Wedding hairstyles 2021 - a selection of modern ideas for different hair

Any girl wants to look beau­ti­ful at the main cel­e­bra­tion of her life. To embody the image, thought out to the small­est detail, will help wed­ding hair­styles in 2021, designed to become its organ­ic com­po­nent. The styl­ists did their best and pre­sent­ed to the atten­tion of the brides a vari­ety of styling vari­a­tions for dif­fer­ent hair lengths.

Wedding hairstyle — trends 2021

Unsur­passed images will help you cre­ate well-cho­sen hair­styles for the wed­ding of 2021. The cur­rent trend for nat­ur­al beau­ty. Brides should remem­ber the fol­low­ing nuances that the styling must com­ply with:

  • empha­sizes the advan­tages and masks the short­com­ings;
  • does not cause dis­com­fort to the girl;
  • looks as nat­ur­al as pos­si­ble. Do not make mul­ti-lev­el tow­ers on your head;
  • styl­ists advise choos­ing either absolute­ly smooth hair or waves. Doing sev­er­al curled strands is not rel­e­vant;
  • it is rec­om­mend­ed to take every­day as a basis for styling. These are sim­ple tails, and knots, and braids.
wedding hairstyle trends 2021wedding hairstyles 2021wedding hairstyles for the bride

Wedding hairstyles with a veil

A hair­style for a wed­ding with a veil, which is an impor­tant attribute of a solemn image, enjoys con­stant pop­u­lar­i­ty. With the help of an acces­so­ry, it is allowed to cor­rect facial imper­fec­tions. The trend is such styling:

  • with loose curls. For embod­i­ment, you need to care­ful­ly twist the strands. Get a gen­tle and fem­i­nine look. It is allowed to com­ple­ment the waves with a dia­dem or tiara;
  • with tied hair. The com­po­si­tion comes out grace­ful and ten­der;
  • a bun­dle that is made low or high, relaxed or tight,
  • wed­ding hair­styles 2021 with braids or braids. Per­fect­ly com­bined with lacon­ic acces­sories;
  • the veil can be placed high, com­ple­ment­ed by a veil descend­ing over the eyes;
  • the oppo­site trend is an acces­so­ry locat­ed below, under the assem­bled styling, made in the form of a tail or a beam;
  • the col­lect­ed vari­eties are allowed to be cov­ered with a veil, cre­at­ing an atmos­phere of mys­tery. A sim­i­lar design is used in the pres­ence of loose curls.
wedding hairstyles with veilwedding hairstyle with veiltrendy wedding hairstyles 2021

Wedding hairstyles without a veil

For brides who want to show­case healthy shiny curls in full glo­ry, a wed­ding hair­style with­out a veil is suit­able. In this case, it is allowed to choose the fol­low­ing types of styling:

  • loosen your hair and curl it slight­ly, weave a beau­ti­ful flower bud;
  • col­lect straight or wavy strands in a high or low tail;
  • long curls gath­ered in a bun. These are inde­pen­dent wed­ding hair­styles for the bride, look­ing per­fect with­out a veil;
  • vari­a­tion with an abun­dance of knots and weaves, the addi­tion of beau­ti­ful acces­sories is wel­come;
  • short hair is allowed to dec­o­rate with a feath­er or a wreath of plants;
  • on short and medi­um curls, styling with free strands looks great.
wedding hairstyles without veilwedding hairstyle without veileasy wedding hairstyles

Hairstyle for long hair for a wedding

Hair­styles for long hair for a bride’s wed­ding will help to ful­ly show her imag­i­na­tion. The fol­low­ing vari­eties are jus­ti­fi­ably pop­u­lar:

  1. high beam. A beau­ti­ful fem­i­nine option that fits per­fect­ly into a solemn image;
  2. Dutch braid that looks volu­mi­nous and lux­u­ri­ous. It is allowed to add weav­ing with ele­gant acces­sories;
  3. lush curls, which are rec­om­mend­ed to be com­bined with dis­creet out­fits. The main thing is not to over­load the image with an abun­dance of details;
  4. all kinds of tails. It is allowed to make low or high, with and with­out an elas­tic band. The image will turn out to be fes­tive and prac­ti­cal, pro­vid­ing an oppor­tu­ni­ty not to wor­ry about updat­ing the styling.
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wedding hairstyles for long hairbeautiful wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles for medium length

A uni­ver­sal win-win option is wed­ding hair­styles for medi­um length hair, pre­sent­ed in the fol­low­ing inter­pre­ta­tions:

  • a bunch on the side is suit­able for those who want to stand out and who are tired of the stan­dard options;
  • free shell. The fash­ion for a smooth ver­sion has passed, it is rec­om­mend­ed to make it delib­er­ate­ly care­less. A strik­ing exam­ple is the char­ac­ter Kris­ten Stew­art in Twi­light;
  • trendy wed­ding hair­styles 2021 in the Greek style. A favorite of girls who love acces­sories. Looks per­fect on brunettes with strict caret;
  • in boho style. A good choice for those who like nat­ur­al and nat­ur­al motifs.
wedding hairstyles for medium lengthwedding hairstyles for medium length hairtrendy wedding hairstyles 2021

Hairstyles for short hair for a wedding bride

For own­ers of short strands, wed­ding hair­styles for very short hair are designed, pre­sent­ed in such design vari­a­tions:

  • in retro style. It is allowed to style your hair with waves made in the Hol­ly­wood style and add a lit­tle satin;
  • with wide bands. The shade of the acces­so­ry should be com­bined with make­up and out­fit;
  • combed back hair. It is allowed to make a pile and com­bine it with curls;
  • bridal short hair­styles 2021 in rock style. A great option for lovers of dar­ing images who want to stand out from the crowd.
wedding hairstyles for short hairwedding hairstyles for very short hair

Wedding hairstyles with bangs

Unique­ness in the image can bring hair­styles for a wed­ding with bangs. There are such com­mon types of styling:

  • with bangs on the side. It is allowed to add a detail to a free tail, bun or weav­ing. The main thing is to beau­ti­ful­ly lay the bangs to look per­fect;
  • with very long bangs. Option for brave girls. It goes well with a short skirt of a fes­tive fluffy dress or a sheath dress;
  • bangs on the sides. If the part has grown a lit­tle, it is allowed to try to visu­al­ly increase the vol­ume of curls in the upper part of the head with its help.
wedding hairstyles with bangswedding hairstyles for the bridewedding hairstyles with bangs

Wedding hairstyles on a square

Kare is a hair­cut loved by many, which pro­vides an oppor­tu­ni­ty to embody a vari­ety of hol­i­day styling:

  • roman­tic curls. Ide­al for the image of the bride. Curls are made either on one side, or on both. For fix­ing it is con­ve­nient to use var­nish;
  • curls on the back of the head. Fix curls with var­nish or hair­pins;
  • lush hair­styles on a square for a wed­ding, to cre­ate which it is rec­om­mend­ed to wind curlers along the entire length of the hair. Curls are fixed with any styling tool;
  • vari­a­tions with fleece on the square, which are fixed with styling prod­ucts;
  • fans of retro style are allowed to style in the style of the twen­ties and thir­ties.
bridal hairstylesbob hairstyles for weddingwedding hairstyles 2021

Collected hairstyles for the wedding

Prac­ti­cal­i­ty and con­ve­nience are char­ac­ter­ized by col­lect­ed wed­ding hair­styles, pre­sent­ed in such inter­pre­ta­tions:

  • care­less low bun, which is allowed to be slight­ly disheveled;
  • high fluffy bun. If your hair is not enough, it is allowed to use over­head strands;
  • low volu­mi­nous bun with weav­ing. Easy instal­la­tion;
  • with veil and wreaths. Looks great and options with diadems;
  • in Greek style. One of the best choic­es for cel­e­bra­tions;
  • asym­met­ric styling. A good option for girls who have cho­sen a one-shoul­der dress.
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collected hairstyles for the weddingassembled wedding hairstyleswedding hairstyle trends 2021

