Wedding dresses - how to choose the main outfit for a girl?

Suc­cess­ful­ly select­ed wed­ding dress­es will help to make the main cel­e­bra­tion in the life of every girl unfor­get­table. Any new­ly­wed will be able to choose an out­fit that will advan­ta­geous­ly empha­size the dig­ni­ty of her fig­ure and make the image unsur­passed. Prod­ucts dif­fer in style, col­ors, dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments.

How to choose a wedding dress?

Girls who are prepar­ing for a fes­tive event are won­der­ing: what are wed­ding dress­es? Styl­ists advise fol­low­ing these rules when choos­ing an out­fit:

  • cel­e­bra­tion con­cept. The wed­ding should be kept in a sin­gle style, for exam­ple, it is a lux­u­ri­ous glam­orous look with a long train or an out­fit cor­re­spond­ing to the Provence style, designed for an event in an eco-hotel;
  • fab­ric, which is select­ed depend­ing on the sea­son and the venue of the cel­e­bra­tion, which can be orga­nized indoors or out­doors;
  • the shade of the dress, which is select­ed depend­ing on the col­or type of the bride. So, white and pearl tones are rec­og­nized as uni­ver­sal. For girls with fair skin, ivory or nude col­or is per­fect, and swarthy tanned beau­ties should stop at options such as ecru, a shade of cham­pagne;
  • it is rec­om­mend­ed to select wed­ding dress­es in advance, with­out post­pon­ing the fit­ting for the last days in the hope of trans­form­ing the fig­ure and los­ing weight;
  • It is worth try­ing on dif­fer­ent options to find the per­fect one for your­self. For exam­ple, it hap­pens that an ele­gant sim­ple cut suits a cer­tain fig­ure much bet­ter than airy roman­tic lace;
  • fig­ure type. Fit­ted sil­hou­ettes are ide­al for hour­glass-shaped girls, thin straps and a tri­an­gu­lar neck­line will be a god­send for an “invert­ed tri­an­gle”, but such styles are con­traindi­cat­ed for a reg­u­lar “tri­an­gle”. A high waist line will help to make an attrac­tive “apple” fig­ure, and retro mod­els with a low waist or straight sil­hou­ettes are suit­able for a “rec­tan­gle”;
  • com­fort is one of the main cri­te­ria when choos­ing an out­fit, as the bride will spend the whole day on her feet.
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Wedding dress — “fish”

Jus­ti­fied pop­u­lar­i­ty among the new­ly­weds is used by the wed­ding dress for the bride, known as the “fish”

  • the prod­uct is char­ac­ter­ized by a fem­i­nine sil­hou­ette, tight­ly fit­ting the hips and smooth­ly expand­ing down­wards. The mod­el is ide­al for young ladies with a slen­der fig­ure, but own­ers of mag­nif­i­cent forms should be more care­ful with it;
  • tight-fit­ting wed­ding dress­es have a flat hem or con­tain a train that length­ens at the back;
  • “Fish” looks advan­ta­geous in lace or satin.
wedding dress fishwedding dress for the brideWhite wedding dress

Boho wedding dress

In recent sea­sons, the boho-style wed­ding dress has been extreme­ly pop­u­lar:

  • the prod­uct has sim­ple lacon­ic lines, but at the same time the orig­i­nal decor;
  • there are A‑silhouette styles, with a high waist line, where there is a smooth expan­sion down­wards;
  • the pres­ence of a tri­an­gu­lar neck­line, elon­gat­ed straight or flared sleeves is wel­come;
  • such wed­ding dress­es often con­tain embroi­dery done in the same shade as the col­or of the prod­uct or in approx­i­mate tones.
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Wedding dress-transformer

Vari­abil­i­ty in cre­at­ing images sug­gests a bride’s dress cre­at­ed in the form of a trans­former:

  • the prod­uct has a mini or maxi length. In both cas­es, a tight-fit­ting sil­hou­ette is pre­ferred;
  • an airy tulle skirt is put on top, which is locat­ed around the entire perime­ter or only in the back and side parts. In the lat­ter case, the bot­tom lay­er is pro­vid­ed for view­ing — a tight-fit­ting skirt;
  • the upper part is removed if nec­es­sary, so the bride gets the oppor­tu­ni­ty to change the image dur­ing the hol­i­day;
  • as for the col­or scheme, only a white wed­ding dress or a mul­ti-col­ored mod­el is allowed, where the upper and low­er skirts dif­fer in tone.
wedding dress transformerbride's dress

Midi wedding dress

A pop­u­lar vari­ety, which presents the most beau­ti­ful wed­ding dress­es, is a midi length thing:

  • often such mod­els are asso­ci­at­ed with retro style. The skirt in them has a “sun” or “semi-sun” cut, and the top is made open or con­tains sleeves;
  • Anoth­er inter­est­ing design vari­a­tion is a mod­el with a skirt made of tulle and rem­i­nis­cent of a tutu. The thing looks unique due to the airi­ness and lay­er­ing.
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Wedding dress with train

