More and more cou­ples are think­ing about orga­niz­ing a wed­ding in a cer­tain style. And this is under­stand­able: a styl­ized wed­ding looks more inter­est­ing and holis­tic. But how to choose the style of the wed­ding? What are the wed­ding styles? To help you fig­ure it out Chan­fash­ion pre­pared a whole guide to wed­ding styles: we will talk about 16 styles, their impor­tant ele­ments and what you should pay atten­tion to. Get ready, your eyes will scat­ter from beau­ty, but there will be no ques­tions left!

Naturalness and nature

If you love to enjoy nature, are a fan of nat­ur­al mate­ri­als and are plan­ning an out­door wed­ding, con­sid­er these wed­ding styles.


Per­haps the most pop­u­lar style among Ukrain­ian brides 🙂 The word “Rus­tic” means rus­tic, so the whole wed­ding style is imbued with ease, sim­plic­i­ty and sin­cer­i­ty. By the way, this can save a lot of bud­get: Rus­ti­cism is alien to pre­ten­tious chic, wealth, expen­sive mate­ri­als and dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments. The main thing is a cozy, warm fam­i­ly atmos­phere and nat­u­ral­ness.

Impor­tant decor ele­ments: log cab­ins, lanterns, burlap, old books, glass jars, wood­en bar­rels, haystacks, wood­en fur­ni­ture.

What to look for: nat­u­ral­ness.

And we are talk­ing not only about nat­ur­al mate­ri­als in the decor 🙂 Rus­tic wed­ding style is about sin­cer­i­ty and gen­uine­ness, first of all, in feel­ings and emo­tions. There­fore, there is less unnec­es­sary for­mal­i­ty and staged pho­tos, more live­ly smiles and tears of hap­pi­ness — do not show off and do not play emo­tions, today every­thing should be real.

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Don’t for­get that choos­ing a style is only one of the first steps. There is still a lot of wed­ding plan­ning ahead! Espe­cial­ly for inde­pen­dent brides, we have cre­at­ed To-do list: with it you will not miss impor­tant details, you will get the nec­es­sary tips and tricks. Every­thing for your easy wed­ding prepa­ra­tion and per­fect result 🙂


Boho style wed­ding is nat­u­ral­ness, light­ness and… eccen­tric­i­ty! Like the era of hip­pies, it is sat­u­rat­ed with a crav­ing for free­dom from prej­u­dices and unnec­es­sary “it’s nec­es­sary”, so a tight dress, chair cov­ers and extra high heels will be out of place. Use eth­nic motifs and the beau­ty of nature to get a bohemi­an-chic wed­ding.

Impor­tant decor ele­ments: dream catch­ers, pam­pas grass, car­pets, col­or­ful fab­rics, rib­bons, horns, feath­ers, flow­ers in hair.

What to look for: com­fort and cozi­ness.

No embar­rass­ment and unnec­es­sary for­mal­i­ties! A boho-style wed­ding is far from being wel­comed by the British Queen, so think about con­ve­nience and the warm atmos­phere of free­dom.

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Uni­ty with nature is the trend of recent years, and, of course, he got to the design of wed­dings. In the botanist style, green­ery, which usu­al­ly acts as a back­ground, comes to the fore. This is a great option to spruce up Rus­tic a bit, add shab­by vin­tage jew­el­ry and immerse your­self in green­ery – nature, nat­u­ral­ness and eco-friend­li­ness are chic for wed­dings.

Impor­tant decor ele­ments: pot­ted plants, min­i­mal­ist decor, com­bi­na­tion of white and green, glass, suc­cu­lents.

What to look for: floristry

Pret­ty obvi­ous, right? 🙂 Not every­thing is so sim­ple: not flow­ers, but green­ery — suc­cu­lents, ferns, mon­stera leaves, and even cac­ti come out on top in the Botanist style. Bright flow­ers, rather, give empha­sis to impor­tant details, and do not act as the main ele­ment of decor.

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modern romance

Ded­i­cat­ed to those in love with the atmos­phere of the big city, neon, glass and con­crete.


A wed­ding is usu­al­ly asso­ci­at­ed with some­thing ten­der, light and roman­tic. It is unlike­ly that, hav­ing heard about your engage­ment, the guests will think about an aban­doned fac­to­ry 🙂 But you can have a wed­ding there! If you want to add a touch of out­ra­geous­ness and get rid of excess sweet­ness, then the rough and orig­i­nal Indus­tri­al is def­i­nite­ly for you. Just imag­ine this stun­ning con­trast between indus­tri­al pipes and brick walls with a del­i­cate wed­ding dress and the warm cozy atmos­phere of a fam­i­ly hol­i­day.

