What’s a year with­out tra­di­tion­al advice from the Pan­tone Insti­tute? In 2020, experts decid­ed to get away from extrav­a­gance and named the col­or of the year Clas­sic Blue, aka Clas­sic Blue. But don’t think “clas­sic” is syn­ony­mous with “bor­ing”! Chan­fash­ion will tell (and, of course, show) what brides should com­bine with rich blue in wed­ding dec­o­ra­tion and how to use it even in the most dar­ing styl­ish exper­i­ments.

What is it, “Classic Blue?”

blue wedding
wedding in blue

Deep blue is hard­ly asso­ci­at­ed with romance and light­ness that a wed­ding should breathe. But this col­or sym­bol­izes calm­ness, sta­bil­i­ty and devo­tion. We think that these are excel­lent mean­ings that should be filled with the first day of your fam­i­ly life.

In addi­tion, clas­sic blue is rem­i­nis­cent of the evening star­ry sky or the rag­ing sea. Car­ing for nature has long become a wed­ding trend, why should­n’t the bride take a cou­ple of ideas from her?

Monochrome wedding in Classic Blue

Are you a fan of blue? Why not have a mono­chrome wed­ding! Thanks to the ver­sa­til­i­ty of this col­or, you can not lim­it your­self in styles. Cre­ate a nature-inspired wed­ding with nat­ur­al mate­ri­als and wood, play with the theme of the ocean or airy light­ness. Do you like some­thing more mod­ern and urban? Com­ple­ment the blue decor with glass and met­al! Rus­tic, Provence, Mod­ern — any of these wed­ding styles will look great in blue.

wedding blue decor
blue wedding decor
blue wedding decor
blue wedding arch

What colors to match?

If you do not want to lim­it your­self to dec­o­rat­ing your wed­ding with one col­or and are ready for bold mix­es, we have select­ed for you and the groom the most win­ning com­bi­na­tions with clas­sic blue in wed­ding decor.

Blue, burgundy, dusty pink

Clas­sic blue sug­gests thoughts of aris­toc­ra­cy, ele­gance and roy­al restraint. If this bridal aes­thet­ic appeals to you, use a rich bur­gundy for bright accents and a lighter shade so that the wed­ding is not too gloomy. Dusty pink or, for exam­ple, mut­ed beige will do. With such a palette, gold­en decor ele­ments will look sim­ply chic — just don’t over­do it so that the hol­i­day does not look unnat­u­ral­ly pre­ten­tious.

Blue, copper, dark orange, beige

If you are plan­ning a wed­ding in the fall, this is an incred­i­ble com­bi­na­tion of rich blue with a dark orange, cop­per col­or. For a more nat­ur­al wed­ding with nature motifs, use dark wood with this palette and dilute the decor with dried flow­ers — they will per­fect­ly fit into the autumn style and images of the bride and groom.

Do not be afraid to use flow­ers that are unusu­al for a wed­ding. For exam­ple, sun­flow­ers will match in col­or and can become a bright accent in the design and images of the bride and groom.

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Blue, hot pink, canary, light blue

Tired of mod­esty and mut­ed­ness and want a wed­ding in bright col­ors? We have tons of options! In the decor of such col­or­ful and juicy styles as Moroc­can and Hawai­ian, clas­sic blue can also be used. Take it as the basis of your wed­ding dec­o­ra­tion, against which con­trast­ing yel­low and pink shades will only look brighter. This palette is per­fect for dec­o­rat­ing a care­free sum­mer wed­ding.

bright wedding
wedding blue decor
bright wedding ideas
blue wedding color
Wedding invitations
wedding invitations

The image of the bride

If you love orig­i­nal­i­ty and are ready to lis­ten to lamen­ta­tions from grand­moth­ers at the wed­ding in the spir­it of “How is it not white ?!” — choose a blue dress! Wed­ding fash­ion is increas­ing­ly mov­ing away from ivory and ivory. If at first it was timid steps towards mut­ed pink, peach and pale blue, now design­ers are more like­ly to decide on bright dress­es for brides.

blue wedding dress
wedding dress blue

As a child, did you look with delight at the dress of the Dis­ney Cin­derel­la? The desire of the bride is the law, and the grand­moth­er will for­get about her reproach­es in the very first min­utes of your touch­ing wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny.

But you don’t need to doom your­self to a blue dress for the sake of fash­ion if you have always dreamed of a clas­sic white one. If you want to add a col­or­ful detail to your wed­ding look, choose blue shoes. And the wolves are full, and the bride is calm 🙂 More­over, why not feel like Car­rie Brad­shaw, who, in blue satin pumps, mar­ried the man of her dreams?

Image of the groom

For­tu­nate­ly, every­thing is much sim­pler with the groom than with the image of the bride, because the blue col­or is con­stant­ly used in men’s suits, includ­ing wed­ding ones. We advise you to pay more atten­tion to details — for exam­ple, a tie or bow tie. You can use the same shade of blue or (which is much more inter­est­ing) play with con­trast. Just look at this com­bi­na­tion of deep blue and bur­gundy! For a more del­i­cate palette, a com­bi­na­tion with pink is suit­able, and a white tie to match the col­or of the groom’s shirt will add for­mal­i­ty.

It’s not about you and you want a lit­tle relax­ation? Choose a smart casu­al look for your wed­ding. You can unbut­ton the col­lar of the groom’s shirt and choose the top and bot­tom of the suit in dif­fer­ent col­ors — sandy beige will look great with blue. If you want an even less for­mal wed­ding look for the groom, pick up a bright print­ed tie or bow tie and replace the dress shoes with white sneak­ers with fun socks. Do not dri­ve your­self into unnec­es­sary frames, if they only inter­fere with show­ing indi­vid­u­al­i­ty!