Brides who strive to embody a lux­u­ri­ous glam­orous look will appre­ci­ate beau­ti­ful wed­ding dress­es, com­ple­ment­ed by a train:

  • the mer­maid style looks unsur­passed, where the hip-hug­ging skirt smooth­ly expands down­wards and turns into an elon­gat­ed train. An inter­est­ing effect is cre­at­ed by the expan­sion in the back, giv­ing a slight splen­dor to the train;
  • girls who want to look like a fairy princess will appre­ci­ate a mag­nif­i­cent wed­ding dress with a train. The thing has a strong­ly flared cut in the low­er part, lay­er­ing and the use of a pet­ti­coat are allowed.
puffy wedding dress with a traintrain wedding dress

Greek wedding dress

A well-deserved recog­ni­tion of fash­ion­istas won a wed­ding dress in the Greek style:

  • a suc­cess­ful style is able to cor­rect cer­tain fig­ure flaws, for exam­ple, hide a pro­trud­ing bel­ly. This is achieved due to the high waist­line;
  • the top is made out at the indi­vid­ual dis­cre­tion of the new­ly­wed, the pres­ence of nar­row or wide straps, sleeves is allowed;
  • the asym­met­ri­cal top will look orig­i­nal, which con­tains a wide strap worn on one shoul­der;
  • notes of piquan­cy will bring a cut locat­ed in the cen­tral part or run­ning clear­ly along the leg.
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A‑line wedding dress

Unusu­al wed­ding dress­es with an A‑silhouette look fem­i­nine and sophis­ti­cat­ed:

  • a fea­ture of the mod­el is a skirt smooth­ly expand­ing from the waist area down­wards, cre­at­ing an exquis­ite flow­ing sil­hou­ette;
  • this design of the low­er part organ­i­cal­ly looks with a deep tri­an­gu­lar neck­line that opens the neck­line;
  • clas­sic wed­ding dress is made of silk, satin. Both a smooth fab­ric and a tulle lay­er or lace ele­ments locat­ed on top of it are wel­come.
wedding dress a silhouetteunusual wedding dressessparkly wedding dress

Glitter wedding dress

A tru­ly lux­u­ri­ous look has a chic wed­ding dress con­tain­ing a sparkling effect:

  • it is allowed to use fab­ric for sewing, the struc­ture of which con­tains sparkles;
  • anoth­er pop­u­lar way is embroi­dery with sequins, which are locat­ed on top of the mate­r­i­al;
  • sequins even­ly cov­er the entire sur­face of the prod­uct or are only in a cer­tain part, for exam­ple, in the bodice or skirt area.
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Lace wedding dress

Mod­ern wed­ding dress­es, for the man­u­fac­ture of which lace fab­ric is used, look gen­tle and roman­tic:

  • often open­work design implies the pres­ence of a dense non-translu­cent lay­er locat­ed under it;
  • the design looks inter­est­ing when lace stripes are used, for exam­ple, dec­o­rat­ing a corset or used in tai­lor­ing skirts;
  • lace can be placed on a trans­par­ent basis, act­ing as a kind of dec­o­ra­tive ele­ment. This design is often used in the design of the sleeves and neck­line.
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Wedding dress “minimalism”

Lovers of ele­gance and impec­ca­bil­i­ty will appre­ci­ate a wed­ding dress in the style of min­i­mal­ism:

  • a sim­ple solu­tion is to use a prod­uct with a straight sil­hou­ette “case”. The mod­el looks win-win on any type of fig­ure. Sophis­ti­ca­tion will give a fig­ured cutout in the upper part, slight­ly open­ing the neck­line and shoul­ders at the same time;
  • a lacon­ic style is also asso­ci­at­ed with a maxi-length thing, which has a straight or slight­ly expand­ing sil­hou­ette. The high­light of the image is a high slit run­ning down the leg.
wedding dress minimalismminimalist wedding dressWhite wedding dress

Long sleeve wedding dresses

For the cold sea­son, closed wed­ding dress­es with long sleeves will be a great solu­tion:

  • clas­sic exe­cu­tion is allowed when the sleeve is made straight and non-translu­cent;
  • sleeves made of translu­cent fab­ric and hav­ing a flared cut are asso­ci­at­ed with romance and airi­ness;
  • a pop­u­lar trend in recent sea­sons is lantern sleeves, gath­ered at the top. Details can freely go down or be stuck on cuffs. The arm­hole is made tra­di­tion­al or under­stat­ed, slight­ly open­ing the shoul­ders for view­ing.
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Wedding dress with open back

Open wed­ding dress­es with a neck­line locat­ed on the back are extreme­ly pop­u­lar:

