where to have an urban chic wed­ding? Let’s be log­i­cal: in the city 🙂 We give you sev­er­al options, but do not lim­it your­self in exper­i­ments:


Clas­sic vari­ant. Ide­al­ly with panoram­ic win­dows and city views. Pay atten­tion to the inte­ri­or: it should be mod­ern. Urban chic in a Ukrain­ian restau­rant with tow­els and wick­er­work is pret­ty fun­ny eclec­ti­cism, right?

urban chic
wedding style urban chic

atmospheric bar

For­tu­nate­ly, in Ukraine there is no short­age of estab­lish­ments with orig­i­nal inte­ri­ors and wow-con­cepts. Take the same “Youth” in Odessa — there is such a thought­ful and unusu­al design that a wed­ding dec­o­ra­tor risks being left with­out a job 🙂

Outdoor area on the roof

How to do with­out a gor­geous view of the city? The wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny will lit­er­al­ly take place on top! But make sure you have a back­up plan in case of bad weath­er. For exam­ple, hold only a cer­e­mo­ny in an open area, and the main hol­i­day is inside the restau­rant, or keep a awning and warm blan­kets ready for guests.

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Urban chic wedding colors

Free-spir­it­ed Urban chic begs for unusu­al col­or palettes! We have select­ed sev­er­al options for you.

  • Cop­per, ivory, wet asphalt

A clas­sic com­bi­na­tion for an urban chic wed­ding is expen­sive col­ors on a dark back­ground.

  • Emer­ald, gold, cream, black

A rich palette, if in Urban you like the “chic” part more 🙂

  • Porce­lain, rose quartz, light gray

A more gen­tle com­bi­na­tion, if the echoes of the Dra­mat­ic style are not for you.

  • White, canary, rasp­ber­ry, dark green

Light and juicy shades in con­trast with more neu­tral nat­ur­al motifs.

Decor and decoration of the wedding hall in the style of Urban Chic

Undoubt­ed­ly, decor is respon­si­ble for the atmos­phere, so it needs to be tak­en seri­ous­ly. We’ve put togeth­er a list of details that will set the right mood for your Urban Chic wed­ding.

How is it with­out him? Bright neon signs are asso­ci­at­ed with a big city, which is exact­ly what we need. You can order a neon hash­tag for your wed­ding or gen­er­al phras­es that will con­vey the mood of the hol­i­day. By the way, we wrote a detailed arti­cle about neon signs, don’t for­get to read it.

Incor­rect light­ing will destroy the most thought­ful decor, and good light­ing will dec­o­rate the wed­ding venue with­out addi­tion­al ele­ments. Urban chic allows you to use bright light­ing in any col­or, so don’t be afraid to exper­i­ment. The main thing is not to over­do it so that the guests do not get a headache from the abun­dance of col­ors 🙂

Glass, con­crete, met­al — all this con­veys the atmos­phere of the metrop­o­lis. In some ways, this has some­thing in com­mon with the wed­ding in the Indus­tri­al style, so you can bor­row decor ideas from there. But remem­ber that urban chic requires more lux­u­ry and sophis­ti­ca­tion.

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Sharp cor­ners and straight lines are very urban chic. You can use geo­met­ric shapes every­where, from invi­ta­tions and table dec­o­ra­tions, to arch­es and cakes.

Mon­stera and fern leaves will fit per­fect­ly into the style of Urban Chic. And if you love every­thing bright and unusu­al, we sug­gest embody­ing it in decor wed­ding trend 2020 and add col­or to them: a can of gold, sil­ver or hot pink paint will turn plants into a real art instal­la­tion!

wedding floristry
wedding decorations

Do not for­get that this style is not only about the atmos­phere of the city, but also about chic 🙂 Gold ele­ments in the decor will add rich­ness to the design, if not over­done — for exam­ple, you can use cut­lery in this col­or, nap­kin rings or place­mats. Also, mat­te black looks lux­u­ri­ous, but not flashy, in decor, so think about that too.

Bridal look in urban chic style

An urban chic wed­ding opens up an unprece­dent­ed scope for exper­i­ment­ing with your image. And we have pre­pared sev­er­al options for you to make it eas­i­er to catch inspi­ra­tion and feel the style of the romance of the big city.

Restrained chic

A white silk dress with thin straps and heeled san­dals is an image-illus­tra­tion of the phrase “Less is More”, which fits per­fect­ly into the style of Urban chic. Com­plete it with bright red lip­stick, a neat bun and mas­sive jew­el­ry, and in the evening bor­row a jack­et from the groom 🙂


An Urban Chic wed­ding is more like a wild par­ty than a recep­tion at the Queen of Eng­land, so feel free to short­en your dress! Believe me, all the guests already remem­ber that you are the bride, so they will rec­og­nize you even with­out a puffy floor-length dress. Add solem­ni­ty to the image with sequins, feath­ers, bright hair orna­ments. We only advise you to stay on a white dress — let’s leave at least some­thing tra­di­tion­al 🙂

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Suit instead of dress

The trend of recent years is the rejec­tion of a puffy dress for a styl­ish trouser suit. Not all brides want to be princess­es on a day like this, so why lim­it your­self to tra­di­tion? If you feel uncom­fort­able in a clas­sic dress or want to add a bit of out­ra­geous­ness, design­ers offer you a huge num­ber of options for over­alls and trouser wed­ding suits. Add to this chic pumps and a bright make-up — and a styl­ish orig­i­nal look is ready. Such exper­i­ments are very Urban style 🙂

Groom look in urban chic style

Unshakable classic

What could be bet­ter than a clas­sic black tuxe­do? This groom’s out­fit will look styl­ish if you choose a dis­creet look. But how chic will look the con­trast of his tuxe­do with your cheeky mini dress and eye-catch­ing make­up! All in all, it’s an absolute­ly win-win option.

groom suit
wedding groom suit

urban dandy

Option for a more relaxed mood. Here you can exper­i­ment with col­ors and mood of the image. You can choose from a com­plete­ly infor­mal suit, or add only one detail — for exam­ple, white sneak­ers instead of for­mal shoes or a bright jack­et.

We think that with this arti­cle we will inspire all urban roman­tics to embody the ideas of a dar­ing and lux­u­ri­ous urban chic style in their wed­dings. But choos­ing a style is only one of the first steps in orga­niz­ing a wed­ding. In order not to miss any­thing, use our Online plan­ner. We have cre­at­ed the most con­ve­nient free online ser­vice for prepar­ing for the wed­ding: here you will find the To Do List, Bud­get Plan­ner, Guest List and many oth­er use­ful ser­vices. Every­thing for your per­fect wed­ding 🙂