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Impor­tant decor ele­ments: indus­tri­al mate­ri­als and rough tex­tures, con­cise­ness, light gar­lands.

What to look for: dif­fi­cult loca­tion.

To embody the Indus­tri­al wed­ding style in all its glo­ry, you will have to get con­fused with the loca­tion: the premis­es of for­mer fac­to­ries, fac­to­ries, ware­hous­es or hangars are suit­able for it. Such places are dif­fi­cult to find, and mak­ing them suit­able for a com­fort­able hol­i­day is even more dif­fi­cult. But all prob­lems are solv­able: read our arti­cle about how to pre­pare a com­plex loca­tion for a wed­ding.

By the way, to make your task eas­i­er, you can orga­nize a wed­ding in a loft-style restau­rant.

Need help plan­ning your wed­ding? In our Direc­to­ry of Wed­ding Spe­cial­ists you will find pro­fes­sion­al dec­o­ra­tors: the wed­ding will be like from the pic­ture!

urban chic

Aban­don­ing nat­ur­al motifs does not nec­es­sar­i­ly mean that you need to choose a rough decor — the urban chic wed­ding style con­firms this. It con­veys the atmos­phere of a big city through mate­ri­als (glass, met­al, con­crete) and con­stant con­trasts. For exam­ple, graf­fi­ti and gold cut­lery, cold con­crete with neon signs and exot­ic floristry. An urban chic wed­ding is a field for your exper­i­ments.

Impor­tant decor ele­ments: neon, glass, gold, bright col­or accents, as a loca­tion — a roof or a loft.

What to look for: light­ing.

The per­cep­tion of decor is very depen­dent on the right light­ing, espe­cial­ly for an Urban Chic wed­ding. Use neon signs for addi­tion­al light­ing and spot­lights or spot­lights for the main one. And dur­ing the dances in the sec­ond half of the hol­i­day, light music will come in handy 🙂

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Lacon­ic and ele­gant decor, light and a lot of free space — the rejec­tion of every­thing super­flu­ous in favor of min­i­mal­ism is increas­ing­ly com­mon at wed­dings. This style almost does not use tex­tiles and bright floristry, and it is also worth aban­don­ing every­thing super­flu­ous: heaps of flow­ers on the arch and tables of guests, cov­ers on chairs and an excess of jew­el­ry on the bride’s dress.

Impor­tant decor ele­ments: light neu­tral shades, geo­met­ric decor, suc­cu­lents, light spa­cious loca­tion.

What to look for: exces­sive sim­plic­i­ty.

Min­i­mal­ism is not only exclu­sive­ly white and strict geom­e­try. To make the wed­ding design look more inter­est­ing, it can be dilut­ed with bright col­or accents, smoother lines and pow­dery shades. So don’t believe that min­i­mal­ism is sim­ple and bor­ing 🙂

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For lovers of vintage

Some­times it seems that you were born at the wrong time, but the romance of the past years beck­ons? Check out our selec­tion of wed­ding styles inspired by the past.

Glamor vintage

The romance of the crazy 20s of the twen­ti­eth cen­tu­ry fas­ci­nates many: sham lux­u­ry, unceas­ing par­ties and the spir­it of free­dom. Cham­pagne should flow like a riv­er to the sounds of jazz 🙂 If such an atmos­phere is close to you, take your guests back a hun­dred years by orga­niz­ing a wed­ding in Vin­tage style.

Impor­tant decor ele­ments: fringe, glass beads, vin­tage can­dle­sticks, pho­to frames, aged met­als, cameos, type­writ­ers, antique clocks, can­de­labra, pyra­mid of cham­pagne glass­es.

What to look for: image of the bride and groom.

A vin­tage brides­maid dress will def­i­nite­ly make guests say “wow”. Find­ing an authen­tic and well-pre­served out­fit from a bygone era will not be easy, so it’s best to focus on find­ing a repli­ca. For the wed­ding style, Vin­tage most often refers to the 20s of the last cen­tu­ry. Remem­ber the movie The Great Gats­by? This is your guide for cre­at­ing a vin­tage look 🙂 Fringe, glass beads, neat­ly curled hair and bright lip­stick are the per­fect option.

