What to do if the husband fell out of love

“Over time, feel­ings cool down, noth­ing can be done about it ..” — many peo­ple think. Or maybe not every­thing is lost, maybe there is a way to return the old feel­ings? Here’s what to do if the hus­band fell out of love, we’ll talk today.

How to understand that a husband has fallen out of love?

The can­dy-bou­quet peri­od pass­es, the fresh­ness of feel­ings dis­ap­pears, and the heart no longer beats fran­ti­cal­ly as soon as you hear the steps of a loved one in the hall­way. So we learn that feel­ings have become dull, about the same thing hap­pens with men, only here we have a dif­fer­ent reac­tion to such news. Ladies, most like­ly, will begin to assure them­selves that this cool­ing is tem­po­rary and will try in var­i­ous ways to restore the sharp­ness of feel­ings. But the signs that the hus­band has fall­en out of love will not be increased efforts, but their absence, the man will stop doing even what he used to do with joy. A man sim­ply does not want to talk to you about his cool­ing, but prefers that you your­self under­stand this and let him go your­self. After all, as soon as you man­age to under­stand that your hus­band has stopped lov­ing you, you are like­ly to start an unpleas­ant con­ver­sa­tion, sav­ing him from this respon­si­bil­i­ty.

Why doesn’t my husband love me?

Do you think what to do if the hus­band stopped lov­ing? And how do you know this? Does he say that he doesn’t love you, or has your hus­band not said any­thing yet, but you just think that he doesn’t love you? Maybe some of his cold­ness is not caused by a change in your feel­ings, but by prob­lems at work? In order not to be mis­tak­en, talk to your hus­band, see how long this state lasts, how he behaves with you on week­ends. If the sus­pi­cions were con­firmed or the hus­band told you that he did not love you, and you real­ly want to save the rela­tion­ship, try to fig­ure out the rea­sons. How did it hap­pen that the hus­band fell out of love and stopped pay­ing atten­tion, or even left for anoth­er woman? Here are some sug­ges­tions about this.

  1. Men like to play pio­neers, and if you have become a book read from cov­er to cov­er for him, you have ceased to be inter­est­ing to him. So he went to open fur­ther new hori­zons.
  2. He met anoth­er, and now he fell in love with her, but there was no place for you in his heart.
  3. Your hus­band has real­ized that you do not live up to his ideals. At the begin­ning of the rela­tion­ship, it seemed to him that you were exact­ly what he need­ed, but now he has lost faith in this.
  4. You your­self are to blame for the fact that your hus­band fell out of love — betray­al and betray­al by men are very dif­fi­cult to for­give. And some can­not for­give this at all and pre­fer to get rid of the “black page” in their lives.
  5. In fact, he nev­er loved you, pas­sion, pas­sion, falling in love — that was all, but there was no love, desire to cre­ate a fam­i­ly with you. That is why, when the eupho­ria passed, he decid­ed to leave.
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What to do if the husband fell out of love?

First you need to decide what you real­ly want — to return this man, or on reflec­tion did you decide that he is not real­ly need­ed? If you decide to fight, then do it wise­ly, think­ing through each of your next steps. And in order not to make a mis­take in the steps, you need to find out what exact­ly your hus­band did not like about you.

  1. Not enough mys­tery? Yes, wom­en’s rid­dles can be solved by gath­er­ing in groups of 10 peo­ple, and still enough for a life­time. Urgent­ly throw him some­thing from your arse­nal.
  2. Husband fell out of love and left
  3. She says she used to be more beau­ti­ful, but sex­i­er? What does it mean before, have you real­ly changed so much? Urgent­ly old gray clothes in the trash, and put on your­self some­thing that pleas­es the eye of both yours and your hus­band. A new hair­style, man­i­cure and per­fume will also come in handy.
  4. He com­plains that there was more pas­sion in the rela­tion­ship before, you didn’t wait for him from work so that he took out the trash? Well, show him that noth­ing has changed. Why is it dif­fi­cult for you to pounce with obscene pro­pos­als and actions on your hus­band in the hall­way?

But most impor­tant­ly, remem­ber — you can’t com­mand your heart, and if a man doesn’t want to be with you, then no tricks will help you achieve this. In this case, it is bet­ter to let him go and learn to live with­out him.

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