What, what, and will accept and super­sti­tions asso­ci­at­ed with the wed­ding, our ances­tors left us with a sur­plus. One can only imag­ine how good it was before mar­ried to cou­ples who have ful­filled sev­er­al dozens of all sorts of con­ven­tions for luck”. We are in Chan­fash­ion We are sure that it is far from rit­u­als that bring hap­pi­ness to a hus­band and wife. But if you pre­fer to be care­ful, or want to reas­sure the old­er gen­er­a­tion — catch an arti­cle about wed­ding signs. Just remem­ber: don’t read with­out a smile!

You’ve prob­a­bly heard that you should­n’t let any­one try on your wed­ding rings. And your shoes on the wed­ding day should be closed and with­out laces. You will also need to have four spe­cial things with you on your wed­ding day. Some new, some old, some for­eign and some blue. But on this grand­moth­er so it is nec­es­sary” do not end! And don’t even try to fig­ure out why it needs to be that way. Now we will list a lot of tra­di­tion­al con­ven­tions for you, and if you wish, you can choose the most attrac­tive ones for you and your loved one. Fol­low them and reas­sure your­self and your rel­a­tives: you are guar­an­teed many years of a hap­py mar­riage!

On the eve of the wedding

  • Even if the new­ly­weds have been liv­ing togeth­er for more than a year, they must spend the night before the wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny sep­a­rate­ly from each oth­er. Often the bride goes to be bored, or rather to sleep, to her par­ents. If she wants to stay in her apart­ment, the groom leaves.
  • If in the fam­i­ly of the future wife on the eve of the wed­ding day some­one sneezed — to a strong and hap­py mar­riage.
  • In antic­i­pa­tion of a hap­py day, the bride is for­bid­den to knit things for her beloved. The sign says that such an occu­pa­tion, albeit with the best of inten­tions, will lead to the break­ing of mar­riage ties.
  • There is a super­sti­tion that just before the wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny, the bride and groom should not take pic­tures togeth­er.
  • As you can see, hap­pi­ness is wait­ing for the young, at whose hol­i­day there are an odd num­ber of invi­tees. It is strict­ly for­bid­den to dress guests in black.
  • It is bet­ter to choose an unmar­ried girl as a brides­maid, and the groom’s friend must be sin­gle, oth­er­wise the mar­riage will be frag­ile.

On the wedding day

  • It is cus­tom­ary to show­er new­ly­weds on the way from the entrance to the car with mil­let, wheat, rice, small coins, sweets and rose petals. So that fam­i­ly life is rich, sweet, beau­ti­ful and pros­per­ous.
  • Dri­ving up to Zagsthe young car honks loud­ly — it scares and dri­ves away all evil spir­its, which means peace and tran­quil­i­ty are promised in the fam­i­ly!
  • Rain and snow on your wed­ding day should be sin­cere­ly rejoic­ing, because they say the road to fam­i­ly life is clean. And the bride is not threat­ened to return to her par­ents with a bro­ken heart.
  • New­ly­weds, when they go to the cer­e­mo­ny, it is impor­tant to be atten­tive. Do not let any­one cross your path — this is for future betray­als, do not stum­ble over the thresh­old — this is for quar­rels and dis­agree­ments.
  • Break­ing the loaf, the new­ly­weds take the top for them­selves, and the guests should eat the rest of the bread — to the finan­cial well-being of the cou­ple.
  • At the wed­ding, you need to blow out the can­dles strict­ly at the same time — in order to live hap­pi­ly ever after, and die on the same day.
  • After drink­ing cham­pagne from wed­ding glass­es, they should be smashed to smithereens for hap­pi­ness. And accord­ing to a sign, the frag­ments can reveal to the young the secret of the sex of their unborn child: small frag­ments — to the daugh­ter, large ones — to the son.
  • If, after paint­ing, the hus­band and wife look togeth­er in a large mir­ror, their faces will radi­ate hap­pi­ness for many years, they say.

Signs regarding the wedding dress

  • Wednes­day is con­sid­ered a good day for try­ing on and buy­ing dress­es and veils, and it is bet­ter to plan the choice of shoes on Fri­day.
  • Accord­ing to the sign, the bride must choose the out­fit whole. To be at a wed­ding in a corset and skirt — to a sep­a­rate life.
  • The bride’s under­wear is snow-white, as a sym­bol of fideli­ty.
  • In no case should the bride appear to her future spouse in a wed­ding dress until X day.
  • Super­sti­tion also for­bids the bride to look in the mir­ror in the com­plet­ed wed­ding image. I want to admire myself — you need to remove any detail of cloth­ing, and the eas­i­est way is to put the bou­quet aside. If you believe the sign, see­ing her­self in all her glo­ry, the bride runs the risk of being left alone after the wed­ding.
  • If the dress has but­tons, their num­ber must be an even num­ber — to the agree­ment between the spous­es. But if there are no fas­ten­ers at all in the wed­ding dress, an easy birth awaits the young wife, accord­ing to leg­end.
  • Pearl jew­el­ry should not be worn on a wed­ding day — this is to tears, our great-grand­moth­ers said.
  • The groom needs to put a coin in his right shoe and let him walk with it all the wed­ding day. Corn, of course, is pro­vid­ed for him, but, accord­ing to super­sti­tion, the spous­es will have plen­ty of mon­ey!

At a banquet

  • At the wed­ding ban­quet, the new­ly-made hus­band and wife should sit not just side by side, but on a com­mon bench. Our great-grand­moth­ers believed that this was the key to a long and friend­ly fam­i­ly life.
  • Hav­ing laid a fur coat on the bench of a cou­ple, also with fur up, they believed that they were attract­ing wealth to a young fam­i­ly.
  • Be sure to put two bot­tles of cham­pagne tight­ly tied togeth­er with a beau­ti­ful rib­bon on the ban­quet table. After the hol­i­day, the bot­tles are tak­en home and stored. The first tra­di­tion requires drink­ing on the anniver­sary of the wed­ding, and the sec­ond — on the birth of the first child.
  • Dur­ing the ban­quet, young peo­ple should not leave drinks in glass­es — you need to drink to the bot­tom. The sign says that the rem­nants of wine or cham­pagne in the glass­es of the young — to tears in mar­ried life.
  • You also need to cut the wed­ding cake cor­rect­ly. The bride cuts, the groom holds her hand with a knife. She puts the first piece to him, then he to her.
  • A hus­band and wife should only dance with each oth­er at a wed­ding par­ty. The excep­tion is the oblig­a­tory dance with par­ents. Oth­er­wise, there will be a lot of betray­al and deceit in mar­ried life.
  • It is a good sign when a spouse already at the wed­ding begins to car­ry his beloved in his arms (tak­ing out his par­ents from home, reg­istry officebring­ing into your house after the wed­ding ban­quet). First­ly, it promis­es a young fam­i­ly love and har­mo­ny in the house, and sec­ond­ly, the begin­ning of a good habit!
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And let only one of the guests think of giv­ing the cou­ple a set of knives and forks for the wed­ding — dri­ve him imme­di­ate­ly!

In no way do we want to belit­tle the wis­dom of past gen­er­a­tions and the expe­ri­ence gained over the years. Remem­ber, only what we believe in comes true! Bound­less hap­pi­ness to your future fam­i­ly!

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