  • to bal­ance the impres­sion, the front is often made closed or con­tains a shal­low neck­line;
  • the cutout on the back is round­ed or tri­an­gu­lar. It is allowed to make the back com­plete­ly open, while the fix­a­tion is car­ried out using thin strips of fab­ric that inter­sect with each oth­er;
  • an open back can be cov­ered with a trans­par­ent fab­ric that adds mys­tery to the image. The mate­r­i­al can go in a smooth design or con­tain open­work pat­terns that add extra flair.
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Retro style wedding dress

Lovers of the late­ly pop­u­lar retro style will appre­ci­ate the vin­tage wed­ding dress:

  • rel­e­vant midi length and flared skirt cut “sun”. Large flo­ral motifs can be embroi­dered along the hem;
  • retro-style is also asso­ci­at­ed with a maxi-length prod­uct with a but­ton-down but­ton-down top and elon­gat­ed sleeves
  • the epit­o­me of a vin­tage look will be the style of the case, made in a con­cise ver­sion.
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Short puffy wedding dress

For young fash­ion­istas and brides who want to demon­strate slen­der legs, wed­ding mini-dress­es equipped with a fluffy skirt are ide­al:

  • if you want to achieve a pro­nounced vol­ume, it is rec­om­mend­ed to pay atten­tion to mod­els with pet­ti­coats or mul­ti-lay­er options. The imi­ta­tion of a bal­let tutu looks orig­i­nal;
  • to bal­ance the lush bot­tom is the top with bare shoul­ders. Corset options, ban­deau bodice, low­ered shoul­der line in com­bi­na­tion with puffed sleeves are wel­come.
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Wedding dress with feathers

An extra­or­di­nary mem­o­rable bow will help to embody fash­ion­able wed­ding dress­es dec­o­rat­ed with feath­ers:

  • this ele­ment of decor can be used in a min­i­mal­ist ver­sion, for exam­ple, dec­o­rat­ing the upper edge of the bodice with them or mark­ing the bor­ders of the neck­line on the back;
  • A com­mon idea that pro­vides an oppor­tu­ni­ty to cre­ate a glam­orous look is to use abun­dant feath­er dec­o­ra­tion on the skirt. They even­ly cov­er the entire sur­face of the low­er part. The mul­ti-tiered effect looks espe­cial­ly impres­sive when flounces locat­ed one above the oth­er are formed with the help of feath­ers.
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Beach wedding dress

For a cel­e­bra­tion, sum­mer wed­ding dress­es will be an ide­al solu­tion:

  • The main cri­te­ri­on for cre­at­ing a thing is con­ve­nience. It is worth exclud­ing fluffy mul­ti-tiered skirts and giv­ing pref­er­ence to a flow­ing ver­sion smooth­ly descend­ing;
  • piquan­cy will add a cut pre­sent­ed in a sin­gle or dou­ble ver­sion;
  • cut pre­vails sim­ple and con­cise. If you want to give the image of romance, the pres­ence of a shut­tle­cock run­ning along the hem is allowed. Anoth­er option is an open shoul­der area and a shut­tle locat­ed in this area;
  • a thing with bare shoul­ders or back will organ­i­cal­ly fit into a beach wed­ding, espe­cial­ly if the bride can demon­strate a beau­ti­ful tan.
beach wedding dresssummer wedding dresseshow to choose a wedding dress

Wedding slip dress

A styl­ish trend of recent sea­sons is a satin wed­ding dress, made in linen style and known as a “com­bi­na­tion”:

  • the cut is dom­i­nat­ed by a straight or slight­ly expand­ing down­wards, the length is used maxi or midi;
  • showi­ness will give a cut run­ning along the leg and locat­ed in the lat­er­al region;
  • the top is made with thin straps, slight­ly open­ing the shoul­ders, focus­ing on the neck­line;
  • the com­bi­na­tion is allowed to be worn as an inde­pen­dent piece of cloth­ing, but there are also options that are com­bined with a cape made of the same mate­r­i­al.
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Colored wedding dresses

Orig­i­nal wed­ding dress­es made in col­or will help to express indi­vid­ual style:

  • an inter­est­ing inter­pre­ta­tion of the clas­sics will be mod­els cre­at­ed not in the tra­di­tion­al snow-white shade, but in light del­i­cate col­ors, such as light blue, soft pink, ivory, mut­ed laven­der, mint;
  • an inter­est­ing solu­tion would be a gra­di­ent effect, applied main­ly in the low­er part, when one del­i­cate shade smooth­ly flows into anoth­er;
  • mul­ti-col­ored flo­ral embroi­dery is allowed, run­ning along the hem and bring­ing zest to the image;
  • dar­ing brides can opt for flashy col­ors like red or aqua­ma­rine. This design pre­vails in the orga­ni­za­tion of themed wed­dings.
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