What to do if the husband beats

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, one can often hear com­plaints from women: “my hus­band beat me”, “raised his hand”, and the like. Indeed, some­times male aggres­sion does not find a way out, and it comes to the fact that a man begins to beat his wife or child, tak­ing advan­tage of their weak­ness and turn­ing into a domes­tic mon­ster.

How­ev­er, this is just the case when a woman needs to show the sta­mi­na of her char­ac­ter and show strength, oth­er­wise the beat­ings will have to endure for a very long time.

What to do if a husband beats his wife?

If the hus­band beats, then the best option would be to leave him. If you have com­mon chil­dren, and you don’t want to leave your domes­tic tor­men­tor because of this, then think about it: would it be bet­ter for kids to see con­stant scenes of vio­lence and a beat­en moth­er than to live with­out a father? Chil­dren’s psy­che is very frag­ile, so if you don’t want to raise chil­dren in fear, then it’s best to leave.

If there is no way to leave, then you need to join the fight. You can’t change cru­el peo­ple, espe­cial­ly since such a man has men­tal dis­or­ders (which need to be treat­ed), and there­fore any attempts at per­sua­sion, affec­tion­ate atti­tude, ful­fill­ment of his require­ments will not lead to the desired result.

Here are some tips to help make things eas­i­er:

  • it’s naive to think that you can fight him on equal terms, but it doesn’t hurt to sign up for self-defense cours­es;
  • you must also be resis­tant to provo­ca­tions: if it is clear that the hus­band is “turned on”, leave the house for a while or do not react to them. Pre­tend not to notice him and let him do what he wants;
  • it is use­ful to orga­nize a room for your­self with­out glass doors and hang a lock on it from the inside so that if your hus­band starts attack­ing you can hide from him. It is advis­able to keep water there and some means of com­mu­ni­ca­tion that he can­not cut off;
  • his actions also need to be made pub­lic: con­tact the local media, usu­al­ly jour­nal­ists are look­ing for bright life sit­u­a­tions, so they are unlike­ly to refuse pub­li­ca­tion. It is advis­able to pub­lish not only the sur­name, but also a pho­to­graph, so that his actions are despised by every­one he knows. Maybe he is not afraid of you, but he can be afraid of being an out­cast. If you do not dare to take this step, talk to your rel­a­tives, let them inter­cede for you;
  • and you can also try to give him seda­tives (if he is not an alco­holic who is on a con­stant binge);
  • if a hus­band beats a preg­nant wife, then it is nec­es­sary to leave him under any cir­cum­stances, because this is an extreme dis­play of cru­el­ty and a sign of lack of moral­i­ty, and most like­ly, he is even capa­ble of killing. Noth­ing should stop a woman from break­ing up with this man.
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Why does a husband beat his wife?

For some women, this is a mys­tery: why does a hus­band beat his wife, because he chose her, got mar­ried and prob­a­bly loves her. For oth­ers, the answer is obvi­ous, and he ques­tions the intel­lec­tu­al, moral and oth­er char­ac­ter­is­tics of such a man.

Most often, men beat their wives because they believe it is right: they say, this is how they show their strength, “pun­ish” their spouse for wrong actions, or sim­ply sat­is­fy their need to inflict pain.

How­ev­er, no mat­ter what rea­sons such a hus­band calls, they are all lies, it is unlike­ly that at least one of them under­stands the real fac­tors of such behav­ior: bad upbring­ing, bound­less com­plex­es and per­son­al degra­da­tion.

Step-by-step instructions: what to do if your husband has just beaten you?

  1. You have to try to get away from it. No one can promise whether he calmed down, or whether this is a respite before the sec­ond “round”.
  2. If it was not pos­si­ble to get out, lock your­self in a room with a tele­phone and call the police, inform that you can be killed (if the hus­band is real­ly furi­ous). In any case, call law enforce­ment agen­cies: their duty is to pro­tect the weak and defense­less from cru­el­ty, so they will help you, and the hus­band will think next time whether it is worth start­ing a “con­cert”.
  3. If the hus­band beat him bad­ly (there is at least one abra­sion or bruise) — What to do if a husband beats his wifealso call an ambu­lance: doc­tors will help calm the ner­vous sys­tem of an inad­e­quate hus­band, and you will be exam­ined.
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The main thing is not to be afraid to harm this cru­el per­son (what if, because of the police call, the author­i­ties find out that the hus­band is fight­ing and fire him): now he is lucky, he took out his anger on a weak woman who can­not answer, but imag­ine if there was a man a cou­ple of times stronger than him, what would become of this so-called hus­band? There­fore, you bet­ter teach him nor­mal behav­ior, and show that there is no impuni­ty. Do not val­ue the rela­tion­ship with such a per­son, and look for an oppor­tu­ni­ty to break it off. All mea­sures against vio­lence can only have a tem­po­rary effect.