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If you didn’t decide on a blue dress your­self, then you can have fun on the images of the brides­maids 🙂 The clas­sic option that imme­di­ate­ly comes to mind is to dress them in the same dark blue out­fits.

bridesmaid dress blue
bridesmaid dress

But remem­ber that deep blue is not for all girls. Some of your girl­friends in this look may look pale and tired, because this col­or well empha­sizes the blue of not only the eyes, but also the dark cir­cles under them. You don’t want to see all the con­se­quences of the bach­e­lorette par­ty on their faces every time you look at the wed­ding album, do you? We sug­gest using dif­fer­ent shades of blue and light blue for brides­maids dress­es. You can also exper­i­ment with styles: you will keep the over­all style of the wed­ding, but your friends will not feel like wear­ing the same uni­form. In wed­ding pho­tos, it will look much more live­ly and inter­est­ing.

bridesmaid dresses
bridesmaids what to wear

The bride’s bouquet

Did you for­get about your main acces­so­ry on your wed­ding day?

For a clas­sic ele­gant wed­ding, take a look at bou­quets of white ros­es or peonies and add a bright accent — for exam­ple, blue eustomas, iris­es or hydrangeas, which will add vol­ume and empha­size your image. If you want lux­u­ri­ous chic, choose a mono-bou­quet of blue ros­es! Such flow­ers attract atten­tion, so be care­ful with addi­tion­al decor details. It is impor­tant not to add “all the best at once”.

This wed­ding sea­son, look for more “tou­sled” bou­quets with­out a per­fect com­po­si­tion. Such bou­quets will reduce the degree of unnec­es­sary offi­cial­dom, and the use of wild flow­ers will make the image more touch­ing and naive.

bridal bouquet

Do not deprive the groom! It is impor­tant that his bou­ton­niere is com­bined with your bou­quet, but it is not nec­es­sary to copy all the ele­ments from it and make a small copy — just try to keep the over­all style. And don’t for­get that unlike your mas­sive bridal bou­quet, his bou­ton­niere can blend in with the blue suit. You can add small white wild­flow­ers or choose a con­trast­ing base col­or for the groom’s bou­ton­niere. Yes, we will not get tired of talk­ing about the com­bi­na­tion of blue and bur­gundy in your images!

boutonniere blue
boutonniere for the groom

wedding arch

For a wed­ding in Clas­sic Blue, both clas­sic flo­ral arch­es and more mod­ern ones using mir­rors and glass are per­fect. Com­ple­ment the decor of the wed­ding arch with fly­ing fab­rics or rib­bons — it is much eas­i­er to choose tex­tiles that per­fect­ly match the cho­sen col­or than fresh flow­ers.

unusual wedding arch
blue wedding arch


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If you dream of a wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny near the water, it is bet­ter not to make the arch in blue. In the pho­tos, every­thing will merge, so that no one will con­sid­er all the thought­ful decor (and also add the blue out­fits of the bride and groom). Opt for con­trast­ing col­ors or neu­tral white to enhance the beau­ty of your cer­e­mo­ny space.

wedding arch blue
beautiful wedding arch


Don’t for­get that the bar area and drinks can help you keep up with the col­or scheme. Let the guests be served blue wel­come cock­tails while they wait for the wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny — this way they will immerse them­selves in the atmos­phere you con­ceived from the first min­utes of their stay at the wed­ding.

It is not nec­es­sary to imme­di­ate­ly stop at the Blue Lagoon cock­tail, because with the help of Blue Cura­cao liqueur you can bring many clas­sic drinks based on cham­pagne, mar­ti­ni or vod­ka to the desired blue col­or.

As a non-alco­holic drink at a wed­ding, you can serve lemon­ade gar­nished with blue­ber­ries or col­ored ice.

Lit­tle life hack: don’t want to be lim­it­ed in drinks because of the col­or?

The blue wine glass­es are a great addi­tion to the décor!

The wedding cake

You have many options for how to beat the blue col­or in the cake. You can choose an all-blue wed­ding cake with a con­trast­ing decor (a lit­tle edi­ble gold — and every­one will gasp), alter­nate blue tiers with white ones, use a water­col­or or ombre effect. Dec­o­ra­tion with nat­ur­al flow­ers is still in fash­ion, so feel free to com­bine clas­sic blue, for exam­ple, with white ros­es.

If you are for light­ness and do not want to get car­ried away with heavy mas­tic and dyes, you can choose a sim­pler cake with white cream, dec­o­rat­ed with blue­ber­ries, cur­rants or black­ber­ries and herbs. Nat­ur­al dec­o­ra­tions made from berries will per­fect­ly fit into a sum­mer wed­ding.

By the way, the blue col­or will look great on a fash­ion­able “amethyst” cake. It is often a tall, min­i­mal­ist white cake with a bright crack run­ning through it, dec­o­rat­ed with “pre­cious stones” (their role is played by col­ored sug­ar, caramel and choco­late). This con­fec­tionery trend has been pop­u­lar at wed­dings for more than a year, and some Ukrain­ian con­fec­tion­ers have man­aged to hone their tech­nique to per­fec­tion.

trendy wedding cake
amethyst cake

The main thing to remem­ber: what­ev­er the fash­ion and who­ev­er dic­tates it, from a fash­ion mag­a­zine to your future moth­er-in-law, always lis­ten to your­self and be hap­py on your per­fect wed­ding day!