Dur­ing the wed­ding prepa­ra­tion, eyes run wide from impor­tant mat­ters. A chic loca­tion, the best musi­cians and, of course, the most beau­ti­ful serv­ing nap­kins must be at your cel­e­bra­tion to impress your guests! But is it real­ly so impor­tant? Chan­fash­ion I have com­piled a list of aspects of orga­niz­ing a wed­ding that should be empha­sized, because guests will def­i­nite­ly pay their atten­tion to them and remem­ber them for a long time.

Banquet menu

Of course, on this day, every­one gath­ers not for the sake of deli­cious food, but believe me, this is one of the most impor­tant ele­ments of a suc­cess­ful wed­ding. Guests may not notice many lit­tle things that did not go accord­ing to plan, but they will def­i­nite­ly remem­ber the taste­less treat. That is why it is so impor­tant to pay due atten­tion to the prepa­ra­tion of the wed­ding menu: it must match the tastes of your guests, be var­ied and quite orig­i­nal. Do not for­get about the cor­rect cal­cu­la­tion of the num­ber of treats so that no one is left hun­gry! It is also impor­tant to think over the alco­hol menu: there should be plen­ty of drinks.

For­tu­nate­ly, we will not leave you alone with such an impor­tant task: read our wed­ding menu guide with help­ful tips and exam­ples from wed­ding experts.


Bread was pro­vid­ed for the guests, now let’s move on to the spec­ta­cles 🙂 Cor­rect choice of wed­ding host — this is already half of a suc­cess­ful cel­e­bra­tion, because a com­pe­tent spe­cial­ist will cre­ate the right atmos­phere and dis­tract guests from force majeure if they sud­den­ly hap­pen. A cool and well-thought-out enter­tain­ment pro­gram will bring a good mood and many vivid mem­o­ries, leav­ing a pleas­ant after­taste after your wed­ding.

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The high­light of the wed­ding evening can be the orig­i­nal num­ber of the show pro­gram: for exam­ple, the per­for­mance of an illu­sion­ist, a dance group, a bar­tender show or even gym­nasts. The main thing is not to over­load the pro­gram with var­i­ous artists, oth­er­wise the focus of atten­tion will shift from the main occa­sion of this day 🙂

Wed­ding dec­o­ra­tions

A thought­ful and con­cep­tu­al wed­ding decor will pro­vide a real wow effect in the very first min­utes of your stay at the wed­ding loca­tion. It is impor­tant that all the details are woven into an over­all har­mo­nious pic­ture: from large dec­o­ra­tions and pan­els behind the pre­sid­i­um of the new­ly­weds to the set­ting of fes­tive tables. Then the insta­grams of guests will explode from gor­geous pho­tos from your cel­e­bra­tion and enthu­si­as­tic com­ments 🙂

Take the time to devel­op a wed­ding decor con­cept with pro­fes­sion­al dec­o­ra­tor – the best of them are already wait­ing for you in the Chan­fash­ion cat­a­log!


Invis­i­ble at first glance, but such an impor­tant ele­ment of the wed­ding is the musi­cal accom­pa­ni­ment. The right and thought­ful playlist will pro­vide the right atmos­phere dur­ing the wed­ding cel­e­bra­tion and empha­size all the impor­tant and touch­ing moments. But low-qual­i­ty sound, rat­tling equip­ment and too monot­o­nous (or sim­ply unsuc­cess­ful) list of songs for a wed­ding can spoil even the most promis­ing hol­i­day.

Don’t wor­ry, we’re ready to pro­tect you from the most com­mon musi­cal mis­takes at a wed­ding with a detailed arti­cle.


In addi­tion to the beau­ty of the wed­ding loca­tion, guests will sure­ly pay atten­tion to its con­ve­nience: is it easy to get there, is there park­ing, is every­thing okay with the air con­di­tion­ing sys­tem, and so on. Even the most beau­ti­ful ban­quet hall after the wed­ding will be remem­bered with neg­a­tiv­i­ty if it was too stuffy or there were unpleas­ant smells from the kitchen.

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Correct seating

Per­haps this item will come as a sur­prise to you, but their final impres­sion of the wed­ding large­ly depends on the com­pe­tent seat­ing of the guests. Nev­er­the­less, those invit­ed will spend a lot of time at the fes­tive table, so the com­pa­ny of those sit­ting next to them should be pleas­ant for them. When draw­ing up a seat­ing plan for guests at a wed­ding, con­sid­er their age, tem­pera­ment and degree of acquain­tance. For exam­ple, it is unlike­ly that your class­mate will be inter­est­ed in the com­pa­ny of elder­ly rel­a­tives — but at the table with the groom’s col­leagues, the sit­u­a­tion will change, espe­cial­ly if there are bach­e­lors among them 🙂 there was an oppor­tu­ni­ty to get acquaint­ed over infor­mal con­ver­sa­tions and get a lit­tle clos­er.

Impor­tant tips for plan­ning your wed­ding seat­ing plan look in the arti­cle from Chan­fash­ion.

What do wedding guests pay less attention to?

Seating cards

Wed­ding print­ing caus­es delight only at the stage of receiv­ing a wed­ding invi­ta­tion. At the event itself, guests are like­ly to be over­whelmed by the impres­sions of the wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny and the antic­i­pa­tion of the ban­quet, and the seat­ing cards will be left with­out much atten­tion. Of course, this detail is impor­tant for cre­at­ing a coher­ent pic­ture and the over­all impres­sion of the decor, but it is not nec­es­sary to both­er too much.

The same applies to oth­er small details: most like­ly, they will be impor­tant for you, the dec­o­ra­tor and pho­tog­ra­ph­er. So do not wor­ry too much, if sud­den­ly some insignif­i­cant ele­ment of decor does not look like in your dreams, let go of the sit­u­a­tion 🙂

Bouquet and boutonniere

“How so, this is one of the main sym­bols of the wed­ding!” – you can say. We com­plete­ly agree, but guests are unlike­ly to pay spe­cial atten­tion to these attrib­ut­es. If the bride’s bou­quet is unequiv­o­cal­ly con­sid­ered by your sin­gle girl­friends at the time of the hunt, then the groom’s small bou­ton­niere may be left with­out due atten­tion at all.

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But it’s still worth pay­ing atten­tion to the groom’s wed­ding bou­quet and bou­ton­niere, because they often become an accent detail in wed­ding pho­tog­ra­phy.

Toasts and speeches

In fact, long pre­pared toasts are usu­al­ly only of inter­est to those who pro­nounce them and to whom they are addressed. Espe­cial­ly towards the sec­ond half of the ban­quet, when the wait­ers are bring­ing out hot dish­es, and the glass­es have already been raised sev­er­al times 🙂 There­fore, if your friends are very wor­ried about their con­grat­u­la­tions or you and your fiancé are hard at work prepar­ing a speech of thanks, then reduce the degree of ner­vous­ness. Spon­ta­neous words spo­ken from the heart will sound much bet­ter.

In order not to for­get a sin­gle impor­tant detail in the wed­ding prepa­ra­tion, use our Bride’s to-do list. We have cre­at­ed a step-by-step plan that will help you orga­nize the wed­ding of your dreams on your own. Detailed instruc­tions, user-friend­ly inter­face and impor­tant tips from experts — every­thing to make your wed­ding prepa­ra­tion eas­i­er 🙂