Ais an excit­ing and respon­si­ble event, but the sec­ond day of the cel­e­bra­tion also requires prepa­ra­tion. So the ques­tions “Where to cel­e­brate the sec­ond day of the wed­ding?”, “What to treat the guests?” and most impor­tant­ly, “What dress to wear on the sec­ond day of the wed­ding?” every bride asks her­self. Such prob­lems can­not be ignored, so let’s talk about them, and let’s start with the tra­di­tions of the sec­ond­day.

The sec­ond day of the- tra­di­tions and cus­toms

On the sec­ond day of the wed­ding, the new­ly­weds were awak­ened by rel­a­tives and friends, after which the young wife went to bake pan­cakes for her hus­band. By the way the hus­band began to eat pan­cakes, the guests deter­mined what kind of wife he got for him­self. If a lady likes to take a walk, then her hus­band would bite off a pan­cake from the mid­dle. And if the girl is hon­est and decent, the pan­cake took a bite off the edge for the first time. On the sec­ond day of the wed­ding, hon­ors were tra­di­tion­al­ly giv­en to the par­ents of the bride and groom. They thanked them, gave gifts, often dur­ing the cel­e­bra­tion all atten­tion was paid to them. The son-in-law tried to appease the moth­er-in-law, shod her in new shoes in front of every­one. And the guests also arranged for their par­ents to ride in a wheel­bar­row, peri­od­i­cal­ly “acci­den­tal­ly” over­turn­ing them, some­times into a pud­dle or a riv­er.

By tra­di­tion, the sec­ond day of the­was not so much a hol­i­day for the new­ly­weds as enter­tain­ment for the guests. On the sec­ond day of the wed­ding, it was oblig­a­tory to invite mum­mers who tried to make the guests laugh. More­over, the mum­mers met the guests at the entrance, demand­ing pay­ment from them. And before the start of the hol­i­day, the wit­ness­es broke the plate, for good luck.

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How to spend the sec­ond­day?

The sec­ond day of thecan be more relaxed com­pared to the­day, and maybe sur­pass it in terms of col­or. Choose the most suit­able option.

  1. If you spent the first day in a ban­quet hall, then on the sec­ond it will be good to go out with friends to nature. For­est, bar­be­cue, gath­er­ings around the fire will be a good con­tin­u­a­tion of the hol­i­day. And this option is suit­able not only for sum­mer wed­dings, in win­ter you can go sled­ding, play snow­balls, and arrange a com­pe­ti­tion for the best snow­man.
  2. Very tired on the first day, the young peo­ple can con­tin­ue the­with an ordi­nary feast, at which all the good­ies left over from the pre­vi­ous day will final­ly be eat­en. By the way,cake is often eat­en on the sec­ond day of the wed­ding.
  3. It will help to relax after a dif­fi­cult first­day, vis­it­ing the sauna or bath. The steam room and swim­ming pool will relieve stress and help you and your guests relax.
  4. If you are a sup­port­er of out­door activ­i­ties, you can play paint­ball or go out of town for ski­ing or snow­board­ing.
  5. Fans of noisy fes­tiv­i­ties can arrange a mas­quer­ade. Come up with an inter­est­ing top­ic, noti­fy guests and have fun. You can arrange a dance marathon, with per­for­mances by guests and young peo­ple.

Menu for the sec­ond­day

Treats should be less refined than on the first­day, and their num­ber should also be less. After all, the sec­ond day of the­is a qui­eter hol­i­day, and not all guests have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to stay on it. It is rec­om­mend­ed to pay more atten­tion to home­made dish­es — pan­cakes, pies, por­ridge, zrazy. Be sure to include more fruits and sweets — on the first day, usu­al­ly not all guests have time to taste sweets. Dress for the seconddayAs for drinks, it is bet­ter to choose less alco­hol for this day — after a stormy hol­i­day, not every­one will want to con­tin­ue to treat them­selves to alco­hol.

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If the new­ly­weds are leav­ing for their hon­ey­moon, then you can make a menu in the style of the place where the new­ly­weds are leav­ing.

Out­fit for the sec­ond day of the wed­ding

You need to choose a dress for the sec­ond day of thein accor­dance with the scale of the event. It is believed that on this day it is bet­ter to choose dress­es of a dark shade, but this is not at all nec­es­sary. You can also choose bright col­ors, only in this case the cut of the dress should be sim­pler. Sheath dress­es are per­fect.

If the sec­ond day is planned to be cel­e­brat­ed out­side the city, then the out­fit will need to be select­ed accord­ing to the intend­ed enter­tain­ment. Although, no one both­ers you to meet guests in an ele­gant dress, and then change into some­thing more com­fort­able.