Wedding manicure for the bride - beautiful ideas for stylish and trendy nail designs

Every new­ly­wed wants to be at her best on the most impor­tant hol­i­day of her life. In addi­tion to the dress and hair­style, the wed­ding man­i­cure for the bride plays an impor­tant role in the image. The styl­ists did their best and devel­oped var­i­ous vari­a­tions of the design of nail art. Girls will choose a design that will har­mo­nious­ly com­ple­ment the out­fit.

Wedding manicure ideas for the bride

Mas­ters offer all kinds of man­i­cure ideas for the bride, among which are the fol­low­ing:

  • nail art is not nec­es­sar­i­ly pre­sent­ed in white. The dress is often com­ple­ment­ed by bright accent details. In this case, the design con­tains ele­ments in an iden­ti­cal shade;
  • the tra­di­tion­al solu­tion is a clas­sic jack­et, which has addi­tions in the form of pat­terns;
  • there are new inter­pre­ta­tions of moon nail art or reverse jack­et, which high­lights the strip around the nail in the form of a smile;
  • beau­ti­ful wed­ding man­i­cure for the bride is often pre­sent­ed in nude shades. If desired, it is allowed to add bright accents to the nude.
wedding manicure ideas for the bridebridal manicure ideas

Wedding manicure for short nails for the bride

The bride’s man­i­cure on short nails looks ele­gant and gen­tle:

  • Don’t skimp on decor. An excel­lent option would be a rain­bow rub, which looks bright, fes­tive and roman­tic at the same time;
  • the nude ver­sion of the coat­ing can be trans­formed using foil or cre­at­ing a cob­web in sil­ver;
  • to empha­size the ten­der­ness of the cel­e­bra­tion, it is rec­om­mend­ed to turn to soft base tones: beige, creme brulee or milk choco­late. Light pat­terns in the form of open­work or feath­ers, which are made in sil­ver, become an addi­tion;
  • on a short form, a col­ored French jack­et is wel­come, blue or pink shades with a trans­par­ent base will be rel­e­vant. As an alter­na­tive, it is allowed to turn to a two-tone jack­et with tones of a sim­i­lar col­or scheme;
  • wed­ding short man­i­cure for the bride is empha­sized with light black con­tour paint­ings or glit­ter rub;
  • to cre­ate a kind of romance, it is allowed to turn to hearts in the style of kid­style or a vari­ant of an ele­gant­ly exe­cut­ed design using con­fet­ti or bouil­lon;
  • light inscrip­tions made in sweep­ing hand­writ­ing are wel­come;
  • on a short length, an ombre with sparkles is often cre­at­ed. A light base is cho­sen, large rhine­stones are used as decor.
wedding manicure for short nails for the bridebridal manicure on short nails

Wedding manicure for long nails for the bride

A wed­ding long man­i­cure for the bride will pro­vide an oppor­tu­ni­ty to ful­ly show your imag­i­na­tion:

  • the decor “groom and bride” will become a unique design. Recre­ation on paired nails of an imi­ta­tion of the col­lar of the groom’s white shirt along with a jack­et is used, a sim­i­lar­i­ty of a dress with a neck­line and beads;
  • the base is often cre­at­ed from a vel­vet cov­er and com­ple­ment­ed by pat­terns, the trend looks amaz­ing on the almond shape;
  • in the trend of paint­ing, made in an open­work ver­sion;
  • the clas­sic in the form of a jack­et is rel­e­vant. Man­i­cure for the wed­ding of the bride is done in the usu­al heli­um ver­sion or sup­ple­ment­ed with paint­ing or bouil­lon;
  • moon nail art remains out of com­pe­ti­tion. For the base coat, a moth­er-of-pearl base with trans­par­ent holes is used;
  • the pyra­mi­dal way of lay­ing out rhine­stones looks great.
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wedding manicure for long nails for the bridebride wedding manicure

Wedding manicure almond shape for the bride

The embod­i­ment of sophis­ti­ca­tion and fem­i­nin­i­ty — an almond-shaped man­i­cure for a bride’s wed­ding:

  • when cre­at­ing, pas­tel and nude palettes are often com­bined. It is allowed to add lace, peb­bles, pearls, a lit­tle glit­ter and foil to such a base;
  • The design with mold­ing looks unsur­passed. Flo­ral motifs can add romance to the image, nail art is per­formed using del­i­cate and pow­dery tones;
  • the design with holes will be calm and attrac­tive. Lunar nail art is com­ple­ment­ed by rhine­stones, foil.
wedding manicure almond shape for the bridealmond shaped manicure for a bride's wedding

Wedding manicure oval for the bride

For girls who pre­fer a clas­sic style, a wed­ding man­i­cure for an oval-shaped bride is ide­al:

