what to do if the husband is lying

There is no need to con­vince any­one that men are rare sto­ry­tellers, this is a long-proven fact. But it is one thing to tell a sto­ry to a child at bed­time or exag­ger­ate the size of the catch, and quite anoth­er to con­stant­ly deceive your loved ones. Liv­ing with such a per­son is very dif­fi­cult, because the fam­i­ly is built pri­mar­i­ly on trust. But what if the hus­band lies all the time, what to do?

Why does my husband lie all the time?

The first thing to do if your hus­band is con­stant­ly lying to you is to try to fig­ure out the rea­sons for this behav­ior. Per­haps (and most often it hap­pens), the rea­son for this behav­ior is your­self.

  1. The man begins to lie so as not to run into trou­ble. For exam­ple, his wife con­stant­ly “nags” him for delays at work, meet­ing friends and oth­er mis­con­duct.
  2. Often men lie because they do not want to upset us. These are answers to ques­tions about our appear­ance, the abil­i­ty to cook and house­keep­ing.
  3. The clas­sic “we’ll talk about it tomor­row” scam. Fear­ing the con­se­quences, men post­pone the con­ver­sa­tion “for lat­er”, hop­ing for urgent mat­ters that will not allow them to sort things out.
  4. The desire to lie appears in a man who began to cool off towards his lady of the heart. Per­haps she sim­ply tor­tured him with con­stant calls and ques­tions about where he was and what he did.
  5. Patho­log­i­cal liars who love to make up sto­ries about them­selves and can no longer live oth­er­wise. This is the only case when a woman does not influ­ence such behav­ior of her man.
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How to stop your husband from lying?

Nat­u­ral­ly, hav­ing dis­cov­ered such a habit in our beloved, we tend to look for ways to wean our hus­band from lying. But after all, in most cas­es you need to fight not with a liar, but with your atti­tude towards him and his actions.

  1. Do you feel like your hus­band is doing some­thing wrong? So talk to him, explain your point of view, lis­ten to him and find a way out of the sit­u­a­tion togeth­er. To say: “You are wrong, I don’t want to lis­ten to any­thing” is stu­pid and futile.
  2. Stop con­stant­ly con­trol­ling some­one else’s life. Love is won­der­ful, but every­one should have the right to per­son­al space.
  3. husband lies all the time
  4. Some, when asked: “What to do if the hus­band is lying,” tend to advise “mag­ic” rit­u­als. There is even a con­spir­a­cy so that the hus­band does not lie. It is not worth putting it into prac­tice — it will not work if you do not believe in a mir­a­cle, and you will waste time on use­less whis­pers, instead of sav­ing the sit­u­a­tion. Well, if the con­spir­a­cy works, then your hus­band will have a hard time, up to seri­ous ail­ments when he tries to lie. Do you wish some­one such a fate?

Many women ask them­selves ques­tions: “How to find out a husband’s lie, how to under­stand that he is lying,” but are such skills real­ly need­ed? Sin­cer­i­ty in a rela­tion­ship is impor­tant, but absolute hon­esty is sim­ply impos­si­ble — the most rev­er­ent feel­ings will not merge the per­son­al­i­ties of the wife and hus­band togeth­er, mar­riage is a com­mon­wealth, not a merg­er.

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