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Usu­al­ly, retro style wed­dings refer to the 50s-70s of the last cen­tu­ry. There is a spe­cial romance in that time, you must admit 🙂 Stilya­gi, dis­co, rock and roll and Elvis Pres­ley, a bride in the style of Pin-up beau­ties — such a wed­ding is more like a movie, and it’s cool!

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Impor­tant decor ele­ments: midi wed­ding dress, bright col­ors, babette hair­style, retro car.

What to look for: re-cre­ation of the past.

For the appro­pri­ate decor, you will have to explore flea mar­kets and deposits in your grand­moth­er’s attic. You will need gramo­phones, old vinyl records, posters and posters, bright tex­tiles.

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Shabby chic

The very words “Shab­by chic” mean shab­by, aged lux­u­ry. This per­fect­ly describes the idea of ​​​​style — light­ness and ele­gance, imbued with the spir­it of the times. If you are inspired by walk­ing through flea mar­kets in search of exclu­sive vin­tage items, then you should think about a wed­ding in the Shab­by Chic style, the style of roman­tics and antique lovers.

Impor­tant decor ele­ments: old pho­tographs, pas­tel col­ors, linen tex­tiles, antique mir­rors and lamps, grand­moth­er’s ser­vices, knit­ted nap­kins.

What to look for: mem­o­ries.

A Shab­by Chic wed­ding is a kind of greet­ing from the past, so use it: you can use your child­hood pho­tos, old toys and every­thing that is stored in the stocks of grand­par­ents and par­ents in the decor. This will make the wed­ding very touch­ing and per­son­al.

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Dramatic or Gothic style wedding

Do not be sur­prised: Goth­ic is not about sor­row, despon­den­cy and cross­es with skulls. The Goth­ic wed­ding style is solemn and ele­gant due to its strict grandeur. If you want to add sophis­ti­ca­tion and out­ra­geous­ness to your hol­i­day — a great choice! This style is won­der­ful for an autumn wed­ding in a coun­try com­plex: the remote­ness will give the nec­es­sary pri­va­cy, and the fall­en leaves will be per­fect­ly com­bined with the dark scale of the wed­ding. Use out­door décor and heavy fab­rics to dec­o­rate a goth­ic wed­ding and soft­en it up with lighter or rich­er hues.

Impor­tant decor ele­ments: goth­ic decor, can­dle­sticks, heavy fab­rics.

What to look for: col­or spec­trum.

Dra­mat­ic style is very easy to “dark”: dark shades can look too gloomy if impor­tant col­or accents are not added. Use gold or sil­ver to add chic; pow­dery shades — to soft­en the range; sat­u­rat­ed bright col­ors — for impor­tant accents.

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fairytale wedding

Which of us in child­hood did not dream of being in the place of Dis­ney’s Cin­derel­la or Jas­mine? At a wed­ding, you have such an oppor­tu­ni­ty 🙂 Bring­ing the entourage of your favorite fairy tale into real­i­ty is not an easy task, but what an amaz­ing result!

Impor­tant decor ele­ments: rec­og­niz­able details of a fairy tale in the decor.

What to look for: gen­er­al con­cept.

When choos­ing a fab­u­lous wed­ding, you will need to try to ensure that all of its ele­ments cor­re­spond to the gen­er­al plot of the cho­sen sto­ry. Use rec­og­niz­able ele­ments in the decor — for exam­ple, Snow White’s red apples, Cin­derel­la’s car­riages and pump­kins, or Sleep­ing Beau­ty’s spin­dle. Also in the decor and invi­ta­tions, you can use quotes from a fairy tale to com­ple­ment the atmos­phere.

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Country inspiration

If you’re an avid trav­el­er (or would love to be), con­sid­er host­ing a coun­try-inspired wed­ding. Below is a selec­tion of options just for you.

Modern Ukrainian style

A Ukrain­ian wed­ding is not nec­es­sar­i­ly lard with horse­rad­ish, a hopak and a por­trait of Taras Grig­orovich at the pre­sid­i­um of the new­ly­weds 🙂 Nation­al motifs can be played ele­gant­ly and touch­ing­ly, while main­tain­ing the Ukrain­ian fla­vor. By the way, fash­ion­able Boho fits per­fect­ly into the style of a Ukrain­ian wed­ding: the desire for free­dom, enjoy­ment of nature, eth­nic motifs — do you see how sim­i­lar these styles real­ly are?