Wedding hairstyles with loose hair

Loose wed­ding hair­styles, offered in the fol­low­ing vari­a­tions of exe­cu­tion, will help to embody a del­i­cate fem­i­nine look:

  • straight hair styling. Ide­al for own­ers of any length of strands;
  • light curls that look har­mo­nious will help to give visu­al splen­dor;
  • side lay­ing. Bright and styl­ish option that will high­light the bride;
  • big waves. Help to cre­ate a nat­ur­al and gen­tle image;
  • Greek styling with loose curls, which brings grace­ful notes;
  • Hol­ly­wood waves. Styl­ish and ele­gant solu­tion asso­ci­at­ed with retro style.
bridal hairstyles with loose hairloose wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles for blondes

Any bride wants to cre­ate an image that will help her remem­ber for a long time. Light col­ors dif­fer in some fea­tures. When choos­ing wed­ding hair­styles, blondes should pay atten­tion to the fol­low­ing points:

  • if the hair is long, then it is rec­om­mend­ed to sim­ply make curls that will hang freely. The vol­ume looks extreme­ly beau­ti­ful;
  • any styling should com­ple­ment the entire image. A volu­mi­nous styling is select­ed for a fluffy dress, while for oth­ers it is allowed to make a care­less bun or a large wave;
  • full girls are bet­ter off opt­ing for lush details, and a slop­py bun is ide­al for chub­by girls;
  • do not be afraid of bouf­fant and curls. With the help of tech­niques, the hair is giv­en a beau­ti­ful shape. How­ev­er, small curls are not rec­om­mend­ed, espe­cial­ly if the hair is short.
blonde wedding hairstyleswedding hairstyles for blondeswedding hairstyles without veil

Wedding hairstyles for red hair

Red hair will present in a win­ning light light wed­ding hair­styles, made in the fol­low­ing vari­a­tions:

  • with dec­o­ra­tions on a flo­ral theme: wreaths, buds, thin twigs;
  • it is allowed to make com­plex styling — a shell, a bunch or a vari­ant with unusu­al weav­ing. A high pony­tail with flow­ers woven into it looks per­fect;
  • col­lect­ed vari­a­tions are suit­able for medi­um length hair. When per­form­ing them, it is impor­tant not to make the styling too smooth and neat;
  • calm waves and wreaths of flow­ers are suit­able for short hair.
wedding hairstyles for red haireasy wedding hairstylestrendy wedding hairstyles 2021

Wedding hairstyles for dark hair

Dark hair looks incred­i­bly impres­sive, espe­cial­ly if it is long. It is worth con­sid­er­ing the fol­low­ing beau­ti­ful hair­styles for the wed­ding:

  • with diadems. It is allowed to dis­solve the hair if the strands are shiny and healthy. A shiny acces­so­ry stands out against the back­ground of dark curls;
  • oblique asym­met­ric bangs are allowed to be laid to one side and twist­ed near the tem­ple. If the bangs are straight, then it is rec­om­mend­ed to leave it like that and not over­load the image with details;
  • a great option — styling with­out a veil and with fresh flow­ers, which looks fem­i­nine and gen­tle;
  • a side braid is a pop­u­lar option that can be acces­sorized with your choice of acces­sories.
wedding hairstyles for dark hairbeautiful wedding hairstyles

Hairstyles with a crown for a wedding

The crown is a beau­ti­ful acces­so­ry that will har­mo­nious­ly com­ple­ment the image of the bride. Styl­ists offer such wed­ding hair­styles with a dia­dem:

  • loose curls, col­lect­ed vari­eties. A minia­ture crown and a lacon­ic dress are select­ed for com­plex styling. The image should not be over­loaded with unnec­es­sary details;
  • in the pres­ence of long lush curls, it is allowed to choose a dia­dem with an abun­dance of decor, which will organ­i­cal­ly fit into the over­all com­po­si­tion. If the strands are short or thin by nature, it is advis­able to use an addi­tion in the form of an ele­gant crown made in a min­i­mal­ist design.
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wedding crown hairstyleswedding hairstyles with diadem

Wedding hairstyle “tail”

A com­mon idea is a pony­tail hair­style for a wed­ding:

  • unde­ni­able advan­tage — ease of exe­cu­tion. The strands are col­lect­ed at the top or bot­tom and fixed with var­i­ous acces­sories;
  • the tail looks beau­ti­ful with curls. There are vari­a­tions with large curls or fine­ly curled curls;
  • it is impor­tant to remem­ber the trend for nat­u­ral­ness. Too smooth, “licked” pony­tail will not look too beau­ti­ful.
ponytail bridal hairstyleponytail hairstyle for weddingcollected hairstyles for the wedding

Greek hairstyle for a wedding

The Greek wed­ding hair­style looks ele­gant and sophis­ti­cat­ed:

  • to cre­ate all kinds of acces­sories are used in com­bi­na­tion with curls. It is allowed to sup­ple­ment such styling with wreaths, fresh flow­ers or tiaras;
  • Greek vari­eties include a high or low tail, a bunch dec­o­rat­ed with a wreath made on the appro­pri­ate theme.
greek hairstyle for weddinggreek wedding hairstylehairstyle for long hair for wedding

Wedding hairstyle with flowers

A fem­i­nine image will help to embody beau­ti­ful wed­ding hair­styles dec­o­rat­ed with flow­ers:

  • it is advis­able to choose liv­ing plants that look fresh and har­mo­nious. The shade must nec­es­sar­i­ly match the col­or of the dress or shade of make­up. Such an image will be bal­anced and neat;
  • a large flower is allowed to be woven in a sin­gle ver­sion on the side;
  • a pop­u­lar design is a wreath con­sist­ing of small del­i­cate flow­ers and organ­i­cal­ly fits into the boho style.
wedding hairstyle with flowersbeautiful wedding hairstyleswedding hairstyles for long hair

Wedding hairstyles with braids

Using weav­ing is a pop­u­lar tech­nique to help cre­ate easy hair­styles for a wed­ding:

  • Lush hair­styles look beau­ti­ful with acces­sories woven into them%
  • the braid can be wrapped around the head, there­by mak­ing the col­lect­ed styling. It is allowed to sup­ple­ment it with a dia­dem or flow­ers;
  • pig­tails braid­ed on the sides will become a har­mo­nious ele­ment of half-loose vari­a­tions;
  • in the pres­ence of thick curls, a French braid with strands stretched on the sides, giv­ing vol­ume, will be an excel­lent solu­tion.
wedding hairstyles with braidseasy wedding hairstyles

wedding hairstyle afro curls

If the bride wants to look orig­i­nal, styl­ists advise pay­ing atten­tion to afro curls. Wed­ding hair­styles for curly hair look catchy and give orig­i­nal­i­ty:

  • for greater bright­ness, it is rec­om­mend­ed to use arti­fi­cial col­ored strands that are woven into the bulk of the hair;
  • the details nec­es­sar­i­ly echo the attrib­ut­es of the fes­tive attire, match­ing in tone;
  • a sim­ple solu­tion is to make a scat­ter­ing of small curls and gath­er on the sides;
  • afro curls are per­fect to col­lect strands in a volu­mi­nous bun­dle, into which flo­ral ele­ments of rich shades are woven;
  • curls are per­fect for com­ple­ment­ing lacon­ic out­fits — mini-style dress­es “case” or midi trape­zoidal cut.
bridal hairstyle afro curlswedding hairstyles 2021wedding hairstyles for curly hair