Tired of snowflakes, deer and the effect of a sweater in a win­ter man­i­cure? Do not wor­ry: Chan­fash­ion pre­pared for you a selec­tion of mod­ern, trendy and ele­gant man­i­cure ideas for a win­ter wed­ding. Even if you plan to get mar­ried at anoth­er time of the year, then man­i­cure ideas will not be super­flu­ous 🙂


Do you want to add a lit­tle unusu­al­ness to nude shades? Then use the ombre effect in a wed­ding man­i­cure — a smooth tran­si­tion from one col­or to anoth­er. For exam­ple, from nude beige at the base of the nail to white at its tip. Such a man­i­cure will look neat and bor­ing.

Col­ored ombre in a wed­ding man­i­cure is also a great idea. Use your wed­ding col­ors or clas­sic win­ter cool col­ors like blue, emer­ald, pur­ple.

minimalist jacket

French man­i­cure is already a clas­sic, espe­cial­ly in wed­ding fash­ion. How about try­ing his trans­formed ver­sion? Com­bin­ing the idea of ​​a French man­i­cure with min­i­mal­ism, nude and geom­e­try trends, you can get a chic result that will look mod­ern and very neat.

sun and stars

Be inspired by the beau­ty of the sky! Del­i­cate nude shade with gold­en decor in the form of stars or the sun will look neat and roman­tic.

Contrasting geometry

Min­i­mal­ism and geom­e­try are one of the main glob­al trends that influ­ence fash­ion in gen­er­al and bridal man­i­cure in par­tic­u­lar 🙂 Use nude as a back­ground and 2–3 con­trast­ing col­ors for abstract lines or geo­met­ric shapes.

winter ombre

Look­ing for some­thing more win­tery? Then we can not do with­out sequins and glit­ter! A cool idea would be to go back to the ombre effect again, but this time choose a tran­si­tion from a neu­tral col­or at the base of the nail to sil­ver sparkles at the tips. Looks fes­tive and “snowy” 🙂

frosty drawings

Get inspired by frosty pat­terns on the win­dows when choos­ing a win­ter man­i­cure design for a wed­ding. Nails in cold col­ors with soft stains, “haze”, will remind you of ornate pat­terns on glass in win­ter.

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Golden accents

Let’s add some chic to win­ter man­i­cure! Choose noble shades — deep blue, emer­ald, bur­gundy — and com­ple­ment them with a mat­te top and gold details. It is impor­tant not to over­do it with gold so that the decor looks neat and ele­gant.

You can also use a nude or light base with a min­i­mal­is­tic geo­met­ric decor to make the win­ter man­i­cure look more rel­e­vant and mod­ern.

Decorated french

Rede­fine your take on the clas­sics by mak­ing a clas­sic French man­i­cure tru­ly chic with volu­mi­nous gold­en décor. This design looks like a full-fledged piece of jew­el­ry on your hands! The main thing is to choose a good mas­ter who can do such work neat and durable.

winter blue

Win­ter clas­sic — man­i­cure in blue shades. Pair it with oth­er pas­tels and glit­ter to add vari­ety.

Holographic manicure

Wow effect for the most dar­ing and styl­ish 🙂 If you are a par­ty queen at heart and don’t want to hide it behind del­i­cate min­i­mal­ist designs, then a holo­graph­ic man­i­cure for a win­ter wed­ding is a chic solu­tion! If you do not want to rush into all seri­ous, but your heart asks for exper­i­ments, then the holo­graph­ic effect can be com­bined with the basic nude.