  • for dec­o­ra­tion, it is allowed to lay out gems along the cuti­cle, and only one nail can be used;
  • a beau­ti­ful solu­tion would be a rain­bow nail design, the coat­ing has a reflec­tive effect;
  • on a pas­tel or nude base, it is allowed to use gold or sil­ver stripes;
  • A great idea for a fes­tive day would be trans­par­ent nails with the addi­tion of sil­ver sand or an ombre man­i­cure of the bride with a lot of glit­ter.
wedding manicure oval for the bride

Wedding manicure for a sharp shape for the bride

Seduc­tive notes are acquired by a beau­ti­ful man­i­cure for the bride, made on a sharp form:

  • it is allowed to turn to flo­ral motifs, these are dif­fer­ent flow­ers, twigs or leaves;
  • flo­ral pat­terns look amaz­ing on beige tones, yel­low, lilac back­ground or fuch­sia;
  • glit­ter options will help cre­ate sparkles or con­fet­ti on your nails. It is allowed to use glit­ter;
  • a touch of lux­u­ry will be acquired by a wed­ding man­i­cure with gel pol­ish for the bride, cre­at­ed with pearls, rhine­stones and met­al inserts. Min­i­mal­ism is in fash­ion, so it is rec­om­mend­ed to apply this design on one or more fin­gers.
wedding manicure on a sharp shape for the bridebeautiful manicure for the bride

Wedding manicure on a soft square for the bride

A vari­ety of vari­a­tions are pre­sent­ed wed­ding man­i­cure on square nails for the bride:

  • Nude option shows max­i­mum nat­u­ral­ness. To slight­ly trans­form this option, you should turn to a mat­te top or add a small amount of rhine­stones or glit­ter;
  • in the ombre trend, which is cre­at­ed using a com­bi­na­tion of pale pink and beige;
  • Don’t give up French. Mod­ern brides often com­ple­ment this option with rhine­stones on one or two nails;
  • lace will look har­mo­nious with a clas­sic jack­et. Mono­grams wrig­gle grace­ful­ly and look fem­i­nine and roman­tic;
  • when rubbed, nails look like pearls. The design is suit­able for lovers of min­i­mal­ism, because the effect is inter­est­ing in itself and does not require addi­tions;
  • the square shape is per­fect for a mar­ble pat­tern. These are thin unob­tru­sive lines that stand out advan­ta­geous­ly against the main back­ground;
  • as a decor, it is allowed to use gen­tle words, hearts, orig­i­nal inscrip­tions;
  • do not for­get about the sand effect nail art, which is cre­at­ed using vel­vety pow­der.
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wedding manicure on a soft square for the bridewedding manicure on square nails for the bride

Wedding manicure “ballerina” for the bride

An orig­i­nal and beau­ti­ful wed­ding man­i­cure for the bride is cre­at­ed on the form of a “bal­le­ri­na”:

  • mono­phon­ic cov­er­age in nude or pas­tel col­ors is wel­come. To give a bright effect, the ring fin­ger is allowed to be com­plete­ly cov­ered with sparkles;
  • the jack­et looks amaz­ing on this form, where the mid­dle is lined with rhine­stones;
  • nails are com­ple­ment­ed by open­work pat­terns on the ring fin­ger or on all nail plates;
  • nail art with a mir­ror fin­ish looks great, attract­ing admir­ing glances.
wedding manicure ballerina for the bridebeautiful wedding manicure for the bride

Nude wedding manicure for the bride

Nat­u­ral­ness and nat­u­ral­ness dic­tates a wed­ding nude man­i­cure for the bride, because this is a palette of shades that are giv­en by nature:

  • nude design involves cov­er­ing the plate with beige, milky or nat­ur­al pink;
  • glit­ter with sparkles on one or more nails looks espe­cial­ly beau­ti­ful;
  • a hit will be the use of rub­bing, which helps to cre­ate a mir­ror or chrome nail art;
  • the leader among the draw­ings on the nails is cre­ative geom­e­try;
  • the sand effect is pop­u­lar when the nails become dull and rough;
  • on a nude back­ground, refined and ele­gant pat­terns are wel­comed, which are made par­al­lel, crossed;
  • A sim­ple wed­ding man­i­cure for the bride goes well with foil, which is applied to the nails in the form of prints.
Nude wedding manicure for the bridewedding nude manicure for the bride

White manicure of the bride

With the help of a snow-white coat­ing, a gen­tle man­i­cure for the wed­ding of the bride is embod­ied:

  • nail art shows fresh­ness, puri­ty and puri­ty. By tra­di­tion, white col­or is com­ple­ment­ed by trans­par­ent var­nish­es, pas­tel shades;
  • among the vari­eties of dec­o­ra­tion, it is worth turn­ing to sequins, rhine­stones and lace;
  • the design on the nails repeats the ele­ments that are used in the design of the cel­e­bra­tion, for exam­ple, a vari­ety of flower options that are present in the bride’s bou­quet.
white bridal manicuregentle manicure for the bride's wedding

Red manicure for the bride’s wedding

Lux­u­ri­ous and seduc­tive notes are acquired by a wed­ding red man­i­cure for the bride:

  • The clas­sic option would be to cov­er the nails with a plain var­nish. In this case, it is allowed to choose one of the many shades of red, which will suit the skin tone, the col­or of lip­stick or oth­er acces­sories;
  • it is impor­tant to select only one fin­ger and make an artis­tic paint­ing on it, and cov­er the rest of the plates with red var­nish. The main thing is not to go too far with the design, it should not be defi­ant.
Red wedding manicure for the bridewedding red manicure for the bride

Wedding ombre manicure for the bride

Trendy design vari­a­tion — wed­ding gra­di­ent man­i­cure for the bride:

  • ombre in pas­tel or nude col­ors remains out of com­pe­ti­tion;
  • the gra­di­ent is often com­ple­ment­ed with sequins, beads or rhine­stones to add sophis­ti­ca­tion and orig­i­nal­i­ty;
  • a great idea would be to use a nude and soft pink shade. For dec­o­ra­tion, it is allowed to use gold sequins or a gold­en rub.
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wedding manicure ombre for the bridewedding manicure gradient for the bride

Wedding French manicure for the bride

An exquis­ite clas­sic that does not go out of fash­ion is a French man­i­cure for a bride’s wed­ding:

  • the tra­di­tion­al solu­tion is a nude base and a snow-white tip;
  • French ombre is pop­u­lar, in which one tone, denot­ing a “smile”, smooth­ly flows into anoth­er, designed to dec­o­rate the base;
  • if you want to add shine to the image, it is rec­om­mend­ed to stretch with sparkles con­cen­trat­ed in the tip area and decreas­ing towards the base of the nail;
  • new inter­pre­ta­tions are wel­come — a jack­et with a beveled “smile” line, dou­ble or triple design;
  • the embod­i­ment of fem­i­nin­i­ty is a jack­et con­tain­ing lace mono­grams.
wedding manicure French for the brideFrench manicure for the bride's wedding

Wedding manicure with roses for the bride

A del­i­cate wed­ding man­i­cure for the bride con­tain­ing flow­ers will per­fect­ly fit into the fes­tive con­cept:

  • for a boho-style event, nail art is ide­al, made with a scat­ter­ing of small daisies and one rose locat­ed on the ring fin­ger;
  • an accent detail will be a rose made using mod­el­ing;
  • flow­ers are made in del­i­cate white and pink tones or in tra­di­tion­al red.
wedding manicure with roses for the bride

Wedding manicure with lace for the bride

The man­i­cure for the bride is invari­ably rel­e­vant, the design for the wed­ding of which con­tains lace ele­ments:

  • an open­work pat­tern even­ly cov­ers all nails or is used to dec­o­rate some plates;
  • on elon­gat­ed nails, a lace jack­et looks unsur­passed, where open­work ele­ments are locat­ed at the tips, and the base is made pas­tel or trans­par­ent;
  • a white lace orna­ment can be placed on a trans­par­ent, nude back­ground or on a bright sat­u­rat­ed one.
wedding manicure with lace for the bridebride manicure design for wedding

Pink manicure of the bride

Roman­ti­cal­ly inclined per­sons will appre­ci­ate the beau­ti­ful man­i­cure for the wed­ding of the bride, made in pink:

  • for the coat­ing, a pre­dom­i­nant­ly soft pink var­nish is cho­sen, pre­sent­ed in a glossy or mat­te ver­sion. Bold girls will pre­fer bright col­ors close to rasp­ber­ry;
  • a great solu­tion — a pearl rub with a pink­ish under­tone;
  • pink marigolds will organ­i­cal­ly dec­o­rate a scat­ter­ing of small sparkles;
  • rose dec­o­ra­tion is a pop­u­lar decor, which is advis­able to place on a snow-white or trans­par­ent back­ground.
pink bridal manicureBeautiful wedding manicure for the bride

Blue manicure for the bride

For a themed wed­ding where blue shades are used, the bride’s man­i­cure design, made in the appro­pri­ate col­or, is suit­able:

  • decor made in white will help bal­ance the sat­u­ra­tion of the aqua­ma­rine coat­ing. An excel­lent exam­ple is the open­work orna­ments applied to the blue base;
  • a blue-white jack­et looks har­mo­nious, dur­ing the cre­ation of which the tips and holes stand out with snow-white var­nish;
  • it is allowed to dec­o­rate nail art with blue rhine­stones.
blue manicure for the bridebride manicure design

Wedding manicure with rhinestones for the bride

A pop­u­lar decor that com­ple­ments the bride’s fes­tive man­i­cure is trans­par­ent or mul­ti-col­ored rhine­stones:

  • a sim­ple way is to select one nail, com­plete­ly cov­er­ing it with small peb­bles;
  • an inter­est­ing solu­tion — fill­ing the main space with rhine­stones, the mid­dle remains smooth and is made in the form of a cer­tain fig­ure, for exam­ple, a heart;
  • crowns, stripes locat­ed in dif­fer­ent direc­tions are laid out with peb­bles.
wedding manicure with rhinestones for the bridefestive manicure of the bride