Impor­tant decor ele­ments: wreaths, flow­ers (pop­pies, sun­flow­ers), col­ored rib­bons, embroi­dered shirts.

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What to look for: tra­di­tions.

To ful­ly immerse your­self in the atmos­phere of a Ukrain­ian wed­ding, we advise you to embody sev­er­al tra­di­tions. Agree, some of them may seem out­dat­ed or even offen­sive, so be sure to read our arti­cle on how to how to mod­ern­ize wed­ding tra­di­tions 🙂

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The blue sea, ancient myths and leg­ends, the south­ern sun — are you ready to build your wed­ding on Olym­pus? 🙂 Greece has a long and rich cul­ture, so there is some­thing to be inspired by. If you are also attract­ed by gen­uine grandeur and a cul­ture of enjoy­ing every moment of life (or you just love feta and seafood :), you should think about a wed­ding in the Greek style.

Impor­tant decor ele­ments: olive branch­es, nat­ur­al flow­ers, Greek pat­terns, columns, an abun­dance of white and blue flow­ers.

What to look for: menu.

To ful­ly immerse guests in the atmos­phere of Greece, the menu must match. You will need a “Mediter­ranean diet”: use light veg­etable snacks, feta cheese and seafood when com­pil­ing the menu. In addi­tion, it is not only tasty, but also very use­ful. Don’t for­get good wine 🙂

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The atmos­phere of the French province attracts tourists: laven­der fields, food — like art, unhur­ried enjoy­ment of nature around. It is because of this that Provence has reached wed­dings — why don’t you give your guests a French fairy tale with a warm fam­i­ly atmos­phere?

Impor­tant decor ele­ments: laven­der, nat­ur­al mate­ri­als, vin­tage ele­ments, wick­er fur­ni­ture, French cui­sine, “and there is a lit­tle more — and Provence” 🙂

What to look for: fur­ni­ture.

For a Provence-style wed­ding, wick­er, wood­en, slight­ly aged fur­ni­ture or ele­gant wrought iron fur­ni­ture would be the best solu­tion — remem­ber the pho­tos of the sum­mer ter­races of Parisian cof­fee hous­es. The palette should match the light and airy col­or scheme, so as not to weigh down the over­all look.

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Care­less­ness, bright col­ors, exot­ic flow­ers and fruits — if you are in love with the atmos­phere of hot coun­tries, then you can arrange a wed­ding in a trop­i­cal style. And for this it is absolute­ly not nec­es­sary to fly to the ocean 🙂

Impor­tant decor ele­ments: cock­tails in coconut shells, loca­tion by the water (sea, riv­er, and even a swim­ming pool), exot­ic flow­ers and fruits for dec­o­ra­tion, and most impor­tant­ly, the mood of a care­free sum­mer hol­i­day.

What to look for: music.

Immersed in think­ing through the details of decor, brides some­times for­get about music. But in vain, because it great­ly affects the atmos­phere of the wed­ding and will help cre­ate the right mood. Ask the wed­ding DJ to find reg­gae and Latin melodies for the per­fect trop­i­cal wed­ding vibe.


Bring an ori­en­tal fairy tale to your wed­ding! Although Moroc­co is an Arab coun­try, it is not nec­es­sary to fol­low Mus­lim tra­di­tions. But you can and even need to be inspired by their rich cul­ture 🙂 To con­vey the right atmos­phere, use a large num­ber of jew­el­ry and decor, bright col­ors (for exam­ple, a com­bi­na­tion of fuch­sia with rasp­ber­ry, orange and gold) and, of course, ori­en­tal sweets: Turk­ish delight is won­der­ful will fit into a Moroc­can-style wed­ding can­dy bar.

Impor­tant decor ele­ments: Ara­bic script, bright col­or palette, an abun­dance of jew­el­ry, ori­en­tal pat­terns on fab­rics, soft pil­lows on the floor, car­pets, an ide­al place is a tent on the banks of a riv­er or sea.

What to look for: incense.

Through aro­mas and smells, you can great­ly influ­ence the sen­sa­tions of a per­son. And why don’t we think about it when orga­niz­ing a wed­ding? 🙂 Spicy smells of ori­en­tal spices, incense or sim­ply incense sticks will cre­ate the right atmos­phere, intox­i­cat­ing guests with the aro­